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by Sharon Rondeau

Jeffrey Henderson reported that at a meeting with a DCFS social worker last Tuesday, he was directed to reunite with his wife, with whom he has not lived for almost three years following the placing of their then-six children in foster care. However, on Friday, Judge Marguerite Downing reportedly said that Mr. Henderson should “cease contact” with his wife.

(Mar. 9, 2013) — The trial on Friday regarding the return or continued retention of seven children in foster care in Los Angeles County resulted in the children remaining in foster homes for the next four months.

The Post & Email is awaiting more details, but we have been told that the judge took issue with the efforts made by the parents to follow the case plan, which included both attending individual counseling, visits with the children, and finding suitable housing, all three of which have been carried out by the parents.

Documents photographed by an individual who attended Friday’s hearing indicate that visitation has “gone well.”

Some of the quotes we have been given by an eyewitness attributed to Judge Marguerite Downing are:

“failed to provide documentation”
“I don’t know that the counseling Mr.Hendrson is enrolled in is appropriate” “mrs. Henderson may need to separate from mr. Henderson” the parents haven’t made enough progress, there is nothing to indicate anything has changed” mrs Henderson left the program at hope gardens when she was at the point the visits were liberalized to overnights.
Mrs Henderson has never had the authority to monitor visits …too little too late” “parents complied too late” “she is just starting to comply”
Stipulation was entered “the kids want to return to parents”

The Post & Email is drafting a letter to Supervising Judge Michael Nash to inquire as to why Judge Marguerite Downing ruled the way she did.

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  1. My heart aches for this family and maybe a court of divine justice would be appropriate in this situation. God can hold court against this lowly court in California and His decision will be felt throughout the land. We must pray for His will and internvention in this situation.