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(Jan. 24, 2013) — No self-respecting deer hunter is going to use an AR15 or any other semi-automatic weapon to bring home the bacon. The 30-06/30-30 has probably been responsible for more dead deer in America than any other caliber, with the lever action leading the pack. What I’m saying is that the Second Amendment has nothing whatsoever to do about killing Bambi’s parents or a Razorback Hog but has everything to do with killing the people who would dare overthrow the Constitution and with it, our country.

Handheld weapons aren’t for killing squirrels; that’s what the .22 rifle is for. Revolvers and pistols are your “personal protection” weapons, affording a degree of safety from all the mentally challenged individuals who can’t mind their own business.

A shotgun is another one of those weapons that wouldn’t do for hunting, unless you like birds, but is one great home defense weapon. I used to live in Florida and, after a hurricane, just sat on my front porch with my shotgun in my lap. I must say, while the rest of my neighbors were skittish and jumpy, I remained calm.

It really irks me when a coward/information challenged individual compares the Second Amendment with hunting, because it’s all about the Constitution, nothing else. It’s the Obots who don’t “Get It,” who toe the “Party Line,” who bring in “deer” and “law enforcement” and the “quick response” of the “police.”

Really now, it doesn’t make any difference if the clip holds 10 rounds, 20, 30, or more, because any self-respecting shooter is able to change clips in a fraction of a second anyway. I’ll take accuracy over speed anytime, and a good example of that is at the beginning of Gunsmoke where Marshall Dillon fires second but his one shot counts. Even if we don’t see it, we know his adversary is dead, probably shot between the eyes, so Dillon need not concern himself over a “dying shot.”

You shooters out there, take some advice from a guy who knows the score: save your ammo and make every shot count. Acquire good shooting habits: safety, cleaning and fast loading your weapon. Go to the range as often as possible, and don’t waste your time on fancy bullets; just learn to shoot accurately, with either hand.

No, the Second Amendment is about Tyranny and personal safety, which, when you think about it, is the same thing. EVERYONE should be required to own as many weapons as he can afford, and it’s just too bad we all don’t all have our own tanks, too.

Hey, you Obots who want to overthrow the Second Amendment, maybe you ought to start thinking that YOU’RE THE DEER!






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