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(Feb. 6, 2013) — New Jersey is facing a civil rights crisis of a magnitude not seen since the great struggle for Civil Rights by courageous leaders such as Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Today our sheriffs must decide whether to remain a constitutional office and a “check and balance” against an over-reaching government or go along with the President’s “disarming of America” and other attacks on our Bill of Rights.

Our Republic and our rights as citizens have endured for over 200 years but they are now being threatened with almost daily attacks on portions of our Bill of Rights – especially the 2nd Amendment. This has been tried before under President Clinton and was struck down. Yet despite that, vocal political party leaders supported by activist judges are re-interpreting our Rights to be whatever they deem them to be.

Paul Arisano of the Monmouth County Tea Party Coalition, expressed the beliefs of many when he said, “It’s not just about gun rights – it’s all of the sacred Bill of Rights. The first Ten Amendments when declared, were declared unalienable; never to be taken away. If you are not interested in being a gun owner, what about the rest of your rights (jury trial, illegal searches, speech, religious)?”

Frank Cott, Chairman of the NJ Tea Party Caucus’ Sheriff’s Project said, “Much of the media and progressives are blindly supporting agendas that at one time caused mainstream Democrats grief. Good NJ Democrat veterans/voters in many cases are forced to compromise moral and constitutional beliefs and unknowingly support a socialistic agenda – the very thing that many of them fought to protect us from. We are hoping that Democrats and Republicans recognize that politicians are using party labels to advance an agenda and fool citizens into supporting them. They are employing a “mob rule” idea over an idea that has worked for over 200 years.”

“Our country was formed to be a Constitutional Republic. The Founding Fathers despised Democracy calling it ‘Mob Rule’,” said Calvin Wortman of the Constitution Party of NJ.

We believe Mr. Wortman is correct, but when you have NJ Supreme Court Justice Barry Albin citing that our Founding Fathers created a Democracy, you quickly realize that our judicial and political parties no longer operate constitutionally, thus placing all of our rights in danger.

People vote for a county sheriff because he serves the common wealth of their county and he is not a department under the freeholders, state, governor or even the feds. A sheriff cannot be limited with statutes – although some states are getting away with this. Politicians that limit the sheriff’s office are telling citizens, “YOU HAVE NO RIGHTS.”

If a state or federal government can control a sheriff, a vital check and balance function that protects our rights is removed. Even SCOTUS agrees with the people (Printz v. U.S. 1997. See Scalia opinion). In 1996 the Clinton radicals tried to disarm us but were told it was unconstitutional (illegal or unlawful).

It’s time to engage and make sure our legislators know
they have no authority over the
Office of Sheriff
before we lose this protection unlawfully. 

The state of Delaware ignored its citizens’ rights and tried to redefine the sheriffs who are not following state and federal gun confiscation orders. These legislators support women and gay rights, yet ignore the Constitution that protects all citizens. In Delaware, it appears that Beau Biden (Vice President Joe Biden’s son) has no respect for his constituents’ rights and is unlawfully changing the state laws/constitution without citizen approval. This is a clear example of a violation of the check and balances and government abuse that reinforces the need for sheriffs and a constitutional office – not beholding to any political party or legislator.

We hope that governors, especially ours, realize that our counties along with the sheriffs are truly what keeps Americans free from abusive centralized government and ideologues.

People need to ask their sheriff, “Will you stand with the Bill of Rights?” People need to ask their state legislators and politicians, “Will you stand with the people and their sheriffs?”

Contact: Frank Cott:

The following groups are united in this message:
The statewide NJ Tea Party Caucus
Citizens for Freedom,
East NJ Tea Party
Jersey Shore Tea Party Patriots
The Monmouth County Tea Party Coalition
TPATH -Tea Party Advocacy Tracking Hub

TPATH wishes to thank all those groups listed above for their tireless and selfless efforts to save and protect our liberty.  With a very special mention of Mr. Frank Cott and RoseAnn Salinitri.

Please pass this press release on to any patriotic group or person you believe will join this effort.  If you represent a group, please feel free to ad your groups name to the list above.

Special note:  While this project is being initiated in New Jersey, this is a country wide concern and effort. For questions and more information please contact Mr. Frank  Cott   EMAIL FRANK HERE


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  1. Stephen Hiller   Wednesday, February 6, 2013 at 9:07 AM

    Thank the Good Lord, my Sheriff’s Department is by far the best in my state, possibly in the nation … I’ve seen it from both sides of the law.

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