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by OPOVV, ©2013

Is Obama a puppet performing an act?

(Mar. 18, 2013) — Come to think of it, Pinocchio and Obama have a lot in common. When Pinocchio told a lie, his nose grew, and when Obama tells a lie, the National Debt grows.

When I first thought of writing this editorial, I thought how utterly absurd making a direct comparison between a wooden puppet and the President of the United States; that is, until I remembered that the last Constitutionally qualified President we had was little Georgie Bush back in 2008.

When Barry Soetoro (that would be your Obama) tells a lie, millions of Muslims are welcomed into our country by the Department of Homeland Security.

When Mr. de facto tells a lie, billions in “stimulus” money is given to Islamic countries. Just for kicks, here’s a short quiz about American Foreign Policy.

1. The Department of State gave Yasser Arafat hundreds of millions of our taxpayer dollars. How many clinics, schools, daycare centers and water treatment facilities were built?

2. We just gave Egypt 200 of our best tanks. Is that number more or less than our very own Marine Corps has?

3. We give Islamic countries all over the globe billions of dollars. What percentage is spent on weapons, on secret bank accounts, and on immunization programs for children?

4. What are the chances that ANY Muslim in our military will take up arms to defend our ally, Israel?

5. The Joint Chiefs of Staff at the Pentagon are looked upon with contempt, derision, and loathing by the overwhelming majority of the enlisted and junior officers of our military for what they allowed to happen to LTC Terry Lakin. If one of the members of the JCS had a flat tire, what are the chances of one of our troops lending a helping hand?

Most of you caught at least some snippets of the CPAC farce, but what was missed was an exchange between Orly Taitz and the “uninvited” panel at CPAC that Breitbart Blog sponsored.

Let me see if I’ve got this right: Obama is a Muslim who is doing his very best to destroy our country. He has weakened the economy, our military, has weakened us in every possible way, including having an Attorney General and the head of Homeland Security that are pro-Muslim and, as such, allow Muslims to immigrate (infiltrate) us from the White House to every other aspect of American life, especially owning movie studios, television and radio studios, and advertising agencies coast to coast. Obama is the key Muslim dictating and controlling our demise into Sharia Law. Because of these plain and clear facts, one would naturally assume that everyone, at every opportunity, would go after Obama and his fake BIRTH CERTIFICATES, stolen Social Security number, doctored Selective Service Registration, and everything else that the lying bum is hiding from us. Attack the head of the snake!

Well, yes, of course, one would think so, expect and hope for, but, as the speaker said, “Breitbart is not a Birther site.” Oh really? What are Breitbart and Atlas Shrugs other than shills for Obama and his Obots if you accept Obama’s frivolous, fake and fraudulent documents? Don’t want to talk about it? Not the forum, not the time, too embarrassing, maybe somebody will say the dreaded “racist” word?

Let me tell you:  we know about Muslims, we know about the “honor killings,” we know about Sharia Law, we know about the lies, the murders, the deceits, AND we know the key to our survival is our Constitution.

“We’re not a Birther site” will go down in the annuals of history as the biggest cop-out, the flimsiest excuse, the most asinine reason to run from the Truth as I’ve ever read about or seen. They want to discuss Muslims shoving Sharia down our throats but, whatever you do, don’t mention that Obama is a Muslim who just happens to be Constitutionally unqualified to hold the office of President. Oh, no, let’s not have the Constitution get in the way of anything here.

Disgusting the way Orly was dismissed. Check out the video. Yes, not only did CPAC go down in flames, but so did Breitbart and Atlas Shrugs. For shame. I would have thought that they’d embrace Orly, get on the bandwagon.  But they failed the test, they failed themselves, and they failed America.


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  1. Most of us here at P & E know why you were not a guest speaker at CPAC …..YOU are not owned by anyone, and you ask the pertinent questions that others are too spineless to ask. Thank God for you and many others here!

    Perhaps in future CPAC meetings they might invite these people to speak…of course you being the first speaker to clear out the shills.

    2. Mrs. Sharon Rondeau, (she meets the enemy head-on)
    3. Publis Huldah (she can explain the Constitution to them)
    4. Walid Shoebat (he can explain Muslims)
    5. Geert Wilders (he can explain Muslims & Sharia Law)
    6. Lisa Elkins Goodman (Literary Agent Investigative Journalist)

    In addition someone might explain “Bank of International Settlements” located in Basel, Switzerland.

    I’m elderly, but I can still dream.

  2. “CONSERVATIVES”,”RINOS”, “OBOTS”, “DUMB-O-CRATS”~they all suffer from the “THE GREED PARTICLE”,the side-effects are “Tunnel-Vision, Single-Mindedness, Egotism, Type-A Personality Disorder, Habitual Lying Syndrome, Narcissism, Delusions of Grandure.The “GREED PARTICLE” is the Virus currently infecting “The District of Criminals”, the source being traced to “O”~somebody PLEASE call PEST CONTROL!?