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by OPOVV, ©2013

How many languages are needed to label a trash can in Seattle, WA?

(Mar. 1, 2013) — One of my grandfathers was born in Norway, I suppose in a house with windows and doors. The other grandfather was born on an Indian reservation,  probably in the weeds which grew on top of a large oil reserve about which the White man said to the tribal elders, “Here, kemo sabe, make your mark and we’ll give you, what you want, beads? Trinkets? How ‘bought a genuine cast iron frying pan? And all I’ll get is what’s under your feet.”

Anyway, getting back to Norway, while in his 20’s, my grandfather, after obtaining the proper papers, immigrated to America, sailing past the Statue of Liberty and ending up on Ellis Island where he was welcomed to the Land of the Free. He didn’t speak a word of English but learned. He eventually become a legal citizen and then an engineer for the Great Northern Railroad. After railroading he farmed in Montana and then Minnesota, where he was elected to the State Legislature and then the mayor of a town for many years. His assimilation to become an American paid off due to hard work and perseverance.

Back on the reservation, my other grandfather also had to assimilate to become accepted as a “Mainstream American,” which he did, and he also worked for the railroad, but a different one West of the Rockies. So out of my two grandfathers, one spoke Norwegian and the other, Cherokee, but all I can say is “You bet ya!” and “How!”

Today’s immigrant’s goal is entirely different from that of my grandfathers. To start, for some strange and undefined reason, all government papers are printed in every language so the most important reason to learn English is eliminated. If you go to court, there’s an interpreter at the government’s cost. Same with a driver’s license test. English plus a foreign language is a common requirement for firemen, police, teachers, and it’s even spread to the private sector. In San Antonio, it’s “Press 1 for Español, 2 for English.”

The number one reason why a country implodes is that of communication, and in our case we have two strikes against us: lack of information for many of the citizens and/or not being able to speak English. The information gap is obvious since there are still a few out there who believe that Obama was born in Hawaii. About the language thing: 22 years ago at a county airport in Florida they hired a Spanish-speaking electrician who claims he spoke no English, and so, for the past 22 years, they’ve had to hire an interpreter to accompany the Spanish-speaking/no-English electrician wherever he goes. And this is just one small department of one town in America. Not requiring government employees (and the employees of government subcontractors) to speak English costs us taxpayers many millions of dollars every year, surely a stupid and unnecessary waste of our money.

But, you guessed it:  it’s worse than we think. We all comprehend about the Southwestern (“America’s Palestine,” I kid you not; that‘s what they say) part of the US Hispanics’ (Aztlan) movement to go back to Mexico, to secede. Well, that’s a long shot, but there’s a force among us that’s really a snake in the grass which is being aided by our government and isn’t being reported in the mainstream media.

Want an example of our stupid government in action? Want to really know the truth about Janet Napolitano and her own personal Goon Squad (read Gestapo)? Okay, pay attention. After 9-11-2001, Little Georgie Bush announced to the world that we were going to Afghanistan to wipe out the al-Qaeda training camps. The terrorists hear that and decide they better get out before the billions of dollars of sophisticated ordinance drops from the sky, so they book flights to LA, Atlanta, Miami, O’Hare and JFK. Then they set up shop in locations all over America, from Maine to California, from Alaska to Florida, and these are the very same al-Qaeda people who were running camps in Afghanistan but are now running the same training camps here in the US.  Furthermore, our government knows about it and is okay with it. Think about that for a spell and then get back to me if you don’t get it. Write a comment.

I read on the internet about a new oxymoron: Muslim assimilation. These people are not coming to America for “religious freedom,” public education, to wear mini-skirts, or for a place to move where it’s against the law to honor-kill a wife or daughter. No, these Muslims are here to take over our country, to implement Sharia Law, to make America an Islamic State. And our government, which is supposed to protect us, is allowing millions of our enemy, Islamists, to invade our country. Islam is a political philosophy that is Totalitarian in nature and enforced by insanity (if you doubt me, click on the word “insanity”).


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