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by Sharon Rondeau

Is Barack Hussein Obama guilty of treason for presenting fraudulent documents to the public to prove eligibility which does not exist?

(Mar. 23, 2013) — On Thursday, March 21, 2013, Illinois resident and registered voter Michael Jackson met with Michael Rasmussen, aide to U.S. Senator Mark Kirk at the Village Hall in Mackinaw, IL to discuss approximately 500 pages of compiled evidence demonstrating that Barack Hussein Obama is not eligible to hold the office of President and Commander-in-Chief.

Jackson brought with him a cover letter addressed to Sen. Kirk and documentation pertaining to a lengthy list of categories.

The cover letter reads:


Dear Senator Kirk,

Will you contact and speak with Lt. Col.-Dr. Terry Lakin and ask him why he was court martialed and have him testify before Congress and the American people under oath to that end?

Will you contact Sheriff Joe Arpaio of Maricopa County, AZ as he has asked Congress dating back to 1 March 2012 to bring forth a full Congressional investigation into the national loophole that allows for U.S. citizenship to be obtained illegally as this was discovered in the ongoing criminal investigation into Barack Hussein Obama’s alleged bona fides: Selective Service Draft Registration Card; CT SSN; and long form Birth certificate as those documents have been shown to be fraudulent, forged and illegal?

Please know there is no mechanism in place that vets government official’s citizenship status at any level in order to qualify legally for government office.  There is record of such fact with congressional e-mails, letters and FOIA requests.  This information will be provided to staff for you to review in a e-book titled “Obama Never Vetted: The Unlawful President” by author Pamela Barnett.

Please know this is not about political affiliation, personal opinion, ideology or has anything to do with racial partiality.  This is about the law, justice, what is moral, right and true and it needs to be addressed as this is a matter of national security.

I and my family gained our citizenship in the U.S.A legally so that we could enjoy the blessings of this nation founded upon the notion that all men are created equal and endowed with certain unalienable rights by our Creator.  The same lawful restrictions imposed upon my family when some of them emigrated from Europe needs to be applied to all.  Perhaps the Lord Jesus has allowed you to still be here Senator Kirk in order to help bring people to account for their words and actions.  Barack Hussein Obama stated in Jan 2009 that the two touchstones of his administration would be “to uphold the rule of law and transparency”.  May he be held to such an account as We the People ask you to support and defend the U.S. Constitution against all foreign and domestic enemies and the law demands it knowing no man is above the law, which is your constitutional duty as a U.S. Senator.  Thank you.


Michael D. Jackson

The list of categories reads:

Cover Letter To Kirk

Article II Section I Clause V

Lt. Col. Terry Lakin’s Chap 1 “Officer’s Oath”

IL Primary Ballot Objection 1-13-12

Minor v Happersett 1874 (entire ruling)

BOE Hearing Officer Recommendation 1-27-12

My Motion To Oppose Recommendation 1-26-12

E-Mails Confirming Receiving Motion To Oppose

Leo Donofrio’s Amicus Brief on NBC (entire 209 pages)

Obama Sr Alien Card

BOE Final Decision 2-2-12

BOE Transcript 2-2-12

IL General Ballot Objection 9-13-12

BOE Final Decision 9-17-12

BOE Transcript 9-17-12

BOE Rules of Procedure

Ethics Complaint Filed with IL Exec IG

Exec IL IG Response

DNC Election Fraud Complaint 9-11-12

Michael Jackson Birth Certificate

David Jackson Birth Certificate (dad)

Eugenia Hurn U.S. Naturalization Certificate on CD Rom (mom)

Sheriff Arpaio Press Release 3-1-12

Sheriff Arpaio Press Release 7-17-12

Sheriff Arpaio Affidavit

Lt. Zullo Affidavit

Monckton Affidavit

Coffman Affidavit

Hulton Affidavit

Adams Affidavit 7-11-11

Adams Affidavit 3-21-12

Jordan Affidavit

Papa Affidavit

Jordan Frivolous Sanction

Soetoro AP Photo Indonesia School Record

AP Declares Obama Kenyan Born Sunday Standard 6-27-04

Klayman Letter to Bauer

Obama, Biden Grand Jury Indictment (Klayman)

Halt Congress Electoral Certification

Senator’s Petition For Redress: Treason

Examples of Certified Mail Receipts for Senator’s Petition For Redress Received

Copies Of The Only Two Senator’s Response To Petition For Redress

Four Treason Complaints To IL AG Madigan To Convene Grand Jury

Treason Complaint To DA Umholtz To Convene Grand Jury

Treason Complaint To Sheriff Huston

Treason Complaint To Grand Jury Foreman

Complaint To Gov. Quinn

Complaint To Secret Service

Treason Complaint To FBI

Fitzpatrick Treason Complaint

Turner Treason Complaint

Lerman Treason Complaint

Mayer Treason Complaint

Austin Treason Complaint

Raustan’s Treason Complaint

Seymore Treason Complaint


Jackson has communicated on numerous occasions with his county sheriff about his concerns regarding Obama’s eligibility and actions while in office but received no response. He has made hundreds of calls to members of Congress, filed a treason complaint with his county grand jury, Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan, Illinois State’s Attorney Stewart Umholtz, the Tazewell County Sheriff, and the FBI.

