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by OPOVV, ©2013

The Second Amendment to the Bill of Rights states that citizens have the right to bear arms in protection of their communities and the state

(Feb. 15, 2013) — Do you want to be safe, to live your life free of fear? Well, do you? Or do you want to ignore the signs along the way, read about yesterday’s kidnappings, rapes, robberies, murders, muggings, tortures on any front page of any newspaper in any town in America. Forget Chicago and Sandy Hook.  Face it: America is the Wild West, and that’s a fact. America is a dangerous place and it’s up to us adults to protect ourselves, but even more important it’s our duty to protect those who are unable to defend themselves:  our children, the injured, the sick, and those who are mentally or physically impaired.

Last year, I was a legally qualified presidential candidate, and I advocated that, in order to receive a high school diploma, students should be required to pass gun safety and marksmanship classes and upon graduation each female student should be given a handgun and a conceal-carry permit along with her diploma.

I also campaigned for the draft and that the weapons issued during training were to be the person’s responsibility at all times. Citizens were to be a part of the militia until an advanced age, at which time the weapon was turned in, a model loosely based on how the Swiss do it, but in my case it was men and women who shared the burden of defending our Republic.

I further stated that all teachers should be veterans, and that all school employees should open-carry, and that includes every teacher. An armed society is a polite society.

I also stated that the days of a “registered sex offender” were to be over, that those people would have been executed or spending their lives in prison, and NOT ONE out on the streets.

I also stated that I held my one and only political rally and advertised that the price of admission was to “show your gun.” The turnout was beyond my wildest expectations and EVERYONE was armed. Oh, I forgot to mention, besides presenting your gun at the gate you had to show that you had ammo.

When all else has failed, as it has (haven’t the courts turned their collective backs on the Constitution?), it’s the Second Amendment which will protect and preserve our Constitution. Be of sound mind and of good cheer, and that’s a lot easier to do with a gun in your hand. OPOVV’s stance on gun control is that you, the citizen, have the guns and are able to defend your country.  To think otherwise would leave yourself defenseless, something that Obama and his evil followers would like nothing better, to continue in the footsteps of Wounded Knee.


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    1. ps:”Only a fool will lay down his arms upon order of a politician, for only a politician bound for autocracy would attempt to disarm the people.” Thomas Jefferson =