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by Doretta Wildes, ©2013, blogging at DorettaWildes

(Feb. 22, 2013) — Is RFID human chipping in the NWO’s plans for 2013? I don’t think so. Draw a line through all of the following dots and come to your own conclusions. But I don’t think it will be on the agenda until after the Powers That Be provoke a civil war, confiscate the guns and manage an economic collapse. The NWO is a bit behind schedule re: chipping, perhaps thanks to the Internet. But they seem to be making great gains in the gun control/police state category.

If these devils possess a virtue, it is patience. Chipping is likely the tip of the capstone. Of course, I could be wrong.

Dot #1: A warning from Scripture. 

Revelation 13:16-17:

16 And he causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads:

17 And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name.

Dot #2: IBM and the Third Reich.

The Nazis tracked the Jews through Hollerith technology supplied by IBM. Primitive compared to current-day technology, Hollerith nevertheless made it possible for the Nazis to hunt down their Jewish victims and confiscate their property. What if the Nazis had had Microsoft and Apple at their disposal?

Dot #3: The bar code and “666.”

Walmart was one of the corporations that helped drive the bar code into the flesh of human commerce. But it wasn’t the first. That dubious honor went to Marsh supermarket in Ohio (1973). The above link provides a few facts about the bar code that are mostly insipid. But here is something: the UPC code developer for the ubiquitous multi-lined mark, George Laurer, admits to the famous 666 connection. Of course it’s just a coincidence, he says.

Dot #4: Walmart and the RFID chip.

The first to hype RFID (radio frequency identification) technology was, of course, Walmart. It demanded that 100 of its top suppliers tag their items this way. But it proved outrageously expensive for most of them. Bad for RFID; good for most people, right? Don’t be so sure: the technology is gaining ground. Companies like Gillette, Tesco, P&G and Walmart are using RFID in ways that are undetectable to most of us. Remember that not too long ago, computers were too expensive for “personal” use. Btw, it’s worth noting that a principal stakeholder in the VeriChip Corporation is IBM.

Dot #5: A warning from a US soldier.

This video, which appeared nine months ago by what appears to be a sincere, plain-Jane US soldier, warns of approaching martial law. She says that this will coincide with gun confiscation and a forced vaccination program. While that hasn’t happened (yet), most people have probably noticed how aggressively pharmacies have been promoting flu vaccines. It is happening in the corporate workplace, too, where they are pushing it hard and giving people discounts on health insurance if they take the shots. The soldier also points toward an RFID bracelet that will be used to enforce the vaccination program, and devotes the last several moments of the video to a photo of the alleged device and instructions for its use. Is this an authentic video? I think it may be. I would like to know what that symbol on her hat is all about, though.

Dot #6: An order for “no hesitation” shooting targets by the DHS, featuring pregnant women and other ordinary Americans.

This article, with an embedded video, tells the story behind a recent acquisition by the Dept. of Homeland Security of requested “no hesitation” targets from Law Enforcement Targets, Inc. The menacing order of targets features photos of pregnant women, an older woman in a bathrobe, an older rustic-looking gentleman, a young mother or babysitter, a teenage girl and a little boy. When Blaine Cooper, the interviewer in the video, asks Law Enforcement Targets why they would produce such items, he is told that they are specifically “requested law enforcement targets” to “train police officers.”

Question: What would happen if you were to order targets with depictions of police officers or US selected officials on them? You would probably be arrested as a terrorist.

This corresponds with the recent acquisition by the DHS of over 2 billion hollow point bullets, enough to conduct 130 years of target practice, based on previous DHS purchases. This is our money, folks. It looks as if it’s our lives, too.

Dot #7: A video that warns about the date March 22, 2013.