Two other plaintiffs plus Jackson registered two ballot challenges to Obama’s candidacy as permitted by Illinois law before and after Obama’s official nomination.  At the hearing for the first objection, none of the objectors were allowed to speak, and Illinois Board of Elections Chairman William McGuffage pronounced the second objection “overruled.”

Judges, Boards of Election, U.S. Justice Department attorneys and U.S. attorneys have all relied on an image presented to the public on April 27, 2011 purporting that Obama was born in Hawaii and is presumably constitutionally eligible to serve as president. However, various investigators and analysts have pronounced the image, along with Obama’s Selective Service registration card, to be “computer-generated forgeries.”

The Illinois Board of Elections, similar to Boards in other states, relied upon the image of what was purported to be Obama’s long-form birth certificate which has been determined to be a forgery by various computer typesetting, graphics, Adobe® and scanning experts as well as a group of detectives working out of the Maricopa County, AZ Sheriff’s Office.

Jackson’s meeting with Rasmussen lasted approximately 30 minutes.  Of the exchange, Jackson told The Post & Email:

“I focused on just a couple things.  I focused on the Senator needing to contact Lt. Col. Terry Lakin and the fact we have a national loop hole in the vetting of government officials for office, particularly their citizenship status and that there is a state loop hole discovered in HI with the Arpaio CCP investigation of the documents alleged to be Barry Obama’s.  I attached a short letter I gave to Michael R. that asked two simple questions, will the Senator contact Terry Lakin and will he contact Sheriff Arpaio.  You can read that doc and that will help you.  I also asked him if I could have Pamela send him her e-book “Obama Never Vetted:  The Unlawful President.”  I am awaiting confirmation that Pamela has since sent him that to read and for the Senator to read over.

As far as his reaction he was professional and he told me that he would read and look through all that I gave him.  He would highlight and put together a memo in relation to what he concludes and then share it with the Senator.  I asked him to not hesitate to call me if he had questions and he said that he would do that.

He asked me to give him a short answer, basically yes or no if I was looking for impeachment.  I told him I’m looking for Congress to investigate that there are still serious unanswered questions to the constitutional ineligibility of Barack Hussein Obama and have provided him substantial proof of that unanswered question by Congress.  I told him there were affidavits included in the material and that three people in IL never were allowed to present in a public administrative hearing their objections and the evidence associated with those objections.”

Jackson has also communicated extensively with the office of his congressman, Rep. Aaron Schock, about the questions over Obama’s eligibility, requesting that Schock sign a “declaratory statement” that Obama is eligible to serve if in fact Schock has arrived at that “lawful conclusion.”

A photo of Jackson and Rasmussen can be viewed here:  Sen Kirk Staffer Michael Rasmussen (click on link in new window)

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  1. There is NOTHING that Obama can rely on to prove that he is a Natural-Born Citizen. Obama has no such affirmative defense. Obama is a fraud and a usurper. This is incontrovertible. Obama IS a usurper. He has overthrown the government by fraud. He is not legal “Civil authority”. By US Law Obama IS a Traitor and a Spy. On April 1,2013 a Judge will rule in my case against Obama in the New York State Supreme Court Appellate Division,Third Department with regard to entering the record on appeal,from the Lower NY State Supreme Court,without stipulation from the State of NY. To date,the State did NOT reply to a request for Stipulation of that record as complete. They are over a month late in responding and the Solicitor General of NY has brazenly stated that NY State “will NOT be filing ANY papers in this case”

  2. Capt. (Ret.) Pamela Barnett presents ALL the facts surrounding the issue of Barack Hussein Obama Jr.’s, a.k.a. Soebarkah’s, a.k.a. Barry Soetoro’s, a.k.a. Harrison J. Bounel’s eligibility—or ineligibility, to be more accurate—to be president in her new book ‘OBAMA NEVER VETTED, THE UNLAWFUL PRESIDENT, THE NATIONAL SECURITY LOOPHOLES THAT ENDANGER AMERICA.’

    All following quotations are from Capt. Barnett’s book: http://beforeitsnews.com/obama/2013/02/obama-lost-his-us-citizenship-retired-us-army-captain-speaks-out-obama-never-vetted-2447486.html

    Capt. Barnett’s military experience as “…a battalion staff intelligence officer in charge of the security clearance program and the physical security of a battalion of 400 people” qualifies her to assemble the facts surrounding the criminal usurpation of the presidency by an unknown entity who demonstrates strong affiliations with Islamic and radical communist elements.

