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by M. Sidney Wallace, ©2013, blogging at Gulf1

(Jan. 14, 2013) — Rahm Emanuel stated at the very beginning of the dysfunctional Obama administration, “You never want a serious crisis to go to waste….”  Ever since those cold gray days in January of 2009, the people of the United States have watched one crisis after another being manufactured in Washington, DC.

Obama and his socialist clique know full well that they could never get the people of America to accept their totalitarian dictatorship if they took the time to look at the facts of the issue.  Obama  understands that if he can:

1.    Create a crisis out of a problem. (It does not matter if the problem is local or national)

2.    Blame the Congress for not nationalizing the problem.

3.    Employ the national media to whip up the emotions of the illiterate masses.

With these three simple steps complete, Obama now can criticize and blame the Congress for the crisis.  He starts beating his jungle drums and his media lackeys start to disparage the Congress for not doing something immediately without thoughtful consideration of all the facts.  Have  you noticed that the perception of Congress is as low as it has ever been simply for doing their job?

Over the past several decades, the foundations have been established by the national teachers’ unions to turn out students with no understanding of how the American legislative system was designed to function.  When the legislature is allowed to function as designed, we the people benefit.  When the legislature is neutered by the executive branch and the national media then we the people are disenfranchised and lose.  Laws can work only when based on fact.   Laws can fail only when based on emotion.

Now let’s get back to the Double Click Security System.  I am not saying that I own or possess a firearm of any kind.  That is of no business to anyone but me.  At the same time, if you come toward me in a menacing manner you most likely will hear a click as my Double Click Security System is activated.  If you stop and leave me alone then we will pass like two ships in the night.  However, if you continue to come toward me then you might temporarily feel a “ slight” burning sensation, but the second click will not be heard.

The tragedy at the elementary school in Connecticut was truly regrettable.  It made the front page of all the newspapers and prime-time television broadcasts.  My question is, why do the nightly murders in Los Angeles, Chicago, and New York which are equal to or greater than the Connecticut numbers not get the same outcry in the media?  All three areas have similar gun prohibition laws. Could it be that these cities are ruled by socialist party bosses that hold immunity because of their party affiliation?

For me I will stick with my Double Click Security System.  If you wish to help me test it sometime, please stop by some night and don’t bother to knock first before entering my home.

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