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by Jeffrey Henderson

Erica Henderson and six of her seven children prior to their having been placed in foster care by the County of Los Angeles

(Feb. 25, 2013) — [Editor’s Note:  The following is a summary of the proceedings of last Thursday at the Edmund C. Edelman Children’s Court in Monterey Park, CA, regarding custody of seven children who were placed in foster care almost three years ago when the parents were falsely imprisoned.  Jeffrey and Erica Henderson have named DCFS Social Worker Eric Lorber and other Los Angeles County DCFS officials in a federal lawsuit which they are currently editing for resubmission at some point in the near future.

The names of supporters have been removed because of possible retaliation given that the Hendersons were followed by armed officers while inside and outside of the courthouse on another occasion.  Previous coverage of the Henderson case case be found here.]

I have to fast forward to what happened in court last week. I just got an email back from a reporter at a local news channel and a call from the post and email who has been covering this case. They are waiting for this update for coverage they are considering. Also, many of you who have lived through this with us for years have been waiting patiently. Thank you. I will continue the complete version of our story after this series of posts.

On Thursday 21, 2012 we were up early because sleep escapes us often these days. XXXXXXXXXXXXX took us to court as she has done time and again for almost a year now. We arrived with the news that XXXXXXXXX was already there with XXXXXXXXXXXXXX. We camped outside the court and added XXXX to our ranks and waited all day. Mind you we were supposed to have a trial at 8:30. As many of you who are following this case know, the attorneys forced upon us by the court swore that they would call these so called witnesses that have made the allegations against us. Of course that was all a lie. No witnesses where there and our attorneys asked us if we wanted to wait for them to show or start without them. This is the game that DCFS court plays with parents. They say you have a right to a trial, but their definition of a trial does not guarantee parents the ability to face the accusers. E and I tell our attorneys that we will wait. E’s attorney is visibly frustrated we believe because he has some work to do. E’s attorney has refused to communicate with E and so he has to put together his trial on the day of court. Only two of the six witnesses showed up and that was after lunch. Elizabeth bought lunch for the E and I, twice. We ended up waiting all day to be called. Here is the synopsis of what happened:

DCFS counsel asked for the court to waive her responsibility to put on her case. Our attorneys did not object. What that does is legally assume that everything in the report is truth. I wanted to object so bad, but of plan was to not cause anymore trouble and risk having our children being adopted out by these maniacs. E’s attorney called CSW Miriam Habibtzadek, DCFS counsel attempts to keep Lorber in the court to listen to the testimony of the other DCFS worker and Judge orders Lorber out of the court. This is a sneaky little trick by DCFS counsel in order to make sure that Lorber does not perjure himself. Habibtzadek begins to lie about E being a terrible mother even though her report stated that the visits that she monitored went very well. Even though the evidence showed clearly that the foster monster for the babies had brought Baby Elijah to one of the visits with bruises on his back and a burn on his face, Habibtzadek attempts to make it seem like E was the one who was responsible. DCFS is allowed to get away from being cross-examined by the corrupt judge. The judge ruled that since Habibtzadek didnt write the report, that she does not have to answer questions about it. This is ludicrous because Habibtzadek’s report was obviously not used on purpose. The report that was being used was written by a totally unknown social worker using Habibtzadek’s report. These social workers shield each other by writing reports about reports so no one is held accountable. When DCFS attorney questioned Habibtzadek she goes one to claim that E was negligent at one of the monitored visits because the kids were allowed to jump and splash in a bath. Habibtzadek also said that one time E was endangering the kids for placing a knife down on the table while making sandwiches. Habibtzadek admits that the kid didnt actually get the knife in his hands but that the kid went for it putting him in danger. Habibtzadek insinuated that the kids were in danger of physical harm from playing in the bath and reaching for a butter knife. Cheung, the attorney representing the children questioned Habibtzadek next. His focus was trying to get E’s attitude on the record concerning DCFS. Cheung makes the point that E was receptive to DCFS suggestions. He is trying to make E look like someone who could have the babies returned to her.

The social worker Eric Lorber takes the stand and is questioned by the attorney who was forced upon me by the court, Harris. Lorber lied when he said that I was not in counseling during the time he got the case, he lied when he said that he could not find a counselor that fit the court recommendation, and Lorber lied when he said that he didnt know why the children have not been sent to Starry in Texas. Lorber lied about the contents of the 730 evaluation referrals and tried to make me look like I had not tried to gain more counseling. Lorber stated that in his opinion E would not be able to protect the children if they were returned with Jeffrey in the home. Lorber ended his testimony with his biggest lie. Lorber said E did not have to leave Hope Gardens when she did.

As Lorber sat down, E was called to the stand but immediately the decision was made that there was not enough time and the judge admitted that the date had already been decided to return and finish the trial. All the testimony was obviously staged and set up to make E look like she is capable to get the kids returned to her and that the only reasons why they had not been returned to her already were her own doing. Keep in mind that this is all a charade to attack fathers in the effort to destroy families. The money from title four social security funds received by California for our kids runs out on April 25, 2013. DCFS only has one more hearing before they have to send the kids home or adopt them out. Legally, there are no grounds to adopt, so DCFS has to get the kids to E asap because if they dont, then they will have to start paying the massive bill that will be left when the federal money is no longer available. In short we are all just pawns in this sick play for the money stolen from seniors in the disguise as helping the children. Nothing we do can stop the kidnapping, and all we have control over is being able to get the kids back many months after they have been stolen.


Jeffrey Henderson provided the following summary of how he and his wife came to be arrested and the children scattered into four different foster homes:

Almost three years ago, on May 25, 2010, the Pasadena SWAT Team was called by the local slumlord to our loving home. My wife and I had just won a small lawsuit against the millionaire from Afghanistan who owns the property where we used to live. Knowing there are many successful entrepreneurs out there, I assume that some of you good people might wince at the fact that I sued my landlord. Keep in mind that in California we have laws that protect families from being subjected to uninhabitable conditions. Muhammad repeatedly refused to repair the heating in his apartment, and it was my duty as the father of little children to withhold the rent or repair and deduct. For more information on the case in point see: http://scholar.google.com/scholar_case?case=3179538080603208112&hl=en&as_sdt=2&as_vis=1&oi=scholarr After many hours of Internet research, filing, and court appearances, I succeeded in restoring the heat to our home. This loss made a certain powerful immigrant towel-headed b****** very angry. Muhammad retaliated by orchestrated a series of false claims, the final one being that I had slapped my daughter. Here is the video that shows the police response: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U4KP0xp7-30 After my wife and I made it clear that we would require the police follow the law and obtain a warrant, the CITY OF PASADENA brought in the negotiator. Here is that video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DejAYTom4v4 After the negotiator failed to trick us into giving up our G-d given right to privacy, they violated our rights and busted down the entrance door. Watch it come off the hinges here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KPuCzoZu5n0 Because the numbers of people who are coming online are increasing at an astronomical rate, and because the Internet is educating people to the truth of government incompetence and corruption, videos like these are removed from the Internet and are being released with dancing babies and talking cats in order to deliberately dumb you down and distract you. I have had to upload these several times. I recommend you download to your computer any video that you consider important using this site: keepvid DOT com. Facebook wont even let me paste this link because they hate our freedom.

Pasadena Police Unlawful Entry I

Pasadena Police admit that they have no warrant, no probable cause, and no exigent circumstances, bu…

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