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by Sharon Rondeau

Is the state of Tennessee allowing two men to escape murder charges in the case of Jim Miller?

(Jan. 13, 2013) — The Knoxville News Sentinel is reporting that two men identified more than 18 months ago by Walter Francis Fitzpatrick, III as perpetrators of the murder of Monroe County Elections Commissioner Jim Miller were arrested in early December on federal drug-trafficking charges.

Fitzpatrick and The Post & Email have contacted the News Sentinel in the past regarding corruption in the Tenth Judicial District and specifically, Monroe County.  In his article dated December 10, 2012, News Sentinel reporter Jim Balloch wrote, “Stokes and Steele were accused of, but never charged with, involvement in the slaying of Miller, 60, who was chairman of the Monroe County Election Commissioner when he was killed.”

Miller was murdered in what Fitzpatrick has described as “a government hit” on July 17, 2010.  Prosecutors investigating the crime are allegedly under investigation themselves by the Tennessee Attorney General‘s office in conjunction with the Office of the Comptroller and Tennessee Bureau of Investigation (TBI).  In November 2010, Fitzpatrick was of the opinion that the TBI was not actively investigating the murder.  While District Attorney General Steve Bebb allegedly investigates the possible connections to the Miller murder, he was expected to step down from his position after the attorney general announced the three-agency investigation of corruption in the Tenth Judicial District.

Assistant District Attorney General Jim Stutts, along with Bebb, has been named as a criminal for violating the due process of defendants within the Tenth Judicial District and was involved in prosecuting Powers.

Miller’s younger brother told a local news station that another brother had been murdered in 1977.

Fitzpatrick has been reporting on rigged juries, failure of the Tennessee courts to reorganize as directed by a set of 1984 laws, compromised grand jury foremen, and judges issuing tyrannical orders for more than three years.  Fitzpatrick and others who have stood up to local government corruption have been labeled “Sovereign Citizens” and included in the same category as murderers and fraudsters.   The Sovereign Citizen movement has been described by the Southern Poverty Law Center, which has acted as an adviser to the Obama regime, as containing individuals who believe they do not have to “pay federal taxes, follow most laws, or comply with requirements for driver’s licenses and vehicle registrations.”  The SPLC classifies Sovereign Citizens as a “hate group.”

The TBI has been known to be in violation of Tennessee open records law.  While it has been identified as a contributor to the “Sovereign Citizen” law enforcement training program circulated during the summer of 2011, it has informed The Post & Email that it possesses no documents on the subject.

Fitzpatrick had written a carefully-vetted report in May 2011 identifying Booney (Boonie) Stokes, Brandon Steele and Ronnie Hilton as the perpetrators.  Although he reported the evidence to the Knoxville FBI, Fitzpatrick was never questioned thereafter about the information he had learned while in the Monroe County jail.  Stokes had been connected with another murder committed in 1997.  The brother, Larry, stated that “In the end you have to have faith the system works.”

The only person charged in the crime, Jessica Kennedy Powers, had been incarcerated in the Monroe County jail simultaneously with Fitzpatrick in the fall of 2010.  Her arrest had not been made public at the time.  One of the two men now arrested on drug charges had testified at Powers’ trial last summer, pointing to her as the guilty party.  An article covering his testimony has been removed by KTVU TV.  Judge Walter C. Kurtz, who presided over Powers’ hearing as well as a trial for Fitzpatrick on December 3, opined that Powers could not have acted alone.

Brandon Steele was ordered to be “picked up” for questioning by Kurtz.  Steele and Powers were described by the News Sentinel as having been boyfriend and girlfriend at one time.

Of the Miller murder, Fitzpatrick said:

I know who murdered Jim Miller.

I know why.

I’ve reported it to the FBI.

I’ve reported to many other law enforcement entities.

The coverup is unmistakable for all the reasons I’ve expressed.

The game is afoot.

