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by Sharon Rondeau

Pastor Carl Gallups and Cold Case Lead Investigator Michael Zullo have met with members of Congress and other “VIPs” at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) in Washington, DC to discuss the posse’s conclusions that Obama’s identification documents are fraudulent

(Mar. 15, 2013) — Pastor Carl Gallups called in to his own radio show to report that he and Mike Zullo have “been in meetings” with members of Congress at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) in Washington, DC.

“I hope that it’s not too late,” Gallups said, making the comparison between Hitler’s Germany and “a similar scenario” in the United States.  “An obvious crime has been committed that is historic…” Gallups told the fill-in host.  “We have the evidence, we have the criminal investigation…”

Gallups said that he and Zullo received “promises” that something would be done about the “Obama identity scandal.”

In March of last year, a Cold Case Posse working out of Sheriff Joe Arpaio‘s office in Maricopa County, AZ determined that the long-form birth certificate presented to the public on April 27, 2011 by the White House is a forgery, along with the Selective Service registration form released to members of the public who submitted FOIA requests for it.

Zullo and Gallups attended several meetings, one of which was a lunchtime meeting on Capitol Hill about which The Post & Email became aware this morning but pledged secrecy.  The Post & Email provided requested information to Zullo prior to that meeting.

When Gallups’ fill-in host asked, “Were they surprised at all of this?” Gallups answered, “Some..were quite shocked.  Once Lt. Zullo sat down and explained what he had, their jaws were on the floor.”

Gallups said that some “VIPs” “are swamped every day by people wanting to push an agenda.  It’s so hard for them to decide what’s what.” Gallups said that several years ago, the Democratic Party and the White House labeled the questions about Obama’s eligibility and documentation a “tin-foil hat” agenda.  He said that members of Congress were “overwhelmed” and realize that “a real crime has been committed of a magnitude that is historical.”

“We’ve got the proof,” Gallups said.  “Now we need a ruling on the proof.  I think we may get it very soon based upon what these VIPs are telling us now that they have seen the evidence.”

Update, 9:14 p.m. EDT:  The Post & Email has heard from Gallups, who said that he and Zullo have not yet met with attorneys general or governors at this time.

Gallups also told us:

We DID meet with VIPS of “standing.” We feel that some powerful things could begin happening if they will keep their promises. There will be more meetings at which we will present some hardcore evidence. We did a lot of talking. I will tell you this as well…we talked to one “champion” of the conservative movement -VERY PROMINENT figure who told us “I can’t get involved in that it might hurt my future political aspirations.”

Even when presented with the CRIME of forgery, fraud, etc. He said – I can’t look like a “nut” I’m not going to get involved. Unbelievable! THE TOP COP criminal investigator standing there with the evidence in his hand of one of the greatest frauds every perpetrated on America and this “darling of the conservatives” says ” I can’t get involved it might hurt me.”  Oh well – PRAY about the other contacts we made and the promises we were given. I am not naive – I know there is a chance that they will all cave in on us – however, we accomplished what we came here for -step ONE!    :-)

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  1. We must NOT be afraid to act against Tyranny even though we are called “Nuts”. People who sit back idly and let it continue are the people who deserve the title “Nuts”.

  2. Release the name of the supposed politician with aspirations of future leadership. We can insure those aspirations will never take place with zero integrity like that. Shameful.

    It reveals over and over again. They (either party) don’t care about the Republic, its about them. Corrupt dogs. Scavengers of power.


      Now, how about this. Doug Vogt, the publishing expert who has done extensive research on the birth certificate, in an interview, stated that anyone who COLLUDED in participating in, colloborating with or covering up Obamas usurpation of the office of the Presidency was guilty of TREASON & since this act affects the national security of the United States, they are subject to the death penalty.

      He said that once he tells the Obots that harassed him that by their actions are an attempt at Obstructing Justice and hence are treasonous by protecting Obama and preventing Vogt from uncovering Obamas treason against the United States, they back off.

      This is what this ‘VIP’ needs to be told, that his REFUSAL to UPHOLD HIS OATH TO THE CONSTITUTION and expose TREASON constitutes an act of TREASON by him.

      Then lets see what he does then?

  3. “I can’t look like a nut.”


    What’s he going to quip to the Judge at his prosecution + conviction – “I can’t look like a Jail Bird”?

    This man reveals EXACTLY how a.k.a. Obama has been shielded all these years.

    Save me a front row seat at his gallows.

  4. “I will tell you this as well…we talked to one “champion” of the conservative movement – VERY PROMINENT figure who told us “I can’t get involved in that it might hurt my future political aspirations.””

    That tells me he/she knew about the crimes before hand. I hope every person who gets informed is forced to identify his position with regard to prosecution of these crimes against the people. Those who hesitate should likewise be investigated. The corruption is massive.

  5. Absolutely disgusting how stupid and gullible the American people are, especially the 535 in congress, the so-called supreme court and our military brass. Blatant-traitor-cowards, every accursed one of them. This INSANITY is costing every single American big big dollars as well as our very future, not to mention the unbelievable cost to our heirs. These clown-thieves all need to be locked up right now.