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by Atty. Orly Taitz, ©2013

Is Obama a “Squatter-in-Chief?”

(Jan. 12, 2013) — Obama stated “Be in their face.” No problem, we will be in his face. Tentative time and place for protest: In front of the White House on Sunday, January 20, tentatively from 10-4 and in front of the Supreme Court on Monday January 21 from 10-4.

Corrupt officials and judges are committing treason and criminally complicit in cover-up of forged IDs for Obama. Regime propaganda media is not reporting. The only way for us to spread the word is by being there in Obama’s face with signs “Squatter in the WH with forged IDs and a stolen Soc. Sec number.” “Obama using forged IDs, Supreme Court to decide February 15th.”

Please write on this thread or e-mail me if you can be there to support me. I know it is short notice, the economy is bad and people are hurting, but I assure you that if this criminal with forged IDs will be allowed to squat in the WH and usurp the US Presidency and the position of Commander in Chief for four more years, the whole nation will be hurting much more. Also, if you cannot travel to DC but can donate to help pay for the air and hotel and signs, it will be appreciated. Additionally, I just paid $450 in the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals and would appreciate donations to cover the fee.

If you do not stand up for yourselves, nobody will do it for you. Standing up to the Squatter-in Chief on the inauguration day is the most patriotic thing you can do for God and Country. A squatter with forged IDs being sworn in on Lincoln Bible is the biggest embarrassment to this country, its law enforcement, its military and its judiciary!!! Please, be there to show that you care about standing up to tyranny, standing up to dictatorship, to usurpation !!!

more information on OrlyTaitzESQ.com, orly.taitz@gmail.com

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  1. The Chicago Machine knew prosecuting them would be difficult for anyone to expose them once they got into power. Orly is more of an American than most American’s! She was born into a system that showed her how not to be. She is trying to do the best thing for America while we see corrupted politicians serving themselves as they launder money and steal from the taxpayers while blocking our Constitutional laws.

  2. I wish we had the financial means to get to DC or to help defray someone elses expenses. I am spread too thin as it is, but this sounds like a worthy endeavor and I hope we hear a lot about it.

  3. I have been calling him the “thug in chief,” but I think “squatter in chief” is even better. I cannot make to to D.C. next week, but have sent a donation to Dr. Taitz. I encourage everyone who can afford to do so to contribute as well. She is fighting a battle that is very expensive.