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by Colonel Bob Pappas, USMC, Retired, ©2013, blogging at Gulf1

(Mar. 11, 2013) — We have entered the era of American dictatorship. First there’s Obama’s circumvention of the Constitution and law by issuing Executive Orders to implement provisions of law that had not been enacted by the Congress, then there’s Mayor Bloomberg dictating what New Yorkers can drink, and how much. Petty? Hardly, it’s an indication of the direction that so called liberals, who of course know better than ordinary Americans, what is good for them.  In Obama’s case it would be to buy Hispanic votes and in Bloomberg’s case it is because he is a complete loony tune democrat.

It is amazing to watch the current administration with its squad of mini-czars, that is “special assistants” to the President who in his own words are chosen because they are likeminded as himself. That frees Obama to do campaign work and know that the nation is left in the hands of those who think and act like he would/does. Of course he must delegate the authority for them to do so, but the interesting part is that none of them requires confirmation by the Senate.

If one were President who really didn’t want the job of governing, rather preferred to take advantage of the lavish lifestyle available such as golfing, vacationing and making speeches away from Washington his would be a fulfilling avocation. In Obama’s case living large at taxpayer expense is the right thing to do because it spreads the wealth around he “won.”  So, by winning it’s okay to close the White House to visitors because of Sequestration, but we can’t give up a round of golf the expense of which would keep the White House open for weeks. Or, we wouldn’t consider not visiting Tiger Woods for a week of golf at huge taxpayer expense that would have kept it open for a year. After all those are different pots of money and it’s going to be spent anyway.

Then there’s the pesky little matter of how the Department of Homeland Security is behaving with its purchase of 1.6 billion rounds of ammo and scoffing up and refurbishing retrograded war equipment. Does Napolitano know something that low information voters are not aware…that would be preparation for and introduction of Obama’s “civilian national security force” described in a speech on July 2nd 2008: “We cannot continue to rely on our military in order to achieve the national security objectives that we’ve set. We’ve got to have a civilian national security force that’s just as powerful, just as strong, just as well-funded.” And, Mr. Obama, what would be your national security objectives? And why the need for it to be as powerful and well-funded as the military? It is beyond comprehension that the media, including Fox News, has not examined this in detail.

As an interested and somewhat attentive observer, it is obvious that Mr. Obama is up to no good…he knows that he cannot have an extended term in office through the normal means of the political process and if he is going to continue to “completely transform” America and the world he will need more time. The way to gain that is to have the forces in place so that at an opportune moment to no let a “good crisis go to waste,” Obama and his bootlicking surrogates in the media would move quickly and with force to set aside the rule of law, albeit “only temporarily” to facilitate continued implementation of his “transformation” agenda.

Watching this come to pass is like the frog in a pot of water where the temperature is gradually increased. The frog doesn’t notice and is cooked without realizing what happened. As one who generally is not given to alarm, the confluence of these events it all too familiar to anyone who pays attention both to current events and history; and it scares me for my country. Am I afraid of socialism…no, if that’s the path that informed Americans want…but to do it in a way that is inimical to the American way…perhaps the thuggish Chicago way, but not the American way, raises a certain rebellion in me that is uncomfortable and real.

We can no longer trust our political leaders to do what is right, with the likes of Senator McCain badmouthing genuine patriots as “wacko” and attempting to drown out legitimate debate and political activity. I’ve always been suspect of him, even as I supported him for his candidacy…but as the lesser of evil not because he ever was a conservative…he’s not and has fully revealed himself in his attacks on Senator Rand Paul.

When America turns its back on its allies, neglects an attack on the United States and proclaims, “What difference does it make?” it is obvious that American traditional leadership has indeed changed, and it’s time to change it back.

Thanks for losing America, Mitt! You bought your way then you quit the fight, you have brought shame on the Romney name in perpetuity…and freedom-loving Americans will equate your name to a perverted act; America got “Romneyed!”

Semper Fidelis and Peace

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  1. Col Pappas,

    You articulated a well researched, thoughtful description of the Dilemna that faces the former United States of America (for certain, it has been overthrown already). However, I am puzzled by your criticism of Romney — as though he “threw the fight”. Are you NOT aware of the massive proven (but never reported by the Main Slime Media) voter fraud and how Obama / Team Soros stole the election (the last ever presidential election) ?? Note a few items:
    Team Soros owning SCYTL, a company in Spain, that owns CAE — a vote counting company in Tampa !! large portions of the vote were “counted” in Barcelona Spain, and after the software “integrated all these votes” (and changed votes) -the local precinct data was gone forever; the complete max effort by Team Obama to block as many overseas military votes as possible – huge numbers of military NEVER EVEN GOT their ballots (how about the “phantom plane crash” reported and NEVER question by the Slimers), whereby tens of thousands of military votes were lost; and of course the easy Peazy SEIU rigging of the voting machines, so that 50 % of ROMNEY votes get TRANSFORMED into OBAMA votes.
    Elections are over Col. get your gun out of retirement – you’re gonna need it !

  2. How can you say that you are not afraid of Socialism? Socialism terrifies me. Every advocate of Socialism is in effect dishonoring and subverting the United States Constitution. This amounts to treason.

    Socialism is incompatible with a constitutional republic and representative democracy. Plain and simple.

    I do not see how Socialists can be permitted to participate in a constitutional government. A Socialist will, by definition, be disloyal to his or her country and to the Constitution from the first day in office. This is inevitable in accordance with their Socialist agenda and beliefs.

    Yes I am very afraid of Socialism. I have seen what it does to a nation in every instance in which it has been allowed to exist.

    Are you not afraid of this?

    Do you think our Founders ever imagined such a system in America? I think not.