Tennessee Poised to be First to Pass The Balance of Powers Act…


from the U.S. Patriots Union, ©2013

(Mar. 19, 2013) — Tomorrow, March 20, 2013, HB 0970 The Tennessee Balance of Powers Act is on the calendar in the House State Government Sub-Committee.

Rep. Judd Matheny is the lead sponsor on the bill, with House Co-Sponsor Rep. Joe Carr. Please take a moment to thank these men for their leadership at a critical moment in American history.Here is a contact list for the members of the House State Government Sub-Committee…. Please call each of them and encourage them to support HB 0970 in tomorrow’s committee meeting, moving HB 0970 forward in Tennessee.

HB 0970 Contacts Phone
Rep. Bill Sanderson (615) 741-0718
Rep. Sheila Butt (615) 741-3005
Rep. Joshua Evans (615) 741-2860
Rep. Ryan A. Haynes (615) 741-2264
Rep. Johnny Shaw (615) 741-4538
Rep. Kent Williams (615) 741-7450

If you are calling from outside of Tennessee, let these legislators know that passing the Balance of Powers Act has national implications and that people all over the country are watching the leadership of Tennessee legislators in our effort to regain control of our Constitutional Republic.

We are working the bill in numerous other states and will have additional updates when appropriate. IF YOU ARE WORKING THE BILL IN YOUR STATE, PLEASE CONTACT US RIGHT AWAY!

These brave and patriotic legislators will come under attack for standing with the people. It is vital that they hear from us and know that the people stand with them during these challenging times.

Thank you!


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