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by Sharon Rondeau

The long-form birth certificate image posted on the White House website has been reported to be a forgery, along with other documentation Obama has presented as identification

(Feb. 28, 2013) — An editorial writer at Breitbart has compiled a list of “journalists” who have opined that the email which Washington Post reporter Bob Woodward received from White House Economic Adviser Gene Sperling was not threatening in nature.

Sperling had “advised” Woodward to rethink his position on Obama’s having initiated the idea of the sequester and told Woodward that he would “regret” having reported that it was Obama’s creation.

Woodward and Carl Bernstein broke the story of Nixon’s bugging of the Watergate Hotel, where his political opponents were having their convention during the summer of 1972, when Nixon was running for re-election.

This morning two more journalists came forward to say that they have received similar threats by both telephone and email, one of whom was well-known Democrat operative Lanny Davis and his editor at The Washington Times.

White House Press Secretary Jay Carney had characterized Woodward’s depiction of Obama’s statements on the upcoming sequester as “willfully wrong” when Woodward claimed that Obama was responsible for including the concept of sequestration in the debt ceiling negotiations which culminated in a temporary spending agreement in the summer of 2011.

Davis told a radio station this morning that “the language” used with his editor “is very similar” to that which was contained in the email Woodward received from Sperling.

In early 2009, just after Obama took office, his communications director, Anita Dunn, bragged that the campaign had “controlled the media” and therefore the information given to the public.  Obama’s National Security Council spokesman, Tommy Vietor, allegedly learned from former White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs how to “yell at reporters when he disliked a story.”  The Post & Email broke the story on February 24 that although Obama’s National Security spokesman is leaving effective on Friday, only two major news outlets were reporting it.

While one Breitbart columnist does not include Josh Marshall of Talking Points Memo (TPM) in his list of journalists now attacking Woodward as the messenger, the author of the article including him, listed only as “Breitbart News,” does.  TPM is an openly-partisan, pro-Obama website which has reported extensively on the cases of Darren Wesley Huff and Walter Francis Fitzpatrick, III on their exposure of corruption in eastern Tennessee.  TPM incorrectly stated that Fitzpatrick was a member of the American Grand Jury, which is now offline, and misrepresented the reason Fitzpatrick had placed the acting grand jury foreman under citizen’s arrest on April 1, 2010.

TPM’s headline as of 2:04 p.m. EST reads, “No way official was threatening Woodward.”

In response to Woodward’s revelation, Marshall tweeted:

Why is Marshall raising the issue of Obama’s birthplace, birth certificate, or birth story?  Is he acknowledging that there are legitimate questions about the information the White House has released?

A congressman has determined that Obama supporters, possibly from Obama’s Organizing for America or the White House, are issuing tweets to make Obama’s gun-control agenda appear to be more popular than it is.  Rep. Steve Stockman has requested documentation from the White House to find “what, if any, fraudulent or deceptive tactics are being used.”

The White House controlled the major media last year when it “asked” that stories about Malia Obama’s vacation in Mexico be removed from the internet.

A Cold Case Posse from Maricopa County is continuing its investigation into Obama’s history after concluding that Obama’s long-form birth certificate posted on the White House website and his Selective Service registration form are “computer-generated forgeries.”  To date, no one in Congress has initiated an investigation of the claims.

A progressive group in Michigan did not respond to The Post & Email’s request for comment regarding the allegations about Obama’s documentation made by others.

Was this Kansas man intimidated into withdrawing his ballot challenge last fall?

This writer has had numerous death threats which have been reported to local police with no conclusions of the perpetrator(s) having been reached, although The Post & Email has an idea of who sent them.  On Thursday The Post & Email contacted two congressmen about the threats in light of the reports from Woodward, Davis, and Ron Fournier of National Journal, requesting a response as to whether or not an investigation can be launched into whether or not they, too, came from White House operatives.  We also asked if an investigation could be launched or is under way about Obama’s allegedly fraudulent documentation.

The Post & Email also contacted a U.S. senator’s office to inquire if he or she had ever been threatened by the White House after a public statement involving the Obama regime was quickly retracted.  The senator’s media representative took our contact information and said he would relay the message.

Atty. Orly Taitz has told The Post & Email that she will be meeting with a member of Congress next month to discuss her allegations against Obama of fraud, forgery, using a stolen Social Security number and a false identity, having publicly called for an investigation and brought multiple lawsuits and challenges to Obama’s eligibility and documentation.

In July 2010, Judge David O. Carter appeared willing and able to hearing Taitz’s challenge to Obama’s occupation of the White House but suddenly reversed course, stating that his court had no jurisdiction in late October of that year.

Was Carter threatened?  Was the U.S. senator?  Have multiple judges across the country been threatened?

And what about U.S. Supreme Court Chief Justice John G. Roberts, who reportedly was set to rule Obamacare unconstitutional and then “astoundingly” reversed course after receiving missives from the White House?  Aren’t there laws against “bullying?”

In August 2009, Joan Swirsky, writing for Canada Free Press, reported that “the reason for the media blackout about the birth-certificate issue was nothing less than organized Mafia-like dire threats to members of the media issued not only from the heads of major TV and radio stations but also from Federal Communication Commission officials!”

Even then, Swirsky questioned Obama’s identity, which now appears to be the central question.

Are Obama sycophants actually fearful that the truth about what the Obama regime has carried out against the United States of America will finally be reported by veteran, credible journalists?

As of press time, there are no answers forthcoming from anyone in Congress.

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  1. 2discern,you are correct about it being past perkins coie but many people haven’t even arrived that far understnding all this. Hillary is the main enabler with getting the muslims set up as “displaced minoriy status” so that they get full benefits as illegal mexicans that we are paying $160 billion for each year so democrats can gain voters.if you want to check out the real state of muslim madness see http://www.creepingsharia.wordpress.com -it’s much worse than you can imagine!

  2. Thanks for an excellent article. Forged instruments of eligibility is the Achilles Heel for which they have no truthful answer and if this is the central issue in any impeachment investigation this criminal enterprise will fall like a ton of rocks.

  3. The next hero in American history will be the journalist who stands. Being played as dupes for years only goes for so long. Those with a brain and a developing spine will finally say, “enough is enough”! I’ve had it with this lying usurper fraud. If one recognized reporter and one CONgress member actually do their job, the cards will fall. The smoke and mirrors will clear and the world will see the puppet putative prez in jail awaiting his treason sentence. Which is…

    Our country can make it without Saudi oil. We can do it on our own. The EPA can swallow crow and allow the safe drilling to commence.

  4. We only have to ask the question of when will dnc law firm perkins coi release bari shabazz’s papers from seattle and stop using taxpayer’s money to hide bari’s identity fraud!

    1. This is past Perkins- Coie. They also are middle players. Follow the money trail. Saudi oil dollars have secured the imminent sharia overthrow for AmeRiKa. Marxists are fools to think they can use muslim dominance for their political purposes.

      It will be amusing to see Michelle in a burqa along with Bernadine Dorne wearing one and the rest of of the liberals. Hilarious sight to see Maxine Waters, Diane Feinstein, Boxer in their burqas.