Dear Leader: Please Just Leave Me Alone.


by Doretta Wildes, ©2013, blogging at DorettaWildes

(Jan. 30, 2013) — In this National Geographic film about North Korea, you can witness the horrendous spiritual, mental and physical bondage in which North Koreans live. Brainwashed beyond reaching, the poor people of this country genuflect to a politician/god whom they refer to as their “Dear Leader” (in this case, the deceased Kim Jong Il, in whose place his equally abhorrent son, Kim Jong Un, now sits).

After a generous surgeon from Nepal performs a thousand cataract eye surgeries on victims of the regime, whose blindness is due largely to malnutrition, those with restored sight can do nothing but grovel to the “Dear Leader,” praising him for his “generosity” and vowing to remain in thrall for generations. Personally, I would rather be dead, but one can’t make personal decisions in NK. If you don’t fall in line behind the regime, they imprison, torture and kill your family by harsh work and starvation.

The Jongs remind me of the Goo-ah-oolds in the Stargate series, except that most of the latter were better-looking if you don’t count the tapeworms. Being a narcissistic egomaniacal mind-predator isn’t for the soft-hearted.

Unfortunately, it isn’t difficult for me to picture our own “dear leader” taking on the monstrous proportions of a Jong. I can see it now: That famous upturned gob framed and hanging on every wall. Obamaphone receivers and liberal lackeys prostrating themselves before his Likeness. Electrical fences and drones keeping the faithful in their place, while independent thinkers are locked down in re-education camps and salt mines. On and on it goes for generations until people are born with scales over their eyes. And by then, they would mourn the loss of their vision only because they can no longer “see” their Dear Leader. And it wouldn’t matter if the scales were removed from their eyes. Because the scales would still blind their spirit.

Please, if you still think that the second amendment is an anachronism from an outworn, faded document, watch this film. With Jong’s nuclear arsenal, North Korea is scarier than ever. But what makes this film even scarier are the delusions of a broken, disarmed, eyeless populace.

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