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by Ron Ewart, ©2013

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(Mar. 17, 2013) — Two views, same country:

“I would never say John Kerry would be a great president.  I will say that George Bush has divided us; he has filled this country with hatred.”   John Mellencamp

“President Obama’s version of America is a divided one – pitting us against each other based on our income level, gender, and social status. His policies have failed!  We are not better off than we were 4 years ago, and no rhetoric, bumper sticker, or campaign ad can change that.   Mia Love

It makes no difference who the president is, or who is in Congress, because no matter who is leading us, one side or the other will say that those who are leading us are dividing us, or they will say that they are “filling the country with hatred.”  That is because we as a people are hopelessly divided.  We are looking at two different realities through our own distorted prism.  The real reality is those that lead us to reflect who we are as a people, but the difference is that those who lead us are bound together by the glue of power and money, while we fight each other over our differences rather than focusing our attention on the government that purposely divides us.  While we are divided they play us like blind fools.  This is hardly a recipe to hold our Constitutional Republic together.

If we were hell-bent on taking over a country without firing a shot and time wasn’t a factor, it would be fairly easy to do if the people were apathetic and disinterested in the affairs of government and even if there were some people in the population who knew what we were doing.

First, we would take over the money and the means of collecting the revenue from the people.  We would establish a private central bank to control the money (Federal Reserve) and then we would establish a Gestapo-style branch of the government (IRS) to collect the money to pay for what we wanted to do and pay back the loans from the Federal Reserve.  We could do this simply by passing an Amendment to the Constitution.  It wouldn’t take very long.  We could do this in a year or two.

Second, we would take over the entire public education system and infiltrate our agenda into the school curriculum, thereby indoctrinating all K-12 and college-age school children into our way of thinking.  This might take several decades and a couple of generations, but it would be very effective.

Third, we would use the money from the public treasury to buy off certain constituent groups in exchange for their party loyalty….. and their vote.  Money would not be an issue to pay for these “payoffs,” as we have a Gestapo-style government agency to collect the money from the people who produce an income by a direct tax for the specific program (Social Security and Medicare), or from taxes collected for the general fund.

Fourth, we would be so lax in protecting our borders that millions of illegal aliens would pour into the country and become future voters, since we would buy them off, too.

The people would be totally unaware that they had just been conquered without a shot being fired because it happened so slowly, and after such a long period of time they would consider the government their savior, protector and provider.  It would only take about 100 years to brainwash the entire population.

At first the taxes would be small, but would rise over time as we expanded the programs to buy off more constituent groups; you know, like student loans, Pell grants, Head Start, government-run preschools, welfare, Medicaid and Obamacare.  You name it and the government will have a program for it to advance its agenda.

We would give the blacks and Latinos affirmative action and generous subsidies for being baby manufacturers.  Seniors will get Social Security and Medicare.  Women will get birth control and the right to terminate pregnancies by abortion or special treatment as a minority.   (The last we heard, half the people in the world were women, hardly a minority.)  Religious groups will get special treatment from the government in the form of tax exemptions.  Wind and solar companies will get huge subsidies and tax breaks from the government to push the expensive and inefficient “green” agenda.  Giant corporations, who have the “bread,” will buy whatever they want from government in return for special legislation or crony capitalism favors.  Big banks, too big to fail, will get TARP funds to bail them out for making negligent, if not criminal, business decisions.  Unions will be assured of a seat at the table by lobbying for all government contracts to be performed by union labor at union (high) wages.  Third-world countries will be bought off in return for favors, with outright direct grants of money from the American taxpayer or military hardware, food, or energy.  (Think Egypt, or even North Korea.)

By implementing items 1, 2, 3 and 4 and institutionalizing them, we have set the stage for a perfect storm, where constituent groups fight with each other in a TUG-OF-WAR over who is going to get the most from their cushy relationships with government in exchange for their votes, while government eggs them on.  In reality, with these four policies the government has played the people like the blind fools they are because the people believed that there was no end game to the “free stuff” they were getting ….. in exchange for their votes.  Now, WE are the enemy of WE and government is the referee ….. with a whip.  The government has a sweet deal and laughs all the way to the bank and we are none the wiser because we have become the people divided.   Boy!  We sure are smart!

Because millions of Americans have forsaken self-reliance, independence and personal responsibility, indispensable components to the preservation of freedom and liberty, and allowed themselves to be bought by a government that would gleefully put them in chains if they could, we have given the government carte blanche authority to pull our puppet strings any time they want.  Government has become the cart and we the oxen, chained to the cart by the iron yoke of self-induced slavery.

