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by OPOVV, ©2013

Ft. Wint is located at the mouth of Subic Bay on Grande Island in the Philippines

(Feb. 25, 2013) — The trouble with unsubstantiated claims is that people will tend to discount previous and future reports out of ordinary, everyday experiences. Here’s a good for-instance: driving across Texas, little North of the Pecos River on a lonely two-lane highway in the middle of nowhere, close to sunset, seeing tarantulas and snakes warming themselves on the pavement is a common sight. I was heading east and cruising around at 35 mph, enjoying the drive and the tranquil scenery, meandering to avoid crushing any critter, when, up ahead on the right what looked like a tire was on the shoulder.  So I moved to the center and drove on by, not giving the dark object a second glance.  Having passed, I checked my rear-view mirror, out of habit, I suppose, and saw the “tire” scurry across the road. My mind was slow to decipher what I just saw:  Was it a GIANT SPIDER, or did the “tire” just walk across the road by itself, maybe moved by the turbulence of a passing 35-mph pickup truck? Suddenly, my leisure drive took on sinister applications and my attention level on the scenery decreased as my getting the heck out of there, safely, very safely, increased at a dramatic rate.

I’ve never told that story to anyone until now, when I was thinking of something that others may not have seen, or have seen, but just kept it to themselves, as airline pilots used to do in the 1950s in regard to UFOs. It turned out that many UFO reports were of seeing “sprites,” a phenomenon caused by lighting, but on top of the clouds, sometimes colored red, blue or orange. This wasn’t collaborated until we had astronauts circling the earth reporting and filming something that no human had previously seen.

So maybe, just maybe, some of those “Texas Tales” aren’t so outlandish after all.

For a couple of bucks, one could rent a boat to go water-skiing around Grande Island in Subic Bay, in the Northern Philippines, the Tijuana of the Orient (at least in the 1960s): Olongapo, clip joints on both sides of the street, three blocks long, interspaced with tattoo parlors and barber shops.

So off I went water-skiing, and about a third around the Island it got boring, so I started to jump the wake of the boat, going from side to side, and I thought I was doing really well when the boat picked up speed. Surely we were going faster so I could be airborne even longer when jumping the wake. Wow! This is fun! And look now, the spotter is pointing at me, and waving, and I wave back, while jumping a wake, waving while airborne.  How exciting can it get?

Believe me, a lot more. I was getting tired: stomach muscles were clamoring for a rest, so I got to the smooth water behind the boat.  But the spotter continued to jump up and down, waving his arms and pointing, pointing, so I looked behind me and there, about 15 feet away, was a shark’s fin.  Don’t ask me what kind; who cares?

So we had another 700 yards to go until we got back to the pier and the beach, and I was seeing my short life pass before me, eaten alive, fish bait. As we came around the corner, there were a few people on the dock, but suddenly the dock was packed with people pointing and waving at me. Well, as the boat flew by the dock at full speed, I let go of the rope and, rather than a triumphant landing, misjudged my speed, shot across the sand and landed face first when I hit the bank.

So when I say that Muslims are here in our country to shove Sharia Law down our throats, and our government is just letting it happen, no thanks to the usurper Obama, it’s not a “made-up” story. Trashing the Constitution is the latest game in town. Remember what Shakespeare wrote in Henry VI, Part 2, Act 4, Scene 2, but let’s change it from “lawyers” to “Judges” to bring the play up to date. Makes for more realistic reading, capice?



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  1. Glad you said it. Yep, we will soon be fish bait, if we give up our guns, although the Muslims and the Chinese would like nothing better than to see us disarmed just like the Muslim in our White House.

    I sit here scratching my head wondering why and when did we have to vote on Shari Law? For the P & E readers living in Florida you may want to know this:

    The Florida House Judiciary Committee voted on HB 351 – Application of Foreign Law in Certain Cases during the scheduled February 21, 2013 12:00 pm meeting. The vote was 11 – 2 in favor of the bill. The bill now moves for a vote by the full Florida House of Representatives.
    Representative Larry Metz’s sponsorship of HB 351 – Application of Foreign Law in Certain Cases.

    Then we have this in Texas: evidently crime pays, eh?!
    Prisoners collecting millions in unemployment while behind bars


    I’m sure you have read the letter written by the “Proud Democrat” to the Morehead City, NC’s Carteret County News-Times,


    Even Rush read the letter on the air.
    Rush Limbaugh reads ‘News-Times’ letter to the editor on air

    Read it and weep America.
    I cannot even wrap my brain around this kind of IGNORANCE and obscene stupidity!!!!!!!

    Along comes the illegals in NC complaining
    Illegals Complain About Driver’s License Format

    Have you noticed that the only people that gets mentioned with the MSM are Muslims being offended or are the Illegals complaining!?

    It no longer is “low information” voters, let’s call it what it really is “low intelligence” voters. I, for one am no longer politically correct.

    I have to wonder what Audie Murphy would say if he were alive today.

    Thanks, OPOVV, for giving me the opportunity to have my say.

    May Almighty God have mercy on us as we are surrounded by evil.

    1. Excellent comment, Sidesaddle.
      You nailed it when you wrote “we are surrounded by evil”.
      You know it, I know it, but millions of Americans remain in the dark, totally, about the road to Oblivion our country is embarking on.
      It’s too bad, but the first ones that’ll be sacrificed on the alter of ignorance and stupidity will be the Obots themselves, but by then it’ll be too late for them.
      I say we use them as human shields, it’s all they’re good for anyway.