America’s News Media: Shameless Beyond Words


by Dwight Kehoe, ©2013, blogging at TPath

(Jan. 29, 2013) — If anyone had any doubt that the journalists and the so called main stream media that employ them, have lost all remnants of professionalism, these past few weeks will have “gaveled” that case closed.

To understand that the Founding Fathers gave these people special rights and protections in order to ensure they had the freedom to pursue the truth and keep the people informed, and now to see what they have done with that privilege, is beyond disgusting.  Each and every one of them should be ashamed.  But alas, shame is derived from pride and character.  No one in the media has either.

Many of you living in that cesspool of crooked politicians and politics, known as New Jersey, are aware of all the financial shenanigans and investigations surrounding our Communist Import, Senator Menendez.

The mainstream media has found no reason to report or investigate any of the past allegations against him and in fact have done everything possible to keep any of this information from the voters.  Now, the latest, we find that our Senator, one who has espoused and marched for the Equal Rights Amendment for women, has been under investigation for several months relating to his sexual escapades involving under-aged girls down in South America.

And its very likely he has been carrying on down there using taxpayer money or illegal donations.

How does this involve the media?   Well, many months  prior to the November elections this information was known to them.  But they decided that the citizens of New Jersey should go into the voting booth and elect a man who probably should be sitting in jail, not the Senate.  Why? Well, because he’s a Democrat.

Now, the story is so big, the election is over, and they successfully kept a Republican out of office, it has finally broken and they were forced to report it.  So, naturally when ABC News garnered a one on one interview with the frisky Senator, at least now the citizens would get to hear him explain his nefarious deeds.  Really?

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  1. Bob1939   Tuesday, January 29, 2013 at 9:17 PM

    You see it Dwight, I see it plain as day, why doesn’t America see it and fix these problems? More than half of Congress should be in jail for high treason and for letting this all happen. Barry Soetoro should be in GITMO already for treason and as a foreign combatant. So many American deaths for freedom fought around the world and yet we are like babbling, sissy infants when it comes to standing up for our own freedom in the here and NOW. Let’s get GOD back into our lives and then we will be able to start thinking straight again, as did our forefathers. There was a time when traitors were executed for what is now happening in America. We have all lost our direction. Great article Dwight!

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