Until the people come together and unite as one against the owners of the cart, the oxen will never be set free.  We either act AS Americans FOR America or be content to be the enslaved oxen, pulling the government’s cart in perpetuity, never to walk in the light of freedom again.


“A Nation Divided Is A Nation in Peril”

In the interest of acting AS Americans and FOR America, we have launched on this 17th day of March in the year of our Lord 2013, the “Parallax Prophecies Institute.”  Its stated goal is to unite Americans as one and start a “Dialogue for Freedom.”  This website will be totally devoted to that goal by means of:

1.    Showing both sides of the current issues of the day on the ISSUES page, not just one side.

2.    Getting people to respond with their own articles on those issues on the MEMBERS’ ARTICLES page.

3.    Getting people to comment on those issues on the COMMENTS page.

4.    Getting people to write articles on how we can unite Americans, on the COMING TOGETHER page.

5.    Getting people to submit articles for the BEST ESSAY AWARDS program, where if they are selected they can receive $200.00.

6.   Getting people to “Find the Code” on one of the web pages and receive $200.00 if they guess the correct code, as an incentive to get more people reading the valuable information on the website.

7.    Getting people to participate in our “Unite America” blind survey so that we can determine where we agree and emphasize those areas.

Because the divisions between some Americans is so wide, we are not so naive to think we can get every individual or group to come together in the interest of preserving our Republic, but at least we can start the process and win over one heart and mind at a time.  Maybe, just maybe, the idea will take hold all across the country.

Ladies and gentlemen, the inescapable truth is, “Americans either come together and join hands, or they will drown in each other’s blood of a civil war, or the blood they shed in the killing fields of foreign conquerors who will exploit our division and weakness for their own ends.  History has shown us in exquisite detail and the color of red that a nation divided is a nation in peril and it can only end in the blood of innocents and the loss of freedom.”

If we as Americans can’t agree on the basic principles that we are sovereign, free Americans who have declared our independence from all foreign enemies and domestic tyrants and governed by a blueprint called the Constitution and that the land we now occupy is sovereign land for all legal Americans subject to our laws, we have no hope whatsoever of solving the problems we face today.  Remember!  Our domestic enemies are those people in power, or those who lobby those people in power, who have divided us and manipulate us like puppets and divert our attention away from the fact that we are sovereign, free citizens of this great and exceptional country called the United States of America.

It is our stated goal with this website to start “A Dialogue For Freedom” based on those issues upon which we can agree and set aside for the moment those issues on which we are divided.  We must begin to think LIKE Americans and think FOR America, or America will cease to exist as a proud and free nation under the flag of liberty.

Please join with us in this noble gesture to bring the citizens of this great country back to being united Americans who ferociously turn on their enemies when threatened, foreign or domestic, instead of being divided Americans who are locked in the yoke of enslavement, pulling the royal cart of government.  Do not look to heroes or White Knights for this country’s salvation.  Look inside your own heart and join with us and other Americans against those who would threaten or rob us of our freedom.   Join with us as Americans against a government that is playing us like blind fools.

Visit the “Parallax Prophecies Institute” website today and visit it often, as it will change literally by the day.

We want to personally thank Patricia Hampton for helping us establish the basic components of the website, along with Paul Butrim, Keith Gunnar, Pat Nero, John DeMuth and Larry Gardner for reviewing the website and providing comments and suggestions in advance of its launch.

Ron Ewart, President


P. O. Box 1031, Issaquah, WA  98027

425 222-4742 or 1 800 682-7848

(Fax No. 425 222-4743)

Website: www.narlo.org


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  1. Well written and simply describes what has already happened and is still ongoing in America. Unfortunately, our system is so conditioned to FAA “after the fact” reactions to ongoing problems, coverups, oversights and corruption by inside operators of big business and government that there are too many holes in the hull of the boat and the sad fact is that too many people and organizations are making lots of of money and a lucrative living on riding the tide of it all while nothing is ever done. The sewage is backing up folks and there are no more places to hide it. The Obama Machine is taking full advantage of it and knows that our own red tape and political posturing and installing of more corrupt people like John Kerry in seat after seat guarantees more of the same. We need more than aspirin to cure this citizens, at least someone like Orly Taitz may be on the right track. We are all still waiting for results.

  2. The results are “Self-Inflicted ANARCHY because the Individual Populations cares ONLY for themselves.
    “Ask not, what your Country can do for you, but rather, what you can do for your Country!” applies here~