Gun Control = People Control: The Facts for Your Legislators (Contact Them)


by Alan Bates, MD, from Gulf1

The American Revolution was fought over what was perceived as an overly oppressive British government

(Jan. 14, 2013) — Did you know that violent crimes are three times higher in Great Britain than in the US despite the British government imposing a ban on gun ownership by private citizens? That violent crime in the US is down 50% since 1992, and violent crimes with firearms are down since the so-called ‘assault weapons’ ban expired?  ‘Assault weapons’ is a misnomer deliberately created by the Left to assert their totalitarian government agenda which requires gun control to succeed;  that ban utterly failed to curb gun violence including mass killings for the ten years it was in existence.  Why is gun violence down over the past twenty five years,  and why is the United States near the bottom of the international list of  violent crime rates?  The ONLY thing that happened since then is the pervasiveness of concealed carry permits which began in Florida in 1987 and spread throughout the majority of  the country except for such venues as DC, Chicago, and New York, where violent crime has NOT dropped in such ‘gun free’ zones because criminals know they can prevail with their usually stolen firearms.  The proof  is contained in data from the FBI Uniform Crime statistics,  the link to which I included in a prior commentary on this topic (see footnotes).  Did you know there are more deaths in America with objects such as human hands and feet and even hammers than with firearms?  The whole issue of violence has been around forever and will not go away except in the mind of utopians!  And rational solutions do not include disarming law-abiding citizens.

The anti-gun Left mislabels semiautomatic rifles such as the AR-15 and AK-47 which LOOK like military automatic rifles as ‘ASSAULT WEAPONS’ which is a completely erroneous and ridiculous assertion, and just a socialist ploy to infringe the Second Amendment.  In south/central Florida, along the US southern border, and in certain other high crime urban areas of the nation where home invasions occur with some frequency, the only defense a law-abiding citizen has is to be trained and counter such threats with rifles, handguns, and shotguns which have magazines that hold many rounds (one person may be defending him/herself against many armed criminals).  Police officers will tell you that dialing 911 will frequently just bring them out to investigate the death of innocent citizens!  Get it?

The entire issue should not be about gun control (confiscation of firearms) which has always been the Left’s strategy to achieve tyranny over the American people, but about identifying and dealing with those individuals who are potentially dangerous to society (known felons and the unstable mentally ill), providing appropriate security measures at public institutions including our schools and shopping malls, many of which already have such measures in place, and allowing trained private citizens to carry firearms for the defense of themselves or others.  It is in the Left’s  ‘gun-free zones’ where most mass shootings occur, but those on the Left argue from their utopian emotions and not common sense, reason or historical data which are readily available.  Encroachment on law-abiding citizens’ rights to own guns including semiautomatic rifles and handguns with ample magazines would be an infringement on our Second Amendment rights and actually empower criminals, predictably with an increase in violent crime rates against law-abiding citizens such as has happened in other industrialized nations which have revoked their citizens’ rights to ownership of firearms, not to mention their ability to remove through force a tyrannical government.  The latter is THE basic reason our Constitution empowers citizens with the right to own and bear arms.  Don’t forget that!

Infringement on the Second Amendment will result in massive challenges from law-abiding gunowners, as well as unelection of those in Congress and the Administration who attempt to infringe that right (that happened to Democrats in the House after the assault weapons ban 18 yrs ago).   History has shown repeatedly that firearms confiscation may begin with federal registration to identify gunowners and ends in tyranny.  Gun registration is subject to privacy laws in as many as 24 states and should not be violated as has recently occurred through a newspaper in New York State.  The Left should get real about rational approaches to reduction of violent crime which must address their own ideology of enslavement of the People by Fedzilla, which is largely responsible for the decline of the family unit which historically instills moral character and respect for others. The Left has instead promoted egocentric,  ‘anything goes’ and ‘feel good’ generations of kids.  That diverts our kids from recognizing what Fedzilla is doing to them—eviscerating them of their liberties.  The instillation of virtue and morality are THE chief issues which must be addressed but which the Left chooses to conveniently ignore since it goes against their totalitarian objectives.

I encourage all readers and their contacts to send letters or place phone calls to their legislators with emphasis on the above information.



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