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by Dr. Laurie Roth, ©2013

After becoming Chancellor in 1933, Adolph Hitler made himself dictator of Germany, bypassed the Reichstag (German Parliament), confiscated firearms, persecuted German Jews, and set out to conquer Europe, ultimately leaving 60,000,000 dead

(Mar. 26, 2013) — All that Americans have held on to and relied on is being assaulted.  Obama won’t stop until America is forced into submission to his Dictatorship plans and the rest of us locked up or killed.  What survives the Obama battering rams will be taxed and redistributed to his seduced worshipers.  They will be slaves and controlled like mutant little toys but they will thank Obama and give him their worship.

How many ways can a mad man in the White House attack the American people, her laws, freedoms and Constitution?  Obama and his minions have favorite attack — assault weapons with very large magazines.

Executive Orders

Obama has issued at least 900 executive orders before he started his second term of horror.  All are designed to fuel and support his growing and corrupt dictatorship.  From the beginning of his regime he has taken over the private sector and attempted to crush state and local rights with these orders.  A recent one merges the Federal Government with the private sector.  He has built the Saul Alinsky reasons for his “kill lists,” “emergency powers,” and “martial law this and that.”

These Executive Orders control literally everything you can even imagine.  EVERYTHING – where you work — what you eat — when and if you travel — what you have and get to keep in the bank — when the curfew sends you home – what you say and can’t say and how you can or can’t protect yourself.   Obama’s executive orders are a complete Dictatorship manual in every way, hiding behind the ‘go switch’ of terrorism, economic collapse and other fabricated crises.

Partnerships – Code for Government controlling everything.  The feds will have complete control down to the local level.  Forget 10th amendment and States’ rights.  Forget your Constitutional rights and right to privacy.  They are burnt pieces of toast now.  Lined up to help enforce all these acts of ‘executive’ terror against Americans is the already voted into law NDAA Bill, which will turn the US military on the people, denying us of Miranda rights and detaining us indefinitely without recourse.


Obama has his ‘SS’ firmly in place and has been building his private army since 2008.  He warned us with his own words back in 2008:

“We cannot continue to rely only on our military in order to achieve the national security objectives that we’ve set.  We’ve gotta have a civilian national security force that’s just as powerful, just as strong, just as well funded as the United States military.”

Over the past few years we have watched the DHS buy up 1.6 billion rounds of ammunition, weapons systems, 7,000 armored personnel carriers and more.  They have become Obama’s private army with unheard-of drones flying overhead to apparently support their attacks on the “terrorist” American people.

Senator Rand Paul dared to stand up and filibuster for 13 hours talking of the Constitutional breach of drones flying overhead targeting Americans.  He was mocked and rebuked by GOP establishment but the country went wild.  Bravo to him.

This week I saw another bold stand of courage and honor with Terry M. Hestilow, a retired Army officer with 30 years’ experience.  He wrote a bold letter addressed to Senator John Cornyn.  I was so thrilled when I read his letter.  It was what I have been screaming on my national radio show for months.  I and most of the citizens in the country have been begging for any real response from the House and the Senate.

Please read it for yourself and pray it snaps the House and Senate out of their compromised and cowardly behavior.  We are in a national emergency with this violator Obama, who is not even qualified to be President.  It is critical that Congress and the top military brass take action quickly or there will be nothing left.

It is most clear that the DHS is on a war mission with its unheard-of purchases of weapons and ammo. This sea of attack weapons and resources is complemented by thousands of drones flying overhead.  They are ready to pounce at Obama’s cue.

The house of cards is being built beautifully.  Obama has the shield of the NDAA Bill and the weapon of his contorted DHS, now his armed SS.

Attack on Health care and control of bank accounts

To complete the process of transformation and annihilation,  Obama has his Obamacare bill in place run by the IRS.  This will give him total access to our accounts and literal control over who lives and dies.  As in the days of Adolph Hitler,  Obama must control our bank accounts and health care.  Lifespan has its limits, you know, and Obama intends to remind us of that.

EPA control

While Obama builds his army and violates our health care and accounts, he is destroying our energy systems.  The EPA has issued regulatory hell attacks at the Coal and Fracking industries.  Carbon controls are strangling businesses from shore to shore, while our oil industry isn’t even separating from water in a glass these days.  Obama mocks our energy systems and has said he always wanted high gas prices.

Moral attacks

From the beginning Obama has been the most abortion-supportive president ever in our history.  He promotes it, funds it and pushes it down everyone’s throat.  Now Obamacare forces us all to pay for abortions whether we believe in them or not. The Catholic Church and other providers are forced to deliver abortions and supportive services or else they receive lawsuits, regulatory and legal attacks by the Obama administration.

Obama has been busy pushing God and the Holy Bible out of our schools, culture and families right from the beginning of his evil rule.  Now, we have two cases being reviewed on ‘gay marriage’ in the Supreme Court.  The last few years Obama finally stopped the lie he ran on being supportive of marriage between a man and a woman.  Now, he is officially for gay marriage and pushing that down our throats.

God help us if the Supreme Court votes against families, God, states’ rights and marriage.  Literally, all hell will break loose, giving Obama more areas to attack and slaughter people.  Pastors will be arrested for hate crimes if they quote the wrong scriptures.  Government will dictate their vision and ministries.  Who will stand?  School curriculums will not only be rewritten, but our children will be completely indoctrinated and perverted by all kinds of sexual acting out on display.  Parents will have nothing to say about it.  Media would have to shut up or be fined and arrested due to speaking ‘hate crimes.’  A moral horror show is on its way orchestrated by Obama.  Government and Obama intend to be God, and Jesus and the Holy Bible are in the way.

Obama is no Christian as he says.  He is a new age, Islamic hater of Christ and the Holy Bible.  He also has an extensive and documented ‘gay’ background in Chicago by numerous sources and witnesses. These attributes are Obama’s real legacy.  Obama and his plans must be stopped.  Join me each day on my show from 7-10pm PAC at:  www.therothshow.com.



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  1. Dear Fellow Patriot,
    What you say is true.
    Our country has been given over to our enemy with the tacit agreement of Obots, products of a failed education system for America, a resounding victory for the Totalitarian/Islamic nightmare that is descending upon our country.
    The Beacon of Freedom’s light is flickering, but myself and millions of other Patriots (you included) are not going to be mindlessly herded into the showers without a fight.
    Buy weapons. Stock up on supplies. These government employees and Obots live next door, on your block, down your road. We all know who they are, where they live and we outnumber them at least 10 to 1.
    This can only end in one way. They can either walk away or be carried away, it makes no difference to me or to any HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS VIETNAM VETS WITH A SPECIAL KIND OF ATTITUDE.
    Keep telling the truth, and Keep Your Powder Dry,