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by Sharon Rondeau

The resort city of Punta Cana is on the northeastern tip of the Dominican Republic, which lies to the east of Haiti

(Dec. 30, 2012) — A report in Dominican Today states that Hillary Clinton and husband Bill are celebrating New Year’s at a resort in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic, a Caribbean country located next to Haiti.

A photo captioned “Bill and Hillary Clinton in Punta Cana for New Year’s celebration …” appears in a search as well as in the article.

The U.S. State Department has reportedly denied that the Clintons are there. Spokesman Philippe Reines stated that Hillary Clinton was out of the office for a planned vacation following Christmas but reportedly told Human Events that the Clintons are not in the Dominican Republic.

On December 27, Hillary was reportedly “recuperating at home” following a reported concussion which was never verified by a press conference or physician’s statement.  However, on December 28, NBC News appeared to report that Hillary had “returned” to her post at the State Department, which she plans to vacate sometime in January.

The Dominican Today report says that the Clintons are staying at the Puntacana Resort & Club, which has received mixed online reviews.

At 12:34 p.m. EST, The Post & Email contacted the resort via the media contact provided on the Resort & Club’s website:

To prainieri@puntacana.com, cgomez@puntacana.com
From: Sharon Rondeau
Sent: Sun 12/30/12 12:34 PM

Is it true that Hillary and/or Bill Clinton are vacationing at your resort right now?

Thank you very much.

Sharon Rondeau, Editor
The Post & Email

Following reports on December 15 of Hillary Clinton’s alleged concussion and inability to testify before a joint congressional committee on the Benghazi attack which killed four Americans on September 11-12, 2012, The Post & Email contacted the Metropolitan Police Department in Washington, DC to request a transcript or audio recording of the presumed 911 call made after Clinton allegedly fell and hit her head.  Our request was denied two days later.  A similar request sent through the State Department website has not been addressed as of this writing.

Just days after her alleged concussion, Clinton reportedly wrote a letter to Chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee Sen. John Kerry, who has been nominated to replace her, stating that “That same week in September, we saw violent attacks on our embassies in Cairo, Sanaa, Tunis, and Khartoum, as well as large protests outside many other posts around the world where thousands of our diplomats serve.” Clinton also claimed that she took three distinct actions following the attack on the Benghazi compound, including “working closely with the Department of Defense.”

Two days after the concussion was reported, Clinton issued a statement on the death of Hawaii U.S. Senator Daniel Inouye, who served in the Senate for 50 years.

There appears to be no public statement on the State Department’s website about Clinton’s concussion. A concussion can result in memory loss, headaches, and the need for close medical supervision for some time following the event.  The CDC, a department of the federal government, advises concussion patients to “return to your normal activities gradually, not all at once.”

On December 20, Deputy Secretaries Bill Burns and Tom Nides testified to Congress in Clinton’s place.  Clinton has not appeared in public since December 7, when she traveled to Northern Ireland and after which she reportedly contracted a stomach flu, then became dehydrated.

Despite a report prepared and released by an Accountability Review Board, no one has identified who gave the alleged order to “stand down” rather than provide military assistance to the besieged Benghazi outpost which, contrary to early reports, did not serve the function of a “consulate.”

A phone call made to the State Department’s Public Communication Division was answered by an automated system but allowed us to ask for an operator, who advised us to call back on Monday to 202-647-9606.  When we asked, “Would that be Mr. Reines?” the operator said, “I think so.”

Last April, Hillary partied with State Department aides at a Cartagena, Colombia night club, but that was before her “concussion” and during the Secret Service prostitution scandal.

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