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by Sharon Rondeau

Obama surrounded himself with children while unveiling his “23 executive actions” to purportedly curb gun violence. Hitler used children to advance his ultimately-murderous agenda of killing his opponents, invading numerous European countries and exterminating millions of innocent people

(Mar. 29, 2013) — On April 5, 1939, a writer for The New York Times reported, “The totalitarian conscription of all boys and girls between 10 and 18 years old for service in the Hitler Youth…was decreed today in ordinances signed by Chancellor Adolf Hitler and Rudolf Hess, deputy leader of the National Socialist Party.”

On March 23, 2010, Barack Hussein Obama signed the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA), touted as a solution to the nation’s increasing health care costs and numbers of uninsured.  The Obama regime claims that the bill “puts consumers back in charge of their health care.”

Unbeknownst to most Americans, under the mantra of “Maternal and Child Health Services,” included in the Act was $375,000,000 for “personal responsibility education programs” for public school children beginning at the age of five.

In explaining the purpose of the grants, an organization called “Advocates for Youth” clearly favors delivering a certain type of “education” into America’s public school classrooms and mirrors the Obama progressive social agenda under the guise of “change.”  Teenaged “activists” are featured who oppose “abstinence-only” instruction.

The section of Advocates for Youth devised for “Educators Working with Elementary School-Aged Children” states:

Advocates believes that educators need to begin teaching the skills of decision-making, assertiveness and goal-setting with elementary school-aged youth…for children in grades K through 6.

Topics in the “curriculum” under the subheading “Values” of the website include “Hunting for Diversity” and a subtopic designed to “expose underlying preconceived notions about GLBTQ people” for youths aged 13-18.

In 2007, Obama openly supported such education to kindergarteners by means of the public schools.

Although health insurance premiums have gone up for millions since portions of the bill have been enacted, the PPACA, also known as “Obamacare,” has reduced payments to many doctors, who no longer have an incentive to excel in their areas of expertise.  Contrary to Obama’s contentions, health care is being rationed and denied to seniors deemed to merit only “comfort care.”

Referencing a 2012 federal law, a lobbyist for abortion clinics which are supported by Obama does not believe there is an obligation to provide “life support” to a baby born alive following removal from its mother’s womb to kill it.  At least one Florida Democrat legislator agrees with her position.

Former vice-presidential candidate Sarah Palin warned of the “death panels” sanctioned by the bill, which are benignly termed “Independent Payment Advisory Boards.”

Obama is known for his support of wider availability of government-funded abortions, a controversial part of his “health care” bill.

Staffed with teachers’ union members, many of whom helped Barack Obama to assume the presidency in 2008, public schools are teaching what some consider to be political propaganda and “a green socialist agenda” rather than American history, the nation’s founding documents or how its government is designed to function.  Via The Huffington Post, Obama’s Department of Health and Human Services, which is administering the PPACA, and the Department of Education led by Arne Duncan, tout the value of Obama’s goal of expanded “early childhood education” “to help every child develop a strong foundation for future success.”

Why does Obama believe that children need a certain type of education from a very young age? Is the PPACA indoctrinating children by desensitizing them?

What is Duncan teaching students about the U.S. Constitution?  What is Obama telling students?

The subtitle of The Times’ 1939 article on the Hitler Youth reads, “Nazis Extend their Charge of ‘Physical, Mental and Moral Education.'”

Some have called a public school curriculum which instructed students to discuss “a local militia, believed to be a terrorist organization…” “communist propaganda.”  The Obama regime has labeled citizens protesting government overreach, constitutional violations, and lawbreaking as “sovereign citizens” capable of violence on the order of Timothy McVeigh, convicted 1995 Oklahoma City bomber.

According to the FBI, an indication that a person could be a “sovereign citizen” is making “references to the Bible, The Constitution of the United States, U.S. Supreme Court decisions, or treaties with foreign governments.”

Despite Obama’s questionable constitutional eligibility and identity, he remains resident in the White House, spending millions on family vacations while the United States of America is plunged ever-deeper into debt, stands threatened by North Korea, and by Obama’s unilateral decision, interferes in the affairs of Middle Eastern governments without congressional approval.

In 1933, Hitler promised “strong leadership” to a nation in economic turmoil after World War I in which high unemployment caused food shortages and widespread suffering.  Hitler began rearming the country, which lowered unemployment, and “installed a fascist one-party state” soon after taking office.  The German Parliament, or Reichstag, was rendered irrelevant by Hitler.

Obama has demonized any opposition, and his sycophants have used the same technique against private citizens in an attempt to silence them.

Hitler persecuted the Jews, many of whom left Germany prior to the beginning of World War II, but millions of whom were relocated and later murdered in concentration camps.  During the Nuremberg Trials, members of Hitler’s SS claimed that they were simply “following orders.”

Obama’s Department of Justice has been accused by two former employees of making “race-based” decisions which favor blacks and discriminate against whites.  Obama’s “justice” involves the attempted deportation of a German Christian homeschooling family persecuted in Hitler’s former nation who fled to the United States for political asylum.

