Obama and His Plans for Tyranny Will Destroy All Guns and Gun Rights


by Dr. Laurie Roth, ©2012

Under Obama, the FBI has labeled those attempting to defend constitutional rights as “Sovereign Citizens” with the capability for violence. Was the Newtown, CT shooter on the FBI’s “Sovereign Citizen” list?

(Dec. 27, 2012) — Be warned.  Obama and his ‘hate America’ destruction team have always needed crisis to crush freedom after freedom.  Remember, years back in his first-term run for President, Obama described our Constitution as problematic and dated, while attacking our very Star Spangled Banner as too bellicose and bloody.

Our Constitution, Bill of Rights and Judeo-Christian values are simply in the way.  All people who stand for these and worship the God of the Holy Bible and His Son Jesus are emerging Domestic Terrorists and anti-government thugs. They must be controlled, punished and stopped.

The Newtown, Connecticut shooting was a hot-button tool for Obama and the left agenda to destroy America and control what is left of our cherished gun rights.  Already, radical Pelosi and Joe Biden are crafting gun control legislation to betray Americans, our very 2nd Amendment rights and freedom in general.

Proposals emerging with Biden’s Gun Control Task Force talk boldly about restricting our 2nd Amendment, government-controlled mental health services and governmental oversight of violence in society and culture.   Josey Wales outlines just what Biden, Pelosi and Obama are making plans to do as we drink our New Year’s Eve drinks and plan for 2013.  He states:

“The GCTF (Gun Control Task Force) will be empowered with propaganda studies and research proving that the federal government must do something about the American fascination with violence by rendering the 2nd Amendment useless.”  Further goals are stated at:  www.occupycorporatism.com

  • Overall- gun restrictions
  • Permanent banning of assault weapons
  • Limits on the type of ammunition available
  • Federal mandates on background checks on gun sales at gun shows
  • Addressing violence in American culture

Obama has practically declared war on gun owners, our 2nd amendment and is already targeting and confronting the NRA.  No doubt, he will also be in the face of Gun Owners of America and the 2nd Amendment Foundation.  He must manipulate and seduce them and their members or destroy them.

People, Representatives, Senators, Governors, Tea Party patriots, military — wake up, NOW!  We all know that guns don’t kill people; people do.  Just as Hitler did, using and creating crisis to first control the German people and collect their guns door to door, Obama is following suit.  Obama will need more crisis and calamity to force people to submit to his gun assaults, so get ready.

My prediction at this stage

At first the full-on assault will target only certain guns and cram through ‘emergency’ changes to the 2nd amendment to diminish our ability to even use guns at all.  Gun shops and stores will be increasingly controlled and threatened.

In the beginning as the first quarter unfolds, amnesty and money will be offered for people to turn in their guns, which will include more and more brands until ALL guns will be ordered turned in and registered.

That is when people, businesses and gun stores will be honored with tax breaks and rewards for turning in ‘non-compliant’ gun owners who stand on their freedom and now-destroyed ‘2nd amendment’ rights.

Get ready with your American response or be a sell-out and spineless coward.  Who are you?   It is about ready to slam into our faces.

I call on ‘the people, the House, Senate, Governors, all in leadership, Military, including what is left of our media, to STAND FIRM.  Don’t ever turn in any guns.  Don’t ever be seduced, threatened or manipulated into ‘reporting,’ ‘signing up’ or recording anywhere what guns you rightfully and Constitutionally have.  It is none of their God-forsaken business!

Don’t turn in any of your guns for money.  Consider that if you would do this as selling out America, her Constitution and your family.  Is that clear?

The Second Amendment Foundation (SAF) has fought and won many lawsuits to defend citizens’ right to keep and bear arms

Join the NRA, Gun Owners of America and the 2nd Amendment Foundation this week and strengthen these organizations with millions more members and prepare to follow their lead.  We will need to work together no matter what additional names Obama, Biden and Pelosi see fit to call us gun owners…let me guess:  ‘child-killers,’  ‘sovereign citizens,’  ‘anti Government – ‘domestic terrorists’ and more.

Draw your line in the sand now as I am. Here is my line and I am standing.  Won’t you join me?  “No wanna-be President, no House, no Senate, no U.N. no VOTE, no Executive order or Treaty from hell — NO ONE has the legal, moral or any right to crush even one of our Constitutional amendments and that includes our 2nd amendment rights.  An attack on our 2nd amendment and order to turn in any guns, along with targeting of ammo and gun sales, is an act of war against the people and America.”

The American noise MUST increase and now.  We must daily email, fax, call our Representatives, Senators, Governors, Tea Party leaders and make noise.  March on Washington and stand by our Constitution, Bill of Rights and the God of our Holy Bible.  None of these are for sale, to be negotiated out of existence or to be destroyed.

Join me each day as we fight to save America at:  www.therothshow.com

3 Responses to "Obama and His Plans for Tyranny Will Destroy All Guns and Gun Rights"

  1. OPOVV   Thursday, December 27, 2012 at 11:45 PM

    Dear Emerald Wish,
    Not quite.
    Surprisingly, one of the most potent forces to oppose Obama and his gang of traitorous goons are many thousands of government employees who are caught-up in the web and are being swept along with everyone else, but who understand that when it comes down to the nitty-gritty, they’ll side with the Constitution rather than taking a chance to end-up as Party members of Hitler’s boondoggled sick philosophy of a “Master Race” and all of the egomaniacal trappings that accompany such a destructive philosophy, and that includes members of law enforcement and the military.
    Unfortunately for them, and us, are members of the Judicial Branch of government, the judges, who are, quite obviously, on the top of the list of the long list of “Candidates to be Denied Freedom”, in other words, all of the judges who have served on the bench from August 28, 2008.
    Keep the Faith (which means continue to believe in and support the Constitution).
    The day LTC Terry Lakin was denied his Constitutionally protected rights was the day we should’ve taken to the streets, but didn’t, a lost opportunity if there ever was one.
    They’ll certainly be another opportunity that will galvanize the citizenry, of this have no doubt.
    They’ll want our guns, because without them we’ll be just as the Germans were when the Nazi goons took-over Germany in the1930’s, and make no mistake about it: Obama and his gang of despicable scum has been using Hitler’s playbook to the letter because it worked then, and is working now. Only trouble is, the conclusion will be exactly the same: a country laid to waste.
    It’ll be up to us to change the course of the madness, the insanity that has been allowed to run rampant in the halls of Congress for many, many years, long before Barry Soetoro came upon the scene to spread his “scorched earth policy” upon the American people.
    Keep your powder dry, my Friend.
    Semper Fidelis,

  2. Emerald Wish   Thursday, December 27, 2012 at 4:14 PM

    We have an illegal fraud president who is destroying our country and the senate and congress are going along with everything he is doing. There will be no stopping this so be prepaired. Nobody is doing anthig thing to save our country so they only thing we can do is stand our ground. God Bless us all.

  3. Sidesaddle   Thursday, December 27, 2012 at 4:05 PM

    Dear Dr. Roth,

    I agree with you, especially with your “predictions.”

    If American/Patriots would like additional information on what is being planned for you and your guns, please read the latest from Doug Hagmann entitled “Gun Control” DHS Insider


    Everyone, please, please pay close attention to every word.

    Stay safe and alert.

    Keep the faith, may our sovereign Almighty God protect us from all enemies foreign and domestic!

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