Law Center Warns Congress Not to Certify 2012 Election


by JB Williams, ©2013

Will the U.S. Congress certify the electoral votes on Friday, January 4, as scheduled, or will they heed the call to examine the results?

(Jan. 2, 2013) — Despite a deafening silence on the part of the government controlled news media, it is no secret that very serious questions concerning Barack Obama’s history persist and that widespread election fraud was used by the Democratic Party and the Obama Campaign to secure a second Obama-Biden term.

At least one group seems interested in getting answers to those questions and stopping Congress from certifying the 2012 election results until the American people have those answers.

The newly formed North American Law Center is serving members of the US Congress with a notice, demanding that Congress stop the fraudulent 2012 election and advising members of Congress not to become complicit in the fraud by certifying the tainted outcome of the 2012 election.

“BE ADVISED, your Oath of office requires you to act in a manner which upholds the United States Constitution, our State Constitutions, and the Rule of Law. This shall serve as Notice to you of the massive fraud which has occurred in the 2012 election. As a public servant, your highest duty is to the people of the United States. Failing to do your duty, after having been so noticed, will be a direct violation of your Oath, with malice aforethought.”

The notice lists a number of legally actionable items concerning Federal Election and Campaign Finance laws as well as Constitutional Eligibility violations that if proven, could entirely void the 2012 election and end with the criminal prosecution of those involved in carrying out and covering up that fraud.

“Prima facie evidence exists as to violations of Federal Election Commission law regulating campaign finance concerning overseas donations from foreign entities, into international money laundering and online credit and debit card fraud, using foreign contributions from stolen card numbers to finance a presidential campaign. Hundreds of millions of dollars pouring into the Obama campaign from overseas donors and all of it in untraceable small denominations.”

The notice lists evidence of blatant voter fraud in Florida, Pennsylvania and Ohio, and a statement concerning general acts of fraud evidenced in numerous states and precincts.

“Many numerous methods of massive Democrat voter fraud exist, i.e. over 2 million new “temporary citizen” illegal alien voters via Executive Order; millions of DEAD and felon voters; temporarily moving Democrat voters across state lines to vote in swing states; foreign observers used to protect the fraudulent Democrat vote; duplicate voting by dual resident college students, and thousands of Somali refugee voters with DNC “interpreters” driving them to polls in Ohio; corrupted voting machines and vote counting with rigged voting machines via SEIU machine maintenance contracts; boxes of fraudulent paper ballots in the trunk of union official’s cars; and foreign contracts for vote counting in parts of Europe.”

Process servers are delivering the notice to all members of Congress this week. Lead Counsel for the North American Law Center is Constitutional Attorney Stephen Pidgeon. Constitutional Law researcher and analyst Barbara Ketay chairs the organizations Government Corruption Committee and is the signer of the notice being delivered to members of Congress.

The North American Law Center was formed by a group of citizens deeply concerned with government corruption and the ongoing erosion of state and individual constitutional rights. The organization is funded entirely by private citizens also deeply concerned with the matters of focus for the organization.

“For far too long, the American Justice System has subverted the Charters of Freedom and the Rule of Law in pursuit of a utopian global social justice at the expense of American freedom, liberty and prosperity.”

Many patriotic Americans are equally concerned about the items of interest to the North American Law Center, but this group is taking real and tangible actions that could alter the course of history and the future of freedom and liberty.

Citizens interested in more information or supporting this mission can visit

3 Responses to "Law Center Warns Congress Not to Certify 2012 Election"

  1. richard gorman   Thursday, January 3, 2013 at 4:08 PM

    Let us watch the very final “legal acts for justice — imprison all foreign invaders in Wash. DC” – as there are two requests for a TRO to stop the certification of the election by Congress. In Calif. orly Taitz has a hearing starting at 5 PM EST ( 2 PM in Calif); the evidence against the Regime is OVERWHELMING. So, if WE THE PEOPLE are told to “go pound sand” visi vie NO TRO being issued, then the answer is complete. The answer is that the entire government — every one of them — has abandoned the constitution.

    There is an action in Fla. also (VOELTZ case), but the judiciary is simply ignoring any and all laws regards election fraud. Fla is a TBD. Calif. will be answered by midnight tonight.

  2. Bob1939   Wednesday, January 2, 2013 at 2:30 PM

    IT IS ABOUT TIME!!! Possibly The USA may even survive, in spite of Obama, if only we follow through with this. What an absolute horrible waste to date by not reacting to this evil sooner.

  3. gigclick   Wednesday, January 2, 2013 at 1:38 PM

    Ever seen a Caterpillar D9 Model? It’s pretty big and that’s what’s going to be rolling through DC real soon to clean out the “Party Boys” livin’ it up as we speak. Biden, Michelle, Bari, Holder, Panetta, Reid, Hillary, and all the other Democrat Communisty Party Members and Political Democrat Opportunists with 77 Gala Hotel Festivity Parties costing taxpayers over $30 million in the first usurpation term and now a second attempt at pulling off another 4 years of theft, lies, identity fraud, falsification of documents, High Treason, Perjury, Election Fraud, money laundering schemes, press blackout, Judicial Corruption, illegal flooding of Muslim and Mexican immigrants for illegal voting schemes, Bari’s Air Force One abuse of taxpayer’s funds, on and on folks. ALL WE HAVE TO ASK IS WHEN WILL BARI ORDER PERKINS COIE TO RELEASE HIS PAPERS/DOCUMENTS TO THE AMERICAN PUBLIC? HOW MUCH IS HE HIDING, NOT IS HE HIDING, HOW MUCH IS HE HIDING IN THIS MONUMENTAL USURPATION AND MONEY LAUNDERING SCHEM AND IDENTITY FRAUD. THIS SUNNI MUSLIM AC/DC PIMP HAS TO GO TO JAIL SOME TIME, HOW BOUT’ NOW AND RETURN AMERICA TO IT’S CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS! GO get em’ JB, the Posse is out! Great article and the absolute truth.

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