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by Sharon Rondeau

Bill O’Reilly’s producer, Jesse Watters, traveled to Hawaii in December before Obama arrived there for his vacation, and interviewed a woman who claims she attended school with Obama. Obama has not released school records from any point in his life.

(Jan. 7, 2013) — Prior to the start of Obama’s Christmas break, Fox News’s “The O’Reilly Factor” dispatched O’Reilly assistant Jesse Watters to Hawaii to speak with locals about their views on politics, Hawaiian culture and how Obama is performing in the White House.

The Raw Story reported that Watters’ goal was “finding out the truth about Barack Obama.”  However, in a video entitled “Watters’ World Goes Hawaii,” Watters asked locals about the area where Obama would be staying during his vacation, including security procedures, and then narrated, “Growing up in Hawaii, President Obama was known as ‘Barry,'” echoing some of the public narrative about Obama’s alleged residence there.  Included in the narrative was an interview with a woman who claimed to have gone to Punahou School with Obama from the fifth through the 12th grades.

The curriculum spans kindergarten through 12th grade and states that “admission to Punahou is highly competitive.”  The tuition is presently more than $19,000 annually for all grades.  The school was founded in 1841 for the children of Christian missionaries and reportedly “retains a Christian heritage.”

An uninterrupted version of the interview with the woman shows her saying that Obama “didn’t necessarily stand out from an academic standpoint that we knew of,” but she also said that Obama and she were in “AP US History” together. “AP” stands for “Advanced Placement,” which is more rigorous than a general course.  “He would type his entire paper from these file card notes,” she claimed.  She then said that “Barry” has “transformed quite dramatically…” since then.  Yet she also stated that his demeanor was the same as it had been in school.

If Obama had taken AP U.S. History, why did he say that the United States has 57 states when there are 50, particularly when he allegedly grew up in the 50th state shortly after it became so?

How does she know Obama has changed, and where did this woman come from?  Where was she in 2008 when Fox News had searched for people who attended school with Obama, at that time, Columbia University?

The woman said that she believed that all of the children in her class were “struggling with different types of angst” over their varying racial backgrounds.  Obviously an Obama supporter, the woman said that Obama is still “very bonded with those same people,” meaning his high school friends.  But how does she know?  She then says, “He’s changed so much since those days, so I can’t say as a classmate that I intimately know him.”

During the ten-minute video, the woman shows no photos or memorabilia proving her claims of attending Punahou with Obama.

She stated that there were very few blacks in Hawaii at the time.  A statement reportedly given by an “Eric Smith,” another alleged classmate of Obama’s, to the Associated Press, declared that “There were people from all different races,” and that “Everyone seemed to meld together.”  However, Obama claimed in his book that he and other black friends in Hawaii “experienced some discrimination.”  A photo included with the AP article posted on MSNBC’s website showed no other black students.

Do young children care about race, or was Obama recalling something which did not happen?

Twenty years after Obama’s alleged graduation, he reportedly wrote an essay which stated that “The opportunity that Hawaii offered — to experience a variety of cultures in a climate of mutual respect — became an integral part of my world view, and a basis for the values that I hold most dear.”  Did that also include the alleged discrimination he experienced as a young person?

When Watters asked about Obama’s politics during his school years, the woman responded, “We had an instructor who wove global understanding and perspectives of all countries throughout our entire curriculum…He wanted to make sure that everything we did…really wove together all these perspectives of different religions and different countries and histories.” She said that the instructor gave her a “global view” which she believes Obama is supporting in his [de facto] presidency.  “I can say that, in particular, the Punahou curriculum in the ’70s was extremely focused on building global citizens.  That was the goal.”

Today, Punahou states that it strives to “support faculty and students in becoming responsible citizens of the world.”  It operates a “Student Global Leadership Institute” whose purpose is “to develop a community of international youth leaders who understand and are engaged in shared global challenges and who galvanize positive social change.”

How well do most 51-year-olds remember a grade school or high school acquaintance, including the person’s social relationships, academic achievement, athletic activities and family members?  Would a student who claims she was not “intimate” with Obama remember anything his grandparents?

If Obama had been born in Hawaii, why did his mother reportedly “teach [him] his English lessons for three hours” before he left to attend school?  He would already have known English if he had spent the first 5-6 years of his life in Hawaii, and his mother supposedly spoke English.

High school acquaintance Bobby Titcomb reportedly said that Obama is “honest, he’s truthful and he’s always encouraged the better things in you.”  In April 2011, Titcomb was arrested for soliciting and had a previous criminal record.  Obama reportedly spent time with Titcomb during his most recent Hawaii vacation, which included mainly golf, and the Obamas allegedly bring their underage daughters to Titcomb’s home.

When Watters asked the woman about the “birth certificate controversy,” she replied, “I thought it was the most ridiculous debate I’d ever seen,” and contended that everyone born “at that time” “have the same birth certificate.”  She described a “very thin, extremely blackened-out piece of paper” which was “very fragile.” She claimed that the mother of “twins” born “right before” Obama with “numbers in that hospital were right before his” “knew the doctor who delivered him.”

How would she know or remember that the mother of twins “in the class” knew Obama’s delivery doctor?  Where is that woman?  If the speaker is referring to the Nordyke twins, they were reported to have been born on August 5, 1961, the day after Obama.

Why does Obama’s birth certificate not look like theirs?  Obama’s long-form birth certificate as posted on the White House website is not “blackened,” although a black and white version of Obama’s short-form birth certificate was also posted by the White House at an unspecified time following the 2008 release, which is green and black.   How many versions are there, and why have both the short-form and long-forms been declared forgeries?

Several years ago, Bill O’Reilly had said on air that his staff had “investigated” and confirmed Obama’s claimed birth in Hawaii.  No hospital has affirmed O’Reilly’s claim, and O’Reilly did not name the hospital in his cited “investigation.”  He did not show footage of staff members traveling to Hawaii or communicating with Hawaii officials to support his claims.   Although titled “Certification of Live Birth,” O’Reilly referred to the short-form as a “Certificate of Live Birth.”  The short-form was supplanted on April 27, 2011 by a long-form image titled “Certificate of Live Birth.”

Hawaii law prevents release of vital record information to anyone who does not possess “a direct and tangible interest in the record,” as The Post & Email has reported.

Because the woman in Watters’ video has never been heard from before, The Post & Email contacted Watters about her:

I operate an electronic newspaper, The Post & Email, which reports on government corruption.

Would you be willing to say how were you put in touch with the woman in the video who claimed that she attended Punahou School with Obama?  What evidence did she exhibit which confirmed her claim?

Thank you very much.

Sharon Rondeau, Editor
The Post & Email

As of 7:12 p.m. EST, Watters has not responded to our inquiry.


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  1. O’reilly lost all credibility with me when he declared Obama’s birth certificate legitimate based on the two newspaper birth announcements.Those were probably from the prompt by the grandparents.Some websites refer to Bill as O’lielly due to his estrangement from the truth! I haven’t watched his program in ages.

  2. The video is being blocked by a Noam Chomsky ad! I don’t believe O’reilly since he said he O’s bc is legit. I also don’t watch his show or buy his books. Looks like this is a new campaign to convince us Obama was born in Hawaii. Well to O’Reilly and others, we know he was not so stop lying to the public.

  3. Now that we know this FAKE INTERVIEW originated from O’Reilly, it’s another “Obama” Case Closed.

    Do any of you recall how O’Reilly stopped being tough on “Obama” the night he showed up at The Factor in Oct 2008? How he abruptly started protecting, defending “Obama”??

    Three guesses why –