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February 12, 2013

The Fox News Channel was launched on October 7, 1996 and is owned by News Corporation

Dear Sir or Madam:

After its launch in 1996, Fox News quickly became the leader in cable news, far and above the “big three” news companies, employing high-quality investigative journalists and family-friendly programming and advertisements.

However, in recent years, your standards have fallen considerably to the point where you now present soft pornography as news with the apparent intent of desensitizing your audience to innuendo and partial nudity in your guests, topics of discussion and advertising.  What you purport to be news instead shamefully exploits women, children and the American people.

Your female anchors often dress as if they are attending a cocktail party instead of relaying what is happening in America each day.  Their attire demonstrates just how far your standards have fallen with short, tight skirts and outrageously low necklines which should never be acceptable in any business setting.

I had held out some hope for you after your reports on Benghazi showed signs of redeeming your libertine broadcasts, but your portrayal of women on “Fox & Friends” this morning made it clear that you are trying to sell the most sizzle for the almighty dollar.

Moreover, your failure to report on the lawsuits and citizen outcry on the documentation and identity of Barack Hussein Obama, a man who is most likely ineligible and using fraudulent documentation to hold the office of the president, is egregious beyond redemption.  I am sure you know about the law enforcement investigation under way by Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s office which declared Obama’s long-form birth certificate and Selective Service registration form to be fraudulent, yet you have withheld that information from the public.  Why?

Your “news” outlet also fails to report on the problem of massive corruption in America’s courts as innocent people are rotting in jails and prisons across the country.  Where are the investigative reports on local, systemic corruption such as what has been seen reported by my publication on eastern Tennessee, where people are brutalized by the police, incarcerated without due process, denied their constitutional rights and tried by Star Chamber juries?

What about an investigative series on the abuses and corruption within the Los Angeles County Department of Children and Family Services, which appears to be working against family reunification to serve a particular agenda?

If the public knew just how deep government corruption is, they would be absolutely shocked.  Instead, you and the other corporate media giants choose to put pornography and mindless drivel on the television screen which masquerades as news.

I am deeply offended by your portrayal of women as s*x objects and will no longer watch any programming on Fox News.  If I had small children, I would not allow them to watch it, either.

Swimsuit models and the cover of “Sports Illustrated” are not the news Americans need to know about, but rather, denigrate our culture further in keeping with the creeping socialist agenda which the Obama regime has ushered in.  You have virtually ignored it as our government, under a tyrannical dictator, continues to trample on people’s rights, usurp power and operate in secret, just as Hitler did in Germany during the 1930s.


Sharon Rondeau, Editor
The Post & Email
P.O. Box 195
Stafford Springs, CT  06076

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  1. Don’t they teach in college Journalism courses the evil of censorship? Liberals used to cry “CENSORSHIP” all the time with most of it no doubt unjustified. How can the reporting of “facts” be held by anybody (who cares about our country)to be a bad thing? I curse the lame stream media including Faux-news for deciding to censor facts about the status of the man in the oval office and what his administration is up to. Sharon you have an excellent paper please don’t ever stop reporting the truth!

  2. Welcome to the party Navy Pilot. I’m Navy also and have been on this for over 4 years behind LTCDR Fitzpatrick. Don’t waste your time on FOX, send 100 and you still won’t see anything. 6 & 7 figure salaries have obscured truth and involvement above a certain level, that’s how you keep a CIVILIAN job brother! I was at Whiting from 70 to 73 with 300 T-28’s roaring 24/7 churning out pilot’s like popcorn. That’s why they have “program directors, writers and screener’s. Try getting on ANY of the “talk” shows, if you try to get to any important truth, you will be cut from the show. I will guarantee if I call ANY of the great “talk shows” including Mark Levin, I wouldn’t get past the screener and if I brought up any subject to crush the monkey business, I would get the axe in a second. They make lots of money too, most have become millionaires pushing baloney just to the threshold and backing off to keep “the talking points going. A good technique but not everyone is that stupid to not see the smoked and mirrors. Are these people making money any better than the “politicians”? Maybe just a few steps down. Is that a free speech platform? Why are the screeners there in the first place? When you can make money on the problem, why would you want it to go away? Keep flyin’ brother! Go Navy!

  3. As I have reported before – I have sent many letters to Fox executives and all the talking heads with the summary of information. I have never received a reply. Their reporting only gets ‘worser and worser’. They are more culpable than the MSM because they dupe the public on purpose and do so only to get ratings with lies and distortions. I rate them with the administration and Congress – two levels below cockroaches.

    If Sharon gets a response I would be surprised. If anyone there tries to do the right thing they will be out of a job.

  4. Right-On Sharon, thank you for pointing out so clearly how worthless the MSM news reporting has become including Fox News. I haven’t watched O’Reilly since he made that stupid declaration about Barry Soetoro’s fraudulent BC. I once had hopes for Hannity who comes close but always ducks out on the real “news-of-the-day”, preferring to obtain the opinions of his Democrat buddies about nothingness – so I’ve totally given-up on him too now as well as Fox News in total. If America’s survival was dependent on good news reporting from the MSM then they have failed miserably, which is rather odd because their necks are on the block too. Thank God for you and The Post & Email.

  5. Fox and Friends had a whole segment on the new “Dancing with the Stars”. I was so totally disgusted and had the same exact comment “with everything going on they put this nonsense on”. Where the heck is the reporting on who is the person in the White House!

  6. Thank you, Sharon, for calling a spade a spade i.e. Faux News indeed.

    As you well know, I sent information to them about the Henderson’s fight for their children, and the corrupt DCPS in California…….not a peep from Faux News. Should prove interesting if they respond to your letter.

    Thank you for your electronic newspaper where we get the REAL news.