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by OPOVV, ©2013

If Obama can pass off a fraudulent birth certificate as authentic, is there any rule of law left in America?

(Jan. 13, 2013) — After these senseless mass murders of complete strangers, all we’ve been hearing are so-called experts telling us of the breakdown of the morals in America, as if we didn’t know. The old saying “Garbage in, garbage out” has been around, in one form or another, since one teenager went behind his parents’ back and ran with the wrong crowd.  Maybe it was the gang that smoked their Dad’s cigarettes or drank a beer on a Saturday night at the drive-in motion picture show.

There are many signs out there for our young people to see and, no doubt, become affected by. For instance, just look to our nation’s capital to see grand theft on a grand scale, the world’s perfect example on how not to budget and how to cheat and lie with no repercussions.

Grade school kids have figured out that the world is at war with Islam and that Islam is a political philosophy and not just a “religion,” that there’s no such thing as a “moderate” Muslim, and that there’s no “honor” in “honor killings,” yet our Generals in Afghanistan still haven’t a clue who and what the enemy is, just plugging along and racking up the number of American military killed on their watch, each one changing the Rules of Engagement to the point where if a soldier kills a Muslim while protecting himself and his buddies, the soldier faces a prison term back in the States.

So the double-speak, double-talk, and double-dealing by us adults are in full public view of our impressionable kids. The kids see that defying the law, as in not producing a Birth Certificate, is okay, and if Obama can lie and get away with it, why can’t they?

They see the law being flagrantly broken in broad daylight:  heck, what do you think the TSA goons are doing at the airports, if not flaunting unconstitutional behavior by targeting US citizens and letting Muslims in burqas walk by without nary a glance, let alone a search? The Russians paid a high price for such irrational behavior.

But it’s the breakdown of “self-awareness” and “self-respect” that is the most rampant and visual clue of the breakdown in morals in this country. It used to be men would wear a tie to a ball game. When people went to the airport they wore their Sunday best; now look. People don’t care how they look, and nothing proclaims that as much as the tattoo.

Once upon a time only sailors had tattoos, and only visible when they weren’t wearing their Dress Blues. Then people who spent time in “The Big House” (State prisons) also got tattoos. And then women started getting “body art.” Like a Model ‘T’, any color as long as it was black, but now we see reds, greens, orange and every color of the rainbow, and not in places that can be easily concealed: they’re on the hands and neck these days, visible signs of mutilation that proclaim the victim’s public statement of “Look, I don’t care about myself so I sure as heck don’t care about you, which is why I’m flashing my mutilations (tattoos/”body art”) at you.” Look, if you have a tattoo, at least have the common courtesy to cover it (them) when going out in public, okay?

Listen: I’ve never met a person who was in his 60’s or older who didn’t regret getting a tattoo. Never. So think about it: have tattoos contributed to the breakdown in morals, along with absent fathers, the “revolving door of Justice,” and judges who rule against the Constitution? I say “Yes”: my sensibilities are offended whenever I see a tattoo, so I can only imagine the detrimental effect it has on a child.






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  1. Excellent article OPOVV! Well written and to the point, many more examples are always needed to show the irritating trends increasing in our society not just by many of the “gen x” members but also by adults, politicians, educators, etc. that are going along with the new mindless, guiltless stupid logic of doing nothing. Then again, maybe it’s necessary to ward off all the other stupid practices that never end or are results of things that press or public never seem to want to talk about that never go away by pure default of ignorance. This all seemed to crescendo after 1975 Vietnam Era changes and now we have the “me” generation running through every area with no conscience for anything. Look at the Judicial in it’s present form and what is going on. Are there any better examples of madness other than having a usurper in charge, Judicial out to lunch, murders and Constitutional violations ever hour and everything’s OK? It’s all gotten too big and too out of control and no one seems to know how to stop it. More Tea Pot Parties and tit-a-tat will do nothing to a sinking ship and rampant theft in government and positions of authority. Too many people are too well off to be bothered to see or care about “wrongs” at any level. It will take our condition getting much worse before most people even dare to get involved in any actions against what is happening, the ones in charge are counting on that. Unfortunately, physical means will eventually be necessary as all of history has shown before the ones in power and corruption will relinquish that control and corruption. It’s called Revolution, we’ve been there and done that and soon it may be necessary again, that’s why they don’t want us to have any weapons to attempt to take that corrupted power away from them once and for all. Words are plentiful, soon action will be all that will force results. There are many dead Patriots that can’t speak for themselves, only their stories are left to the ignorant population. The Bible is filled with proofs of man’s follies and so is Washington DC.

  2. I was in the U.S. Navy for six years, and never got a tattoo. The only one I ever liked as a kid was the hula girl on my uncle’s arm. He got it after he survived the bombing of Pearl Harbor while stationed there in the U.S. Army. Now they are just “tramp stamps”?!!?!?

    1. No, of course not.
      We’re talking about the obvious here, not back a generation. I enlisted in 1963 when a tattoo was worn as a badge of honor, or tradition, like sailors with tattoos of bluebirds.
      Common now, I’m talking about our NBA, NFL and, within the past few years, MLB, and the rock stars of today vs. yesterday, and gang members covering their bodies with colored ink and our kids seeing that and saying “Ain’t that cool” when, in fact, it isn’t cool in the least.
      Elvis didn’t get a tattoo and neither did we.
      The America of 1941, or 1963, for that matter, is gone, and the tattoos of today, the “Average Joe”, are getting tattoos on a whim, meaningless badges of wayward lives.
      It’s one thing for a girl to get a tattoo of one butterfly, but to end-up covered from neck to toe?
      As I said, the kids of today will regret their choice of getting inked somewhere down the line.
      Tell you what, you develop a tattoo that will automatically disappear in ten years and you’ll be rich.
      The point of the article was the kids of today, born 1980 and after, are in bad shape, collectively, after all, if the Birth Certificate is just too complicated for them to comprehend, what else are they missing out on?

  3. Dr. Keith Albo of FoxNews has a video entitled: “We are raising a Generation of Deluded Narcissists”, it has been argued for years that the “Root Cause” of Violence is TV and Video-Games, of which the “Hollywood Establishment” and Video-Game producers “RELISH their Influences.”
    Truth is, the Society has DE-Evolved to this DEGENERATE position because there is NO longer a Traditional-Value “Family-Unit” in the population. “Latch-Key Kids”, without the proper influence by both Parents and left to their own devices that spend hours killing people in Video-Games cannot possibly learn or apply Social Values, after all “NOBODY get Killed in a Video-Game~NO, only when the same thoughtless disregard for Society and Life is applied in a Movie Theater or School!!
    “As ‘Ye Sow, SO Shall ‘Ye Reap!!