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by Sharon Rondeau

New York Presbyterian Hospital consists of the Weill-Cornell Medical Center, the Columbia University Medical Center, The Allen Hospital, the Morgan Stanley Hospital, and a children’s hospital.

(Dec. 30, 2012) — Various news outlets are reporting that Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was hospitalized on Sunday for a blood clot following the concussion she reportedly suffered during the week of December 10.

The Associated Press has named New York Presbyterian Hospital as the facility where Clinton was hospitalized after an exam indicated the presence of the clot.  The hospital has two locations, but the spokesman did not specify to which location Clinton was admitted.  She is expected to be in the hospital for 48 hours for observation.  However, spokesman Philippe Reines, who has been the only State Department employee providing updates on Clinton’s condition since she became ill, is reported to have said that Clinton “is expected back at her desk on Monday.”

A different report stated that anti-coagulant medication would be monitored for 48 hours, not that Clinton would be in the hospital for that period of time.

After having the concussion while “alone,” there were no reports of any diagnostic or follow-up tests being conducted on Clinton, who is 65.  The Post & Email had pointed out the potential seriousness of a concussion and its possible side effects early  in its reporting of the news of Mrs. Clinton’s condition.  An ABC News report not previously found by this writer dated December 15 states that “No ambulance was called and she was not hospitalized, according to a state department official.”

Then how was the diagnosis made?

If no ambulance was called, why has the DC Metropolitan Police Department denied our FOIA request for a transcript of the call?  Why did they simply not say that they do not have “records responsive to our request?”

Among several conflicting reports which said that Clinton was on vacation last week and recuperating, vacationing in the Dominican Republic for New Year’s, and “returns to work,” allegedly on Monday, The National Enquirer is stating that Clinton’s medical condition is much more serious than what Reines might have led the public to believe.  The Enquirer claims that Clinton fainted “while boarding a plane,” but other reports state that she fell at home or at her office at the State Department.

On December 26, The UK Daily Mail quoted an unnamed spokesman as having described Clinton as “recovering well” from her illness and concussion and reported that he or she denied the Enquirer report that Mrs. Clinton is undergoing extensive tests to determine whether or not she has brain cancer or a brain tumor.

Two doctors’ names were provided by The New York Times as attending physicians for Mrs. Clinton, one of whom, Dr. Lisa Bardack, appears to be affiliated with New York Presbyterian Hospital and has offices in Mt. Kisco, NY, which is part of Westchester County.

Both NBC and CNN used the term “sidelined” and “three weeks” to describe Clinton’s absence from her post since becoming ill with the stomach virus, but the concussion was not announced until December 15.

No official notice of Clinton’s illness appears to have been released on the State Department’s website.  The Clintons reportedly purchased a home in New Castle, NY following their residence in Chappaqua, although they had also been considering a move to an estate in Bedford Hills in Westchester County in 2010.  Hillary ran for the U.S. Senate in 2000 from the state of New York, where she had not lived previously.

Bill Clinton’s quadruple bypass and heart condition have been covered extensively by the media since 2004.

Update, December 31, 2012:  Whether or not the reported blood clot is related to the alleged concussion is an open question, as the location of the clot has not been disclosed.  Clinton had been unable to testify on the Benghazi attack on December 20 but had reportedly been expected to testify in “mid-January.”

According to The New York Daily News, five years ago, Hillary “was diagnosed [with] a large blood clot behind her right knee” which required emergency treatment.

On December 20, Secretary of State nominee Sen. John Kerry stated, “I assure you, it is not her choice” not to testify.  “All of you who know [Clinton] would know she would rather be here today.”

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  1. Cigars, money laundering, sex scandals, etc., nothing new to “The Clinton’s! Come on folks, what’s a little white lie or a slip of the tongue, a murder here, a murder there, when you’re an “untouchable” you have to give “Royalty” it’s place! Just being a lowly “taxpayer/straw man/trustee” in a sick “corporate trust law” society, it would be “unheard of” for such crimes to exist! Well, I think “I mis-spoke” and now I have the flu, a stomach virus, a concussion, constipation, my foot hurts and I have to go now! “THANKS-SEE YA-BY!”