Although bumpy and elliptical, this well-meaning video links together some interesting facts, as well as some fiction:

  • It makes the obligatory connection between the recent rash of “tragendas” and gun control.
  • It points to Nudge, a book about changing the social environment to steer people’s life decisions by Obama Regulatory Czar Cass Robert Sunstein. (Sunstein is married to so-called anti-genocide crusader Samantha Powers who, together with Hillary Clinton, bravoed Obama’s bloody war against Libya.)
  • It showcases the Georgia Guide Stones, the center cluster of which was completed on March 22, 1980.
  • It spotlights the Skull & Bones symbol, which features the number “322″ beneath the skull.
  • It does some simple math: March 22, 2013 will be 33 years to the day that the ominous Guide Stones were erected. The number 33 is ‘sacred’ among Satan-worshiping Masonic leaders.
  • It connects this date to an event at the UN: The Arms Trade Treaty Conference slated for March 18-28, 2013. (Think global gun control.) I think this is what March 22, 2013 is all about, not the bullet that follows.
  • Finally, it points to the Obama health care act, noting that it contains language regarding a national registry and the use of “Class II” devices, which are devices containing RFID technology. (This likely refers to an older and more voluminous bill, HR 3200, which has since been replaced by HR 3962.) Thankfully, this is not true. If you compare the two bills (See PDFs below), you will see that the “national registry” and “Class II device” language, present in 3200, has been removed in 3962. See this link. The language in 3200 is so convoluted that it’s easy to understand why someone would interpret it as a mandate for human RFID chipping. It isn’t. And the fact is, the language is nowhere in the enacted bill.
  • PDFs for HR 3200 & 3962: BILLS-111hr3200ih
  • BILLS-111hr3962en

Dot #8: Meantime, back at the transhumanist ranch: the latest head trip.

It seems that the push to merge humanity with computers continues unabated.  In the above link, Paul Watson critiques Google glasses, a new technology for tempting humans to keep steady company with computers. It isn’t exactly a marriage—but it’s definitely a betrothal! Interesting that this gadget attaches directly to your noggin. What could be more obvious? It isn’t a chip, but you can see where this is going. If people’s heads are all wired up with these glasses while their thumbs are tapping away at an i-Phone—what’s the point of living on a real planet at all? You may as well be a robot, or dead. And that appears to be the whole point.

Dot #9: X marks the Beast.

A series of five videos that makes connections between Obama, Akhnaten and Biblical prophesy. Read or dismiss at your own risk.

In response to this, a friend writes:

“On the particular claims about the verse about lightning falling from heaven:

The whole stretch of speculation that what the Gospel reports Jesus saying in Greek is a report of something said in Hebrew (baraq w’bamaw) or Aramaic that sounded like “Barack Obama” is pretty stretched at best, and etymological analysis seems to show that this Hebrew phrase would have meant something like “lightning and high place”.  ”Lightning from heaven” would be more like baraq min ha-shemayim.  (A bamah is a “high place”, like the top of a hill, sometimes mentioned in reference to where some of the Canaanite rituals were held.  Shemayim is the word for “the heavens”.)

Moreover, the verse in Luke is part of a statement about Satan, and not a human antichrist.  Likewise, the verse from Isaiah is a reference to “Lucifer” in the Latin Vulgate, though the Hebrew (helel) means “morning star”.  It is evidently controversial among scholars whether Lucifer should be equated with the NT understanding of Satan, but as I understand it, this is the traditional Christian interpretation.  But if that is how we should interpret it, and Jesus is referring to this in Luke, we again need to view it as a reference to Satan, and not a human antichrist.

Some analysis at: http://www.christianpost.com/news/is-obama-the-antichrist-40392/

Additionally, I’m not sure why the videographer chose baraq rather than barak as the Hebrew/Aramaic cognate for “Barack”.  Barak is a verb that can mean “to bless” or “to kneel”.  Both are used as names in Semitic languages, meaning “Shining” or “Blessed”, respectively.  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Barak_(given_name)”

Dot #10: A judgment from Scripture.

If you read nothing else in this post, click on the link above, which pertains to the Scriptural judgment that follows.

Isaiah 9:9-11

All the people will know it—
Ephraim and the inhabitants of Samaria—
who say with pride
and arrogance of heart,
10 “The bricks have fallen down,
but we will rebuild with dressed stone;
the sycamores have been felled,
but we will replace them with cedars.”
11 But the Lord raises adversaries against them
and stirs up their enemies.

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  1. Cass Sunstein has left the Obama “administration” and gone back to Harvard.

    The biblical Phrase is “I saw Satan falling like lightning from a high place”.

    Aramaic, which Jesus spoke,is a form of Hebrew.