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by OPOVV, ©2013

Russian novelist Vladimir Nabokov (1899-1977) spoke three languages fluently and composed chess problems and solutions

(Feb. 17, 2013) — The classic example of quality vs. quantity can be found in a soft drink battle that was waged in gas station vending machines across America during the 1950’s. Same price, but one choice was a full two ounces more, but less flavor. A dilemma, to be sure, for a ten-year-old. I settled for the real thing, while my fellow passenger used to gloat about the quantity, for after I downed my drink, he would, as a magician, suddenly produce a full two ounces of sugar water for me to (in his mind) envy.

I’ve never settled for second best. I’d rather have spaghetti once a week with real Parmesan than an Italian dish with some sort of mediocre Parmesan substitute more often. Same with tools. All it takes is one time for a tool to break and you end up with skinned knuckles to learn that lesson. Value for the money, although sometimes it can’t be helped. Bottom line? The financially smart people pay less to live than a poor person.

I seldom shop at a grocery store any more. I’m one of those guys who buys in bulk, a lot of bulk: I don’t buy just one paper towel; I buy 24 at one time. Hamburger meat? 6 lbs at one time. The initial cost is more, but in the long run it costs me less money to maintain and sustain my life by buying in bulk than item by item.

Quality vs. quantity, the age-old question. And the same applies to people, the quality part. If your circle of friends consists of barflies and DUI graduates, then you can’t expect much in quality conversations about Vladimir Nabokov, or, for that matter, Michener. But, somewhere along the line, we’ve reached a disconnect between what normally responsible and rational people accept in everyday life and what we’ve settled for in our politicians.

Arguably, the most incompetent politician of the times is Nancy Pelosi, the most unqualified member of the Administration is the Eric HolderJanet Napolitano combo, and the most not even closely qualified person in Washington, DC is the Cheap Suit we refer to as the de facto president, Barry Soetoro/Obama, aka Harrison J. Bounel.

Look at us: homosexuals and Muslims in our military, same-sex marriage, a National Debt that’s out of control, a monetary system (the Fed) that has been systematically stealing from us for 100 years and wants to for another 100 (if we’re so stupid to renew their charter), millions of our fellow citizens unemployed, while we have millions of illegal immigrants within our borders, not to mention millions of Muslims, not to mention the Chinese dumping their manufactured goods on our shores, items that we used to build.  All of these colossal problems have been caused by mediocre people that we’ve hired (and trusted) to work for us on our behalf, to make our lives better, safer, and of a higher quality of existence. And what do we get? Pelosi and Obama, people who I’d never have over to my house: I don’t allow gutter trash in my house.

I don’t allow people who’ve been caught in lies (Obama’s stolen Social Security number) in my living room. I don’t allow traitors (JCS) on my property. I don’t allow illegal immigrants on my street, or in my country, but Pelosi and Obama do. By Americans settling for mediocre representatives, we’ve no one to blame for the destruction of the Constitution but ourselves.  If that’s the case, as I believe it is, then we’ve no one to turn to fix our mistakes but ourselves, because to expect anything less would be the epitome of mediocrity.



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  1. This is a really good article OPOVV. You really have a way of putting things in such a way as to make it very easy, for anyone with a modicum of intelligence, to understand. Sometimes I wish I had that gift. Kudos.

    I have wondered at times over the last year or so if ignorance might really be bliss after all. At least for as long as things last – until the hammer finally comes down – and with what a boom it will be lowered! But, alas, I have to believe that ignorance really is NOT desirable and that it IS best to be informed – and thereby become prepared. At least as prepared as possible under whatever circumstances one might find oneself.

    The following is a response I actually wrote up for a different article in The Post & Email a little while ago, but which I decided not to post. Maybe I will post it here, since it is still on my clipboard:

    The U.S. federal government, legally known as “United States Government Incorporated”, is NOT the Constitutional government that most people think we have. We HAVE been taken over by a global cabal of corrupt ultra wealthy elite banker types. Alex Jones is correct in this. It would behoove people to listen to him because much of what he has been saying has come true. And he has accurately predicted many of these things simply by reading the elite’s own studies, reports and white papers, as well as listening to what they, themselves, actually say. None of this is truly hidden. It’s just that they KNOW people are too preoccupied, or should we say too gullible or even too stupid, to actually keep track of what they are doing. (Although there are a LOT of things they have been doing, assaulting our Constitutional freedoms, and way of life, on many fronts, for many decades, making it very difficult.)

    But the fact that those in high places talk as if things are one way, when in fact they are another, is proof of the duplicity of those who are orchestrating and the complicity of the many who are, at the very least, participating in the whole scheme.

    I pray to God that there are enough REAL Americans who know the truth of things (or who can be woken up to the truth) to put a stop to all of the chicanery, one way or another. Otherwise, we really ARE doomed and America will not ever again be the country most of us have thought it was.

    1. Dear TalkingMonkeyNOT,
      First, thank you for the compliment.
      Secondly, I’m afraid you hit the nail on the head when you brought up the facts about our monetary system and diminishing freedoms.
      Thirdly, I agree 100% of what you say and your conclusion, although, I, as you, certainly hope and pray that there’s enough of us to stem the tide, to plug the hole in the dike, to save our Constitution from those who are, in reality, ignorant to the point of treason.
      The courts have failed us, law enforcement, as a whole, have failed us, and the only recourse we have left to us is an armed conflict.
      The targets couldn’t identify themselves more than they already have: it’s like they’re walking around with a bull’s eye on their backs. We have a new class in America: the Government Class, people who care not for their country, any Oath, the Constitution, but will gladly follow illegal directives, suggestions, so called “orders”, for an inflated paycheck of devalued borrowed fiat money.
      Embrace the Second Amendment, it’s all we have left.
      Thanks for commenting.