Before We Discuss Guns….


by JB Williams, ©2013

The slogan of the Centers for Disease Control is “Saving Lives. Protecting People.”

(Jan. 6, 2013) — Oddly enough, on the long list of causes of death in America, guns barely make an appearance way down the list. So, if the federal government wants to do something to protect innocent life in America, there is a long list of things they need to address well before they get to the Second Amendment Right of U.S. Citizens.

Atop the list of causes of death in America is heart disease, followed by cancer. These two causes of death listed by the CDC are largely caused by poor diet. Based on recent statements from DC politicians, this means we should immediately outlaw the Federal Food and Drug Administration, as they are directly responsible for controlling the poor quality of the food and drug supply in America and they approved it all as “safe.”

Next is lower respiratory diseases and the Federal Government is the biggest polluter in America. After the FED, pollution is largely caused by poor air quality from the giant corporations that buy off members of congress and take federal funding from taxpayers to keep the pollution pumping. Again, this means that we should immediately outlaw members of congress who take lobby and campaign money from corporations involved in polluting the air we breathe.

Then there is stroke, often caused by the pressure of trying to raise a family while under daily assault by the Federal Government, causing Americans to become two-income households since the government robs citizens of half of their earnings and drives employers overseas. That means we need to outlaw excessive taxation and regulation in America.

After that, accidental deaths make the list, which means we should outlaw idiots, most of whom vote democrat. By the way, nowhere in the CDC stats is the number of deaths caused by HIV/AIDS – which would rank in the top five causes of death if the federal government would report it truthfully, which means we should outlaw illicit sex, especially among homosexuals, where the disease is by far the most prominent.

Alzheimer’s, diabetes, the flu, pneumonia follow, which once again is directly connected to products approved by the Federal Food and Drug Administration as “safe.” Outlaw the FDA…

Allow me to cut to the chase here…

According to recent CDC reports, Americans are dying mostly of the following causes…

            2) Heart Disease – 19.7%

            3) Cancer – 18.6%

            4) Respiratory – 4.5%

            5) Stroke – 4.2%

            6) Accidental – 3.9%

            7) Alzheimer’s – 2.6%

            8) Diabetes – 2.3%

            9) Flu or Pneumonia – 1.8%

            10) Kidney disease – 1.6%

            11) Suicide – 1.2%

            15) Gun related homicide – .38% (less than ½ of 1%)

According to the CDC, there are fourteen causes of death that far exceed deaths by gun related homicides and the federal government is in one way or another, responsible for most of them. So, protecting the lives of American citizens is NOT the agenda behind the coming gun grab by Marxists members of the federal government.

I saved the number one cause of death in the United States for last, for a reason. Abortion is responsible for 39.9% of the deaths in America each year and the people currently threatening the Second Amendment Rights of decent honest American citizens are directly responsible.

Think about that…. Abortion is the #1 cause of death in America, more than 1.2 million deaths of innocent American children every year. Do you honestly believe that the people responsible for this in Washington DC give a damn about a couple dozen kids in Connecticut or anywhere else? If you do, you are a total fool.

All they care about is power and wealth. They couldn’t care less about the value of innocent life, especially that of children.

And long before they launch an assault on American’s Second Amendment Rights, these people had better think long and hard. Further, it’s worth noting that the current chief of our so-called justice system has blood all over his hands. Eric Holder

Every red blooded American knows that every right endowed by our Creator is protected by the Charters of Freedom, not the least of which is the Second Amendment. Without the Second Amendment, the people cannot protect any other right.

If you want to save innocent American lives, leave the guns alone and go after the people responsible for most of the senseless American deaths – Leftist members of our Federal Government. That’s what we should outlaw in America!

One last time, 1.2 million innocent children killed in America every year by the #1 cause of death in America, abortion. 11,493 gun related homicides per year in America, the vast majority from black on black crime, and the scumbag leftist politicians are worried about legal guns in the hands of law abiding citizens… What’s wrong with this picture?

Get rid of the anti-Americans and America will be the greatest nation on earth again!

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  1. Sidesaddle   Monday, January 7, 2013 at 9:52 AM

    SUPERB editorial, JB, thank you, right on the money as usual.

    J. D. Longstreet has written another superb Commentary entitled, “Americans Won’t Give Up Their Guns, Law Or Not!”

    I agree Molon Labe and Deo Vindici

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