    The tragic, inescapable, and frightening conclusion that Capt. Barnett illuminates in her new book is that “If Congress does not do their job of enforcing the Constitutional requirements for POTUS, Vice POTUS, Senators and Representatives, there very well could be non-citizens working as our elected federal officials.”

    The issue of constitutional eligibility has been maliciously termed the “Birther” issue since before the constitutionally illegal election of the ‘Manchurian’ Muslim from Mombasa, though the term has been proudly adopted by American patriots who would defend the constitution, much like the way the early followers of Jesus Christ were mockingly called “Christians” and the title stuck.

    Having followed the issue closely (I attended the preliminary release of the findings of Sheriff Joe’s volunteer Cold Case Posse on March 1st, 2012 and the Sheriff called me something like the ‘epitome’ of a ‘Birther’ or the ‘personification’ of a ‘Birther,’ an appellation I carry with pride), I was astonished to learn in Capt. Barnett’s new book that ‘…Obama’s appointees Elena Kagan and Sonia Sotomayor did not recuse themselves on more than 8 cases that affected them personally—ultimately their judgeship legality.’ How preposterous a mockery of justice!

    Even after four years of fighting the uphill battle against the combined efforts of both major political parties, “Not one member of Congress, Elector of the Electoral College, any state Democratic of Republican party, federal government agency employee including the FBI, Secretary of State, state election board official, judge or state attorney general across the country has ever seen Obama’s original birth certificate or other Presidential qualifying documentation regarding Obama. In addition, no state or federal agency while he was Illinois State Senator, U.S. Senator and now President of the United States required Obama to provide proof that he is able to work legally in the United States.”

    Capt. Barnett points out the pathetic failure of America’s Fourth Estate, the press, to perform its civic duty and vet Obama as they would, supposedly, any other person and elaborated on their failure to uphold any journalistic ethical standard when she writes:

    “The press did not produce one document from Obama’s past until Breitbart.com recently uncovered Obama’s author bio that states he was born in Kenya. Congress vetted Senator John McCain with Senate Resolution 511 and McCain provided a copy of his original Panama birth certificate. They however did nothing to investigate Obama even though he failed to provide an original birth certificate for their viewing and admitted that he had a foreign citizen father.” Capt. Barnett failed to mention that Obama was a co-sponsor of Senate Resolution 511!

    Capt. Barnett points out the ludicrous nature of one Senator’s response to her inquiries when she writes, “Senator John Kyl Letter Says Snopes.com Vetted Obama.” But, in my humble opinion should have added that Snopes.com scrubbed an entry on their website which read, “In October 2008 and again in July 2009, Hawaiian officials reported that they had personally verified that Barack Obama’s original birth certificate was in the Hawaii State Department’s files,…” a deliberate, bald-faced lie, but not the last in the most sinister cover-up of the most sinister crime committed in American history—the crime of the criminal usurpation of the presidency by an enemy agent of Islam-practicing taqqiya.

    The startling conclusion which demands redress—as is the right of We the People’—arrived at by Capt. Barnett and a great many other “Birthers” across the United States is that “…it is absolutely clear that no one in any official government position in Illinois or the Federal government has seen proof that Obama is even able to legally work in the United States, yet be an Illinois State Senator, U.S. Senator or President.”

    The tragic irony that would be laughable were it not for the very real danger that Obama represents to the national security of our country, demonstrated in the massacre at Benghazi and the weapons and funding that the ‘Manchurian’ Muslim from Mombasa has provided to his Muslim ‘Brothers from the Hood,’ is that “If Obama was required to pass a security clearance to be President he wouldn’t be in the Oval Office now.” “In fact, Obama would not even be able to become a federal government employee….”

    “The Never Vetted chapter” in Capt. Barnett’s provocative new book “…proves Presidents and Congressional members don’t have to prove citizenship or undergo a background investigation to work in their positions. I thought at least they would have to pass a security clearance before they could handle sensitive information. I was sadly wrong. By the mere fact that they were in elected Constitutional positions, Presidents and members of Congress automatically are considered to be trustworthy enough to handle classified information and not take an oath to safeguard it by signing an SF 312. From Classified Information Non-Disclosure Agreement (Standard Form 312) Briefing Booklet by the Information Security Oversight Office

    Consider the ramifications of this disclosure: We now have at least one Muslim serving in Congress and one illegally occupying the Oval Office. Will the reader please attempt to comprehend the foolhardy nature of such a threat to the security of our nation and to our service personnel in combat theaters of operation in the war in which we are engaged against Islam?

    Capt. Barnett has the background to point out the existential threat with the authority of an experienced professional. Will Congress open their eyes to the threat that the fraud and forger illegally occupying the White House, the “Resident” Barry Soetoro, represents to national security?

    We Have Met the Enemy and the Enemy is Islam—and Mr. Obama.