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by John McClain, USMC (Ret.), ©2013, from Gulf1

Why is the U.S. Congress unable to pass a budget which works, or any budget at all?

(Jan. 1, 2013) — We hear of the “fiscal cliff,” the alert have noticed the government spending has continued to exceed revenue by over a trillion this year making five, and there is no rational case to be made to explain the two co-existing with responsible managers.

We have exactly three futures before us we may choose from among, and how we choose is as important as what we choose.  I don’t know the last time our Nation’s budget was balanced, but I know it hasn’t been in my lifetime.   To get our Nation back is easy; all we have to do is choose to demand our Congress write a budget and insist it be legitimate.

That sounds rather simplistic, but in truth, we are the nation with the greatest debt ever in the history of the world, all because we have consistently spent money we never earned and never had, plain and simple.

Arguments can be had of where it was “excess” and what is “responsible,” but none of that can truly take place in a budget venue; you have to enter such a venue with principles established, truth already a known thing.  To have a budget we have to be honest.  So far, we’ve watched six plus trillion dollars spent without a dime going to repair any damage done previous to this president, nor any of it going to pay for what this administration has brought into being as expansive government.  Every bit of it was wasted, every dime went away and is in the pocket of some banker or another, none of it spent usefully except on bribes and illegal union actions supported criminally by the de facto president.

To get a budget, we must force our Congress to sit down in their respective houses and write each a real budget which starts with realistically expected revenue, funds the operation of legitimate, constitutional government acts, and ends with surplus sufficient to actually pay against debt.  This is the way all honest people must live, and no honest government lives any differently.

Every other form or action taken can only lead to failure.  There is only one singular path to restoring our nation as honest, and it means ending all the dishonest and openly, blatantly criminal actions those in our government routinely are allowed to engage in.

We can listen to any or all of our politicians, yet only one will tell the truth on the budget and our Nation surviving:  Dr. Ron Paul.  If we do anything less, we do nothing at all.  We did not budget ourselves into 16 trillion dollars in debt; we allowed our government to spend vast sums it never could see, and we did not stop it.

There is no way to write a budget that fulfills the desires and promises of most of those in government.  They have promised far more than our Nation can earn.  Either we stand over those we elected and get an honest budget, an end to deficit spending, and pay our first payment on the actual debt, or we might as well not bother even being concerned or considering.  We either put it straight, or we have chosen to be a subject state under world government, run by the U.N., by “unanimous consent.”

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