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by Jeffrey and Erica Henderson

Two parents travel for several hours each way on Wednesdays to see their seven children, who have been in foster care for more than 20 months despite the family’s efforts to reunify. On Sunday, the Hendersons will begin enjoying visits with the entire family for the day.

(Jan. 3, 2013) — [Editor’s Note:  On Wednesday, the mother of seven children currently in foster care who is striving to regain custody of them posted on a Facebook page established to support the reunification of the family:]

Jeffrey just got signed up for counseling. We have been at this for 4 weeks. We have called 18 agencies. Most of them don’t take court ordered cases and those that do only accept DV cases or people on welfare or medi-Cal. More then half of them were booked or didn’t even answer their phone. 3 of them did have openings but their price was from $50 -$180 per session. After weeks and weeks of calling back the $15 group Jeffrey finally has an appointment tomorrow at 6pm.

The good news is it is the same agency that monitors our visits Wednesday night, Friends of the Family. They have been really helpful and supportive of our family. The bad news is, Jeffrey and I scraped up the last of our money to feed the babies and buy bus passes for our visit. This will leave us with $0. Could someone please find it in their heart to bless Jeffrey with the $15 for counseling and $5 for bus pass for tomorrows first session? It would greatly help the Henderson family.

On Thursday evening, the following post was added by Erica’s husband, Jeffrey:

It has been burning on my heart to post the results of the recent flood of monies that have hit our pay pal account to support the cause for our children to come home and allow us to document of the ordeal in hopes that other families can avoid and or escape from the clutches of the encroaching monster that is family welfare services.

recently Erica Michelle Henderson, my wise beautiful and strong wife asked for money in this group so I would have no problem taking a bus to and paying for court ordered counseling today. as many of you know, it is impossible to complete all the requirements that the kidnapping court burdens parents with and be able to sue them at the same time. it is designed this way so the government can perpetually attack families without being held accountable.

It never ceases to amaze me to see how many people new to the cause give out of the goodness of their hearts, and I am always humbled to my knees by the those few people whose hands click love like a metronome. Because of a recent glitch with our paypal account, we experienced a problem making sure our children were going to get some snacks for their visit yesterday. we started our day out with a negative balance in our account of $ 7.81 and you all, with your prayers, thoughts, and donations we ended the day with $230.87 USD. We had little to take with us for the visit, but before we got their (three hours of buses and trains later) we had more money than we needed to pay for the counseling today, get ourselves something to eat, and feed the children hot food. As many of you know, our babies fast during the week in anticipation of the visits because they know there will be delicious snacks.

thank you’s to:
all those who pray for the return of children to their mother, and to

followed by the names of those who contributed to the Hendersons over the last two days.

Jeffrey and Erica have been living apart because of the monitored visits imposed by the Edelman Children’s Court on Jeffrey, a restriction which has been lifted with the recent reassignment of the case to a new DCFS office and social worker.

Jeffrey is planning on attending law school in the fall and is currently working on a children’s book for publication.  He is a website designer by profession and active in his local synagogue.  Erica is a homemaker and was homeschooling the two eldest children when they were placed in foster care following the incarceration of the parents.  Until November 19, it was their understanding that the six elder children would be placed for adoption despite their efforts to regain custody.


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  1. Praise God! What a MIGHTY GOD we serve.

    Thank you, Sharon, for keeping us updated on The Henderson family.

    I honestly believe this is a “righteous” cause and has stirred up ‘righteous indignation’ around the globe, for those who are aware of it.

    Reminds me of a quote by Thomas Lye, “I had rather stand against the cannons of the wicked than against the prayers of the righteous.”

    We will continue to pray.