In a 1997 publication which included first-hand accounts of the rise of Hitler’s police state, a former German citizen was noted as having “recorded the descent of his country into its own barbarous version of genocide.”  Hitler was described by the author as “obsessed” with the Jews.  Obama has been said to be obsessed with tax increases and himself.

The German people hailed Hitler as his rejuvenated army and military apparatus paraded through the streets.  Less than two months after being appointed Chancellor:

In March 1933, the Nazis used intimidation and manipulation to pass the Enabling Act, which allowed them to pass laws which did not need to be voted on in the Reichstag. Over the next year, the Nazis eliminated all remaining political opposition, banning the Social Democrats, and forcing the other parties to disband. In July 1933, Germany was declared a one-party state. In the ‘Night of the Long Knives’ of June 1934, Hitler ordered the Gestapo and the SS to eliminate rivals within the Nazi Party. In 1935, the Nuremburg Laws marked the beginning of an institutionalised anti-Semitic persecution which would culminate in the barbarism of the ‘Final Solution’.

In 2013, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), FBI, Social Security Administration, and other government departments have placed orders for billions of rounds of ammunition without providing an explanation, then DHS denied that it occurred.

Hitler came to power after beginning his political career as one of a “gang of unemployed soldiers” in 1919.  Barack Obama was a “community organizer” who agitated for change on the south side of Chicago using the Saul Alinsky method.

Hitler called his party the “National Socialist German Workers’ Party.” Unbeknownst to most Americans, Obama was a member of the “New Party,” which advocated socialism in America, and had the backing of the Communist Party USA.

Alinsky’s book, Rules for Radicals, was intended “for the Have-Nots on how to take it [power] away” from those who held it.

After allegedly winning the 2012 election, Obama quickly announced that his new goal was to re-establish a Democrat majority in the House of Representatives but then backtracked on the statement several weeks later.

Obama controls the media, which refuses to raise the issue of his ineligibility, friendships with former “domestic terrorists” Bill Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn, and the fraudulent documents he is using.  Hitler “recruited” the media to stamp out all opposition and further his agenda of expansion and extermination.

A spinoff political organization of Obama for America formed to advance his agenda, Organizing for America, states:

Obama organizing for america

With changing times and increase in technological advancements come changing mores and belief systems. America is not the America it was one hundred years ago. It is not the same country it was fifty years ago. The moral fabric has changed to some degree since those times; along with what it …

and supporters continue to cheer.

Hitler’s Youth Corps indoctrinated boys and girls with the propaganda of the Third Reich, which fell at the end of World War II

The 1939 Times reporter concluded his article with:

Today’s decrees divide the organization into two classes—first, the General Hitler Youth, in which membership is compulsory and within it, second, the “stock Hitler Youth,” an elite group to which members of the general organization may volunteer for careers in party organization—of which the Hitler Youth itself is one—if they fulfill the special racial conditions for membership therein.  Jews are specifically excluded from membership in either class.

As a result of today’s decree all “German” males with the exception of the unfit and unworthy will now begin compulsory service on reaching the age of 10 and will be discharged only on death.  From the Hitler Youth they will go to the Labor Service, then to the army, then into the armed reserve and Reich Warriors League, in all of which they will be under constant supervision.

An author of a 1996 controversial account of the Holocaust opined that the Germans “have remade themselves into liberal democrats.  They’re like us.”

Russian dictator and murderer Josef Stalin, who entered into a pact with Hitler in 1939 and was later betrayed, said, “Give me four years to teach the children and the seed I have sown will never be uprooted.”

Do Hitler, Stalin and Obama have common traits?

Obama and Hitler both used children as props and advocated gun control.  Hitler eventually disarmed the German population, leading to the persecution and extermination of more than 21,000,000 people.

Obama may already have his own Youth Corps.

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  1. In East Germany (German Democratic Republic) after WW II, similar approaches to education were implemented.

    Christians were scoffed at in school; teenagers were obliged to go to “Jugendweihe” (Youth Initiation) scheduled always for the same weekend as Lutheran Church confirmation and First Communion.

    Party leaders knocked on doors to warn Christian parents that if their children skipped “Jugendweihe” on Saturday but went to Confirmation on Sunday, that they would “NEVER GO TO COLLEGE” and be relegated to menial jobs.

    It was not much different from the Democratic machine in Chicago or other urban areas in the USA as far as house to house intimidation and control.

    Obama fancies himself to be a mellifluous speaker. He is as canned as Hitler, Honecker or Chavez; a lot of rhetorical Bla Bla Bla with venomous results.

    When American states take Federal money and have to change their teaching, methodologies, even curricula, to be “aligned with Common Core,” you know that tyranny could be close at hand.

    Heinrich Heine, highly regarded author and poet in Germany, once wrote “Denk’ ich an Deutschland in der Nacht, dann bin ich um den Schlaf gebracht”..(when I think of Germany at night, I am unable to sleep)..it could easily be now “Denk’ ich an AMERIKA in der Nacht…”

    America, everything that Orly, Sharon, Lord Monckton, Zullo, Gallups, Lakin et al are saying in public is TRUE.

    The Rubicon has, indeed, been crossed…..