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by Dr. Laurie Roth, ©2013

Dr. Laurie hosts a national radio show every weekday evening from 7:00-10:00 PST

(Feb. 19, 2013) — This week I dared to explore with one of my guests on air the Sandy Hook shooting and the conspiracies and questions that still surround it.  You can revisit all the conspiracies as listed on The Blaze and via Glenn Beck.  Make up your own mind.

At the very least, we have seen the progressive left and Obama use this disaster to push his gun control agenda as far forward as he can.  There is plenty of reason to believe that distortion occurs out of crisis.  Or, is it – Crisis occurs to create distortion?  One of my listeners was obviously not pleased that I even acknowledged what was out there regarding this event.

“The Sandy Hook shooting was not a stage event. You are a dumb *****  The Roth Show is on its last legs and I would not be surprised if **** buries your low-rated **** show very soon.  It’s time for you to hit another deer.”

Remember Rahm Emanuel, the Former Chief of Staff for Obama was famous for saying “You never want a serious crisis to go to waste.”  Now he is the mayor of Chicago and talking about a run for President.  Is it possible to have someone from the Gambino Crime family run for office?  At least they have Sicilian values and serve great Italian food before they shoot you.  With Obama employing at least 6 current members of the Islamic terrorist group – Muslim Brotherhood, the Mafia would be an improvement.

So far the gun furor by Obama and his minions is aimed at assault weapons and large ammo cartridges.  Progressive leftists are also attacking at the state level.  They are introducing and pushing bills to ban assault weapons and control everywhere they can.

In Washington, where I live, 3 liberal Senate Democrats introduced and passed a bill requiring all people who own an assault weapon to have their homes searched and inspected by the Sheriff once a year.  This has not passed the more conservative House yet and is already getting a ton of heat from Washingtonians.  As usual, the slimy leftists that passed this in the Senate are acting now like they will rewrite the bill and that the ‘forced’ Sheriff inspection part was a mistake….bla bla and bla.  Bottom line is that they got caught with their Communist gun control plan, only serving their extreme agenda and not the citizens. Now they are scared they might not get re- elected.  The House won’t pass it because it is largely controlled by conservatives, so there the Senate Democrats stand with their emotional pants down.

It is horrific to even imagine our Government would stage evil events to control people

Call it contrived and ‘tin helmet’ of me to even question the Sandy Hook shooting and other ‘mysterious’ shooting events.  The known facts are that Obama has been setting up systems, executive orders and laws to kill millions more babies, seniors and those who are imperfect and disabled.  This is all in the ‘assault weapon’ of the Obamacare health bill.

Obama and the progressives have set a system in place to completely crush the best health care system in the world, ration health care and force Government-approved health insurance on us so Obama can take literal control of our bank accounts and determine how long we live.

Obama isn’t ‘using’ a crisis in America; he is creating crisis after crisis to destroy, then redirect everything for his purpose.

This week Elizabeth Lee Vliet, M.D. exposed the chilling role of the IPAB – Independent Payment Advisory Board.  This is the ‘death panel’ that Sarah Palin talked about years ago.  It really is just that.  People are being cut off and are dying already in America.  The IPAB is a panel of UN-elected, government-appointed bureaucrats.  They hide behind the words ‘efficiency’ and ‘clinical effectiveness’ and talk about bending the cost curve downward.

Just one example of horror that didn’t make the national news:  One of Dr. Vliet’s 80-year-old patients said, “The pharmacist just told me that Medicare is no longer going to pay for my heart medicine because I am now too old.” His choice? Pay out of pocket or die.

National frontal assault against diabetic patients —  Dr. Vliet states:

“Recently, the government quietly directed Medicare to cut reimbursement for 4 million diabetic seniors by 66% and also reduced the number of companies that are allowed to supply blood sugar monitoring supplies from more than a thousand to 15.  Older patients are already being hurt by Obamacare reductions in Medicare services.”

We don’t even need to go to potentially contrived crisis events to be screaming in horror.  The IPAB is already denying 80-year-olds heart medicine and cutting much-needed diabetic care for seniors by 66%.  This represents just one disease and millions of people in need NOT getting care and in time.  How many other diseases will be on the list, especially affecting our parents that are cut 66% or more?  This is called murder and genocide in my book.

In Britain they already prevent doctors from offering top-level drugs for things like breast, stomach, lung and prostrate cancer.  Their socialized health care system denies drugs for common diseases like multiple sclerosis, rheumatoid arthritis and others.  Check it out for yourself.  We are quickly on our way to substandard care for the younger crowd and little to no care for our seniors.

People are mad at me for daring to ask questions about a shooting event when Obama is already lining up millions to die caught in the black widow spider’s web of health care death.

Don’t forget most of media long ago caved in and sold out to Obama and his takeover, progressive/communist agenda.  Question everything you hear or start studying Nazi Germany so you will know how the neighborhood will look soon.  Now is the time to rise up, stand up and fight.

Join me as we explore these and other issues each day:  www.therothshow.com

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  1. The People’s Republic of China is anything but a people’s republic.
    Democrats are anything but democratic. Liberals (who used to be called Democrats) are not very liberal. Progressives (who used to be called liberals) are against progress, except the progress of destruction. Give it the right label and people will join it … wolves in sheep clothing.

  2. Treason,perjury,election fraud,misprision of felony,murder,sabotage of america,identity fraud. Great story laurie,you always hit the nail on the head. All the criminals need to be prosecuted and hung in front of the whitehouse for all the world to see and as an example to other political criminals!

  3. I have a friend who also says the Mafia would do a better job running things because at least after they extort you for protection they follow through with what they’ve promised. In the case of Obamacare, we are being extorted and then left to die.

  4. Dear Fellow Patriot and former Fellow Presidential Candidate for the 2012 election,
    You are right on target.
    It’s like we’re back in the 1930’s Germany, and the takeover is textbook “How to Totally Destroy a Country the Nazi Way”.
    Well, they’re certainly doing it, from manufactured financial meltdown just prior to the 2008 election to everything since then, programmed crisis to weaken the US, day by day, item by item.
    The only trouble is, there’s no benevolent minded country out there to save us, as we saved those European countries after WWII. If we don’t save ourselves, rest assured that China or someone else will come on in and finish the job.
    Since Obama took over, the United States stands alone: we’ve no allies for we’ve become a leper among nations: no one can trust us since everyone knows Obama is nothing but an un-Constitutionally qualified government employee whose word is worthless.