Anti-Gun Lobby Hypocrisy


by Charles Girrens, Editor, The Wichita Observer

The NRA has called for armed guards in every school to protect them from attacks such as what reportedly occurred at the Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, CT.

(Jan. 6, 2013) — After hearing all the anti-gun nonsense it’s time for a reality check. First, no one is more upset over any shooting than the tens of millions of responsible gun owners. Especially those in the NRA. Including myself. The Anti-gun lobby (AGL) is full of political opportunists and hypocrites. Look at those at the top and you can include murder of millions of babies. No matter what your stance on abortion is. Killing is killing. Look at the politicians screaming the loudest and the millionaire and billionaire AGL backers’ record on abortion. They are all proponents of killing babies. So why all the “we have to ban guns for the kids’ sake.” It’s not about those twenty kids. It’s their political agenda. Let no crisis go to waste. Sound familiar. These people are pathetic vultures. It’s the Socialist way. These shooters are products of the socialist Education system and the political correct nonsense society we all suffer through.

In all reality though no one,not even in Hollywood, could any sane individual come up with the scenario we just went through. The (unarmed) woman who tried to stop an armed psycho was as brave as it gets. If she or someone else there would have been armed the loss of life would have been a lot less, for sure. Of all the victims in any shooting, how many of them do you think wished an armed individual would have been there to protect them? Then again, all these shootings are taking place in Gun Free Zones. Coincidence? It’s time to quit tying the arms of those who would step up and protect any of us, even you anti-gunners. Thankfully it’s a very remote chance any of us will experience this need. This is common sense stuff. Blaming the NRA or the tens of million of us gun owners is downright despicable. Would you blame the Auto Club of America for the thousands of people/kids killed by drunk drivers every year? Ban cars? Of course not. Once again, though, it’s politics, and that doesn’t seem to involve common sense.

In a nation of 300 some million, people are going to be wrongfully killed every day in many ways. The police just aren’t going to be there when needed. You as a responsible individual are the first line of defense. If you don’t want to acknowledge that, at least be thankful for those that do.

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  1. OPOVV   Sunday, January 6, 2013 at 12:02 PM

    It’s more difficult to murder people (“honor killings”) who are armed. The Muslims believe in gun ownership, but ONLY for the men.
    They call guns “equalizers” for good reasons.
    I’ve advocated that every women in America be required to carry a gun.
    I’ve advocated, upon graduating from High School, a female is presented her diploma and a lightweight easily concealed 357 Magnum, after, obviously, successfully completing all safety and marksmanship gun courses. Same with obtaining a driver’s license: besides showing proof of being a citizen, the ability to read, write and speak English, a woman must show proof of a concealed weapons permit and show the examiner her weapon.

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