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by OPOVV, ©2013

Mohammad Reza was the Shah of Iran until the 1979 Revolution

(Feb. 12, 2013) — In a class on “How to Defeat Your Enemy,” the first chapter is on “let the enemy defeat itself,” followed by “disinformation,” disruption of trade and communications, attacking water supplies and transportation systems, and so forth. It is the first solution that I wish to direct my remarks to.

“Let the enemy defeat itself” is a ploy as old as the hills, and in modern times we’ve seen it in action during the Iran/Iraqi war which, not surprisingly, started over a water rights dispute. It was a bonanza time for the world’s arms manufacturers and dealers, supplying both sides at once, raking in hundred of millions, then billions of American Greenbacks, the accepted currency (then). Meanwhile, Old Man River just keeps on rolling along, and the borders between the two countries are as they were prior to the conflict.

And then we have the ongoing feud between the Sunnis and the Shiites, with everyone after the Kurds. Ain’t it great? Well, yes and no. For Israel, it’s been a godsend that the numerous factions of the Islamic world are fragmented, and it was looking to continue along the same path until the Russians had to stick their nose in the cesspool of the region, Afghanistan. Anyone with a mediocre understanding of macro politics shakes his head and says “What were the Russians thinking?”

And it wasn’t “the Russians’ Vietnam,” not by a long shot. The USSR was doing what it has always done: move in and then stay. The United States, on the other hand, has the opposite approach: move in and then move out. Couple Russia’s colossal misunderstanding of the Muslim mindset with the United States’ foreign policy philosophy (for example, the Shah of Iran), and you have two irresponsible parents begetting a child of the modern times, a spoiled brat, a teenager on a combination of crystal meth and adrenalin-driven hate: al Qaeda, PLO, Muslim Brotherhood, CAIR, Army of God, and so on, manifestations of Socialistic behavior goals that has never worked since man walked upright.

Which brings us to the present, or at least the time when the Russians stole the instruction manual on “How to build your own A-Bomb.”  It was a time when they were looking for a “Red” behind every corner, but they failed to look behind every desk. That’s right:  our schools became the breeding ground of indoctrination into the mindset of the American Communist, an Agnostic, a believer in nothing except where America has failed, and by extension, the “flawed” Constitution, a true heart-of-gold Nihilist: hate America because it’s what they were taught, but they were never taught to read between the lines.  They were never taught “The Classics” and shunned libraries so all our libraries are used for today is a DVD movie checkout center; limit five, please.

Americans against Americans, rational Americans against Obot Americans, Left Americans against Right Americans, an implosion by design, we’re doing the dirty work for the enemy, our common enemy, an enemy that we’ve financed through our inability to become energy self-sufficient: our very own petrol dollars have financed our own destruction, or attempted, because once they get our weapons, it’s all over.

Quick test:

1. Is Islam a religion or a political philosophy?

2. Is the enemy of the United States and Western Civilization Islam or are we at war with a few misunderstood radical Muslims?

3. Is there such an animal as a “moderate Muslim” and, if so, do they cut off the heads of their wives, daughters, cousins, and neighborhood women for “honor”?

Well, there you have it. Many Americans think there are just a few bad Muslims and fail to comprehend that it is Islam itself that is the enemy, at fault, the reason for the current insanity on our planet. Good God, people, we’ve enough natural disasters to confront us; who needs this “Jihad” nonsense? We better get it together.  Americans plus Americans can defeat our enemy; otherwise we’ll just be doing the groundwork for Obama and his minions.


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  1. An edifying site to read for information on this topic is Pam Geller’s ATLASSHRUGS blogspot.

    Daily it offers great insight into what America and the Civilized World arew facing.