Defend the Vote Deploys into the 2nd Congressional pb


from Sharon Meroni at Defend the Vote

(Feb. 14, 2013) —Defend the Vote has been working to develop a hands on and real-time security-based reporting system for elections.  This involves fraud reporting and security reporting.  We have our prototype ready to go and will begin deploying it tomorrow in the 2nd Congressional race in Illinois.

It’s new.  Time is short.  The impact unknown until we try!

With what we know, irregularities will happen.  We want to make reporting and following up easy.

Our investigations in November revealed serious security flaws in Suburban Cook County.  (The reports are almost complete) For instance, complete neglect of the rights of nursing home voters has been the status quo under Cook County Clerk David Orr.   Amazingly, even the Illinois State Board of Elections agrees with that!  (Did ya know, they actually agreed to supervise them….) And, our report on absentee voting will be out shortly….

So, the time is short, the product in prototype… but let’s venture into a race where a single vote could separate the winner from the losers.  This is the type of race where fraud is so tempting.

Where does election fraud take place?  Always at the point of access where the perp has motive and access which provides the opportunity.  The level of fraud committed is situational.

More on this tomorrow…

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