Obama Will Always Demand More Tax Money Because He Thinks it is All His


by Dr. Laurie Roth, ©2013

Obama said he was “open to compromise” before signing the “fiscal cliff” bill with an auto-pen after resuming his vacation in Hawaii at taxpayer expense

(Jan. 3, 2013) — No sooner had Obama signed the fiscal cliff — drama queen deal for sound bite consumption, then we heard him saying from his Hawaii vacation,  “The rich don’t pay enough taxes.”  Obama must have already broken the Guinness Book of World Records for the most vacations taken by any President.

Obama is the classic ‘cocaine’ addict, suckling at our money and freedoms like a desperate vampire.  Whatever country he is really from, he is creating a bloody mess everywhere he goes here.

There will never be enough for Obama and the progressives to take. The GOP spectacle of frightened ‘wanna-be’ conservatives got absolutely nothing in the alleged negotiations of the fiscal cliff battle.  Where are the cutbacks reflecting fiscal sanity or any compromise?  There weren’t any.  For the GOP to allow any tax increase, $200-400- or $1,000,000 didn’t matter, because Obama got everything he wanted and plans to ask for more, more and more.  The media will coddle Obama’s money/cocaine addiction and demands, while demonizing the evil GOP.  The evil GOP would dare make the country go into withdrawals and get off the dangerous spending and money drugs.

How is it that Boehner was re-elected after the endless compromises and cave-ins to Obama?  The only real leadership he has actually demonstrated was to call the Senate Democratic leader, Harry Reid, a bad name that would have gotten my kids’ mouths washed out with soap and expelled from school.  The name was nasty but was in response to Reid saying to the media and the world that Speaker Boehner ran the House as a dictator.  At least the name wasn’t more 50-yard-line inanity.

In my view, Boehner wouldn’t run a child’s train set well, but dictator???  Perhaps it is the old adage, “It takes one to know one.”  That word seems to fit for Reid, Obama and Pelosi as they slaughter every way they can — Constitutional law, rules, traditions.  The people, Constitution, Bill of Rights, Bible and law are simply in the way.

They hope with tons of movement and bright distractions away from what is really going on, the people and GOP won’t notice in time all the bold attacks — taxation, schemes to gut our 2nd amendment rights, and push to crush our energy systems, jobs and economy.

The GOP in the House and Senate must draw bold lines in the sand and use every possible tactic available to protect our 2nd amendment rights, crush and defund the UN Constitutional health care bill and stop the bold theft of money by raising and raising taxes.  Especially in these precarious times!  Who cares how popular or unpopular you are in the media.  DO THE RIGHT THING AND STAND.

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One Response to "Obama Will Always Demand More Tax Money Because He Thinks it is All His"

  1. gigclick   Friday, January 4, 2013 at 11:06 PM

    Well written Dr. Laurie. The Obamites have enabled the run away train to go full throttle. Too bad you can’t invest in milk since it spoils. When it hits $8 dollars a gallon soon, everyone may realize it’s getting a little late to wake up to the Chicago Machine, which they counted on America’s general populace to be a little less than honor grads. With 1/6 of America’s working force in real numbers out of work and miniscule jobs being created, 7,000 kids a DAY dropping out of school, a winning Democrat culture of corruption in DC and across Democrat’s boards, college past unaffordable, Federal and legal titles, Constitutional Law, every legal channel blocked to get Discovery on any criminal activity by Obama and team it’s time to regroup folks. Lets see what North American Law Center had cooking and if judicial misprision of felony will hold before other means will be used to apply law other than crooked judges and LEO’s. Start watching lots of old cowboy movies folks and see how they had to do it back then. They didn’t have Humvees’, aircraft drones, cell phones, laptops, etc. Mad Max may be just around the corner. Don’t buy a lot of cereal unless you like it dry. $8 dollars a gallon for milk could get real crazy and by then, gas for your car will be about the same increase, 100%. I feel so much better now. Go get your locking gas caps before they run out.

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