Welcome to the Twilight Zone


by OPOVV, ©2013

Franz Kafka’s writings were surreal and at times, grotesque. He has been called the “Dante of the 20th century.”  He burned most of his own work.

(Feb. 19, 2013) — Picture yourself on a planet, somewhere in the vast cosmos, circling a star. There are many species inhabiting this planet, and your species is adequately represented throughout its continents and islands. For all practical purposes, the difference between the races is minimal, and upon further examination all of the members of your species can trace their ancestry back to one female whom the anthropologists have named Lucy.

But even though everyone may look alike, with subtle variations as to the shading of the outer protective layer, a “soft shell” that we call the epidermis, and height, weight and fur (hair) coloring, they are not alike inside their respective brains. There are two distinct groups here: those who have the ability to reason, and those who adhere to a “collective thought” pattern, who are, therefore, fearful of those who have the ability to think for themselves.

Rather than celebrate innovative thought, reward thinking “out of the box,” and celebrate those who see something other than everyone else, those who can and do reason are derided, ridiculed, and have labels attributed to them with negative connotations such as “racist” and “bigot,” among others, thrown out as a curse, as a preventive band aid to stem the flow of reason, of common sense, and of the ability to determine Truth over Lies from gaining any sort of credibility.

Van Gogh saw the world in a special way,  but what makes his paintings really unique is that us so-called “sane” people can relate to him and can appreciate what we’re looking at. The same goes for an appreciation of Dostoevsky, a one-paragraph book report for any of his novels because he breaks the meaning of life down to its basics. Franz Kafka, on the other hand, exposed the mindset of the bureaucrat, of the whole “We Want to Rule Your Life” mentality, of the mindless mazes that the fearful people construct to achieve a warped sense of superiority over those with reason. Try getting your driver’s license in a $100,000 Porsche, failing, and going back the next day in a VW Bug and passing, if you don’t believe me.

So somewhere in the neighborhood of half the planet is run by fearful little minds, putting the square pegs into the square holes, from the day they’re born until the day they are dead. Color inside the lines: major penalties for going outside. Imagine being Albert Einstein, living in a world of intellectual midgets.  No wonder that he had such a good sense of humor.

And that’s where we are, on Earth, in the Year of Our Lord, 2013, with many of our fellow citizens failing to recognize the destruction of our country as it takes place right in front of them. Their lack of understanding may get us all killed; I mean, they still make fun and call Birthers names such as, well, “You’re not a Birther, are you?”

But it gets worse. Some idiot Colorado politician suggests women blow whistles or run to some hypothetical “safe zone” when confronted with an attacker rather than just shoot ’em. But this Colorado guy isn’t the only one out there with “Total Disconnect.”  There are also millions of Obots blindly following in his path, ready and willing to trash our Constitution and sell America down the road to the graveyard of Oblivion. Indeed, something to ponder.


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  1. Stephen Hiller   Wednesday, February 20, 2013 at 7:50 AM

    Hey, I live in Colorado … I won’t use pepper spray on a bear (who wants a pissed off bear?) … I don’t carry scissors around with me (Mama said not to)… and I usually leave my whistle at home.
    My “safe zone” is at the opposite end of the barrel of my gun.

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