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by Alan Bates, MD, ©2013, blogging at Gulf1

(Jan. 27, 2013) — Barry Soetoro, Indonesian immigrant with lifelong anti-American ties who has systematically hidden his birth and educational records, and habitually violated America’s rule of law and our Constitution, was again (but barely) catapulted to the highest office of the once freest nation on Earth by low-information voters, socialists who still carry a guilt complex about now remedied civil rights issues of two generations ago, and wealthy socialist elites who essentially bought Obama the election.  Barry ‘Obama’ clearly articulated in his second inaugural speech that those who oppose his principles of a totalitarian state must move to his way of thinking.  He made it clear that America will be now be subject to ‘Obama unleashed’ in order to complete his ‘transformation of America’.  Obama symbolically synchronized the date of his inauguration to Martin Luther King Day, but paradoxically, Barack Obama’s narcissism, Islamic favoritism, and tyrannical goals are quite the opposite of Dr. King’s attributes.  Simply put, Obama is a divider rather than a unifier, for that is the only way to achieve his goal of tyranny.  Shortly after his inauguration,  Obama issued 23  ‘executive’ orders on  gun control which on the surface appear innocuous, but on closer analysis impose  unconstitutional mechanisms to achieve the Left’s goal of firearm confiscation en route to a totalitarian state.  Constitutional lawyer Michael Connelly analyzed these ‘gun control’ orders and found that the devil is in the details (no pun intended):

Let us summarize what freedom-loving Americans know about the Left:

1.    Since the 1960s, the Left consisting mostly of socialists, Marxists and communists, have dreamed of destroying the American republic.  They are funded by wealthy socialist elites such as George Soros and NY Mayor Michael Bloomberg, mouthpieces like Warren Buffett,  and corporate executives like Jeffrey Immelt of GE who receive huge financial favors  in return for supporting the current Marxist administration.

2.    The Left over the past 4 decades has infiltrated our public education system in order to brainwash our children to believe their supposedly noble totalitarian objective which emphasizes confiscation and redistribution of wealth, while diverting attention from their real objective of population subservience to Fedzilla.

3.    This confiscation and redistribution of wealth is intended to line the pockets of  Left-wing elites—greedy bastards whose other objective is total control of the people.  Remember that greed and power corrupt!

4.    The Left knows that the ONLY remaining free people who can resist their goals are Americans because we can fight them—at the polls, in the courts and with the firepower if necessary.

5.    Thus, the Left has corrupted our elections and appointed Left-leaning judges to our courts. The Administration committed high crimes by  gunrunning to Mexican drug cartels and weaponizing Al Qaeda in Egypt, Libya, and Syria, both of which resulted in needless loss of American and Mexican lives.  Now the Obama administration is arming the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt with 20 F-16 fighter jets and 200 battle tanks—the same group whose ultimate goal is to eradicate Israel and our own Judeo-Christian nation!  This is the definition of treason.

6.    To brainwash ‘low-information’ Americans, the Left through the socialist network media selectively targets real incidents such as occasional mass shootings (especially of children) to convince viewers that ownership of firearms is ‘evil’, when the facts demonstrate no relationship whatsoever between such incidents and the ownership of firearms of ANY type by law-abiding Americans.  While lying is one thing,  hypocrisy is another tool of the Left—defending the murder of more than 1.2 million babies through abortion since 2009-2011.  The two-faced  Left’s primary goal is to destroy OUR Second Amendment rights which specifically allow Americans to keep and bear arms to defend against the tyranny which they seek to impose upon us.  Believe it!

Now  here are facts omitted by the Left (many of which were discussed in my last referenced commentary):

1.    Murder rates nationwide have dropped 52% over the past 20 years and violent crimes have declined for the past 18 of 20 years by 49% to a 41-year low (FBI stats),  synchronous with states adopting  ‘right to carry’ laws which give law-abiding citizens the right to carry a firearm for self-defense (41 states so far).

2.    They omit the fact that the highest murder rates occur in ‘gun free’ zones such as Chicago where only criminals have guns.

3.    They omit the fact that the Columbine school massacre occurred during an ‘assault’ weapons ban and that the perpetrators were severely mentally disturbed, and that mass killings occur with some regularity in ‘gun-free’ nations.

4.    They omit the fact that 65,000 Americans used a firearm to defend themselves from harm during the month following the Newtown, CT school shooting.

5.    They omit the fact that more Americans die from kicking with hands and feet and even from hammers than they do from guns.

6.    They won’t tell you that to defend your family against a home invasion which usually is committed by multiple subjects armed with firepower including AUTO rifles (usually stolen), one needs to meet force with an equal and opposite force if possible—which includes semiautomatic handguns, rifles or shotguns.  This may include AR and AK semiauto rifles which are less damaging than many other hunting rifles but carry more rounds so that victims do not have to reload frequently while becoming vulnerable to their attackers.

7.    In summary, there is no connection between preventing law-abiding citizens from owning firearms and prevention of mass killings which may occur with any type weapon by mentally deranged persons.  But the secular regressive Left wants less educated Americans to believe there is!

Opportunistic Leftist politicians are now emerging from the woodwork to commit oppressive laws such as happened week before last when the New York legislature without so much as public or legislative committee hearings banned ownership of most guns by law-abiding citizens (does not apply to criminals!).  This followed the website publication by a Leftist New York newspaper of the list of names and addresses of law-abiding citizens who own firearms, without regard to invasion of privacy rights and the potential targeting of these citizens by criminal elements.  Even today we learn that a 5th grade student in Philadelphia was scolded and searched by a school administrator for bringing a piece of paper shaped like a gun to class.  A classmate reportedly saw the paper drawing and reported her to administrators.  This would be humorous if not true.  This is classic abusive behavior by the Left which has traded logic for hysteria and prioritized persecution of law-abiding citizens including our children instead of enforcing currently unenforced gun laws or apprehending and locking up criminals who too frequently are released back into society only to commit more crimes.

The Left will not destroy our freedoms if American patriots act—but that must occur now.  Once freedom is lost, it may be never regained.  Any legislator, governor or president who attempts to do so must be removed from office by whatever manner is required and provided in accordance with our Constitution.  It is the responsibility of EVERY American who values their liberties endowed by our Creator and guaranteed by our Constitution to call AND write your legislators in Washington, your state legislators, your Governor and even your county sheriff.  If you are not willing to assert your right to expression your voice will not be heard.   Tell them that you will not tolerate destruction of our liberties by the radical Left.  Message to New Yorkers and Californians who wish to escape the tyranny of excessive taxation, gun control, and dietary micromanagement (by the likes of Mayor Bloomberg):  you are welcome to low-tax,  financially solvent, liberty-conscious states elsewhere within our borders.

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  1. There must not be an exodus of Americans from non “Liberty Conscious States” to freer States. All (50) States are ours. We must not give Tyrants an inch of it. One Example is the Zone of Danger on the Souther Border. There are actually posted signs that instructing Americans that the Area is a No Man’s land,occupied by dangerous drug lords and smugglers. That is American Territory. Get the Army down there and take it back.Deport illegal aliens, They don’t belong here.

    There is a Battle for Rights in the “Non Liberty Conscious States”. I live in one,New York State. It is a bastion of Leftists,Rinos and AINOs. Though I have considered moving to Texas or another “Liberty Conscious State”,I won’t.It in my State of New York,among others, where the infringements are happening. “We the People” must stay put in order to offer resistance.

  2. Thank you, Dr. Bates.

    Please allow me to quote a perfectly expressed Tweet I received.

    “Pardon me if I don’t give a damn what supporters of partial-birth abortion have to say about ‘protecting children.’