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by Sharon Rondeau

The festival of “Pesach,” or Passover, is a celebration of the freeing of the Israelites from their Egyptian master

(Mar. 30, 2013) — Seven children currently in foster care will spend another long weekend with their mother similar to last weekend’s first reunification in almost two years.

The mother, Erica Henderson, reported on Friday evening:

I just got a call from the social worker and I will be having another beautiful three days and two nights with my babies!!!

Mrs. Henderson reported that at the end of the last visit, the children “acted out” in various ways as the time drew near for them to return to their foster homes.

This week the Jewish celebration of Passover and the Christian Holy Week coincided.  Monday and Tuesday were high holy days for the Hendersons, who are Jewish.  The Passover holiday traditionally begins with a major housecleaning and lasts through April 2.

Passover, or “Pesach,” includes the breaking of unleavened bread to commemorate the haste with which the Israelites had to leave their captivity in Egypt when God commanded it.  The Jews were led across the Red Sea, which parted for their passage, into Israel.

In her latest post, Mrs. Henderson added to the family’s supporters, “Thank you all for your continued support and love.”

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