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by Sharon Rondeau

Dr. Benjamin Carson was raised in poverty by a single mother and became one of the world’s most revered brain surgeons

(Feb. 9, 2013) — World-renowned pediatric neurosurgeon Dr. Benjamin Carson spoke at the National Prayer Breakfast on Thursday about the ideas and principles which he believes made America great.  In attendance were Barack Obama, his wife Michelle, and Joe Biden.

Being black and growing up in poverty did not stop Carson from pursuing excellence in the field of medicine, and he has performed hemispherectomies on children whose seizures have been determined to come from one side of the brain.

Carson made history when he separated twins conjoined at the cranium.  He specializes in the area of Trigeminal Neuralgia.

Dr. Carson was raised by a single mother with a third-grade education whose husband and father of her children had been a bigamist.

Rather than declaring herself a victim, Carson’s mother Sonya prayed for strength in raising her two boys alone and disciplined Ben to control his temper and succeed in school.  In his autobiography Gifted Hands, Carson wrote:

Our growing up without a father put a heavy burden on my mother.  She didn’t complain—at least not to us—and she didn’t feel sorry for herself.  She tried to carry the whole load, and somehow I understood what she was doing.  No matter how many hours she had to be away from us at work, I knew she was doing it for us.  That dedication and sacrifice made a profound impression on my life.

Having become Chief of Pediatric Neurosurgery at Johns Hopkins Medical Center at the age of 32, Carson is a recipient of the Presidential Medal of Freedom and more than 61 honorary doctorate degrees.

In an interview with Sean Hannity following his remarks at the prayer breakfast, Carson said that he always prays to God for guidance.  He quoted the Founding Fathers as having said, “Our nation will fundamentally change when people become so ignorant that they can be easily led.”

When Obama campaigned in 2008, he promised to “fundamentally transforming the United States of America.”  Obama has been described as “a friend” of the Communist Party USA.

Hannity asked Carson if he would consider running for president, to which Carson responded, “If the Lord grabbed me by the collar and made me do it, I would.”

Atty. Orly Taitz, who has filed numerous cases challenging Obama’s eligibility and identity, has called for Carson to run, stating, “Carson is a great role model for American youth, Obama is a criminal with forges IDs and a stolen SSN, kept in power by corrupt judges, congressmen and bureaucrats.”

White House Dossier noted that Obama appeared somnolent and downcast at the prayer breakfast until Dr. Carson spoke.

Carson opposes excessive federal spending and political correctness, as he believes it “keeps people from saying what they really believe.”  He quoted the Bible in speaking to Hannity about how both major political parties can contribute to ideas to make America better.

During his remarks, Dr. Carson mentioned that every child should be given “a birth certificate, an electronic medical record, and a health savings account,” which he believes would purge “death panels.”  He objected to the current taxation system and people’s hesitancy to speak openly about issues.

Carson is the author of numerous books on personal achievement and reclaiming American’s greatness based on her Judeo-Christian heritage.  In his books, Carson advocates reading books over watching television and to “never get too big for Him.”


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  1. I read Dr. Carson’s book, “Gifted Hands” years ago. I highly recommend it to everyone. This man is brilliant! I listened to his speech at the Prayer Breakfast and found myself nodding my head YES the entire time. He’s right about Washington/Congress needing more doctors and less lawyers.

    His subtle humor about his highlighted book reports, the lighthouse, and why the eagle has a right wing and left wing was in my humble opinion perfect.

    I pray Almighty God does grab him by the collar to run for POTUS in 2016….only party/ticket would definitely be The Integrity party.

  2. Sure hope the Dr. gets the chance to debate some blaming liberals on television. That would be entertaining. Hope to see the Dr. in 2016. He’d make a good Vice-Presidential running mate for Alan West.