State and federal government, working hand to glove, are intent upon destroying any person trying to defend or protect me, or who attempt to call attention to the massive government villainy in East Tennessee.

I am confident Jim Miller was one of those people who came to my defense back in April, May, June and July.

It got Jim Miller murdered in a government hit.

Jim Miller’s awareness regarding the events of 20 April 2010 stands as at least one motive to murder the man.

Jim Miller was an auxiliary sheriff with the Loudon County Sheriff’s Department.

Jim Miller was deeply networked politically.

Miller was in a position to learn about the FBI / Monroe County disinformation operation, the staged “domestic terrorist” street theatre occurring back in April 2010 that’s got Darren Huff locked up in Texas.

The “sovereign citizen” campaign was in its infancy stage in April, May and June.

Miller was in a position to learn about the under construction and very sinister training program targeting myself and people who had come to defend me and protect me.

The government hit was carried out on the evening of 10 July 2010.

There is not, has not been a legitimate investigation into the Jim Miller murder.

There is not, has not been a legitimate investigation into the 10th Judicial District criminal syndicate.

Steve Bebb is criminally implicated in the Miller murder. Steve Bebb is criminally implicated in the disinformation operation that was carried out on 20 April 2010. There is a public outcry calling for Steve Bebb’s removal from office resulting from unquestioned evidence of Bebb’s public corruption.

And yet, Steve Bebb remains in office this moment as Tennessee’s 10th Judicial District Attorney General.

Folks trying to protect me, by so doing, threaten as well to call increased attention into the deeper workings of the Monroe County (10th Judicial District) criminal syndicate.

Known criminal operatives, members of the criminal syndicate , Mike Hall, Mike Morgan and Bruce Arp for instance, once caught in their criminal adventures, became liabilities to the syndicate and conveniently disappeared without having to face a criminal consequence.

Steve Bebb, in his early 70s, is the next on the list to walk away from his banditry cleanly and quietly.

And again, we all know what’s happening to folks trying to protect and defend me.

Meanwhile the government outlawry continues unabated.

Judge Kurtz is as much a player in the syndicate as anyone.

Calling me a “vigilante” gives Kurtz up.


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  1. Well written Walt! As always, the training of an outstanding Naval Academy Officer comes through to shed the light. These “pubic trustees” are all of the lowest caliber you could find and being murders, takes it to another level. Take away all their money and power and what do you have? Scum that isn’t worth spit on a hot sidewalk! It’s too bad that the “corporate trust law system” protects these scum from the public being able to deal the sentences. In the Old West, you always saw the hanging scaffold in front of the Sheriff’s Offices, ready for the accused to swing on for the joy of all the public to see. I can’t publicly state what could be done to these people but it wouldn’t be three squares a day in an air conditioned jail cell and paying criminal attorney’s to get a new Bentley. I live in an area that has LOTS of hungry alligators and sharks, you wouldn’t want to see the movie. My disgust for the criminal pimps, whores and backdoor trash that operates in DC, endangers our Military and other agency Officers to risk their lives, careers and existence for “entertainment” of DC administrators as in Benghazi, Walt’s duty to stand for our Constitution, Lakin, Wood and others that spent a life dedicated to keeping America what it is and to watch all these “officials” corrupting and using their “authority” for their own personal use and gain is beyond the discussion here. The fact that this has been going on for any period of time is proof that America has become a land of uncontrolled bureaucracy, ignorance, self serving and deviant behavior in “trustee” roles equaling the old USSR KGB tactics and practices, especially with so many Democrats as standing members in the American Communist Party on the DC Payroll! They will keep pushing it to the point of Revolution and that will be when the cowards will be on one side and the Patriots will stand before the country falls to the usurper. When will the mutiny occur? We will all see by how long the pretense remains. When will Obama allow Perkins Coie the DNC Law Firm to release his papers to the public and why have they been kept from the public in the first place? To continue money laundering and obfuscation of all Constitutional law? Why would that be happening?