How Glad Were Marines in Hawaii to See Their Putative Commander-in-Chief?


by Sharon Rondeau

Obama visited “Marine Corps Base Hawaii” on Christmas Day and allegedly appeared in photos with service members. However, none can be found on the web.

(Dec. 26, 2012) — Barack Obama and his wife visited Marines in Kaneohe Bay on Tuesday.  While the media referred to photographs taken with service members, only one photo with a person not in uniform is shown.

The “Kaneohe Station” Marine base has a reported 9,517 people by the 2010 census.  The formal name for the base is “Marine Corps Base Hawaii.”  Obama has reportedly been “working out” at the base since arriving in Hawaii for his year-end vacation.

The media, specifically the Associated Press, report Hawaii as Obama’s “native state” or “home state,” but there is no proof that he was born or raised there, nor does he appear to have any relatives residing there.  No records have ever been released of his elementary school years or his alleged years at Punahou High School, an exclusive private school which he purportedly attended while living with his grandparents.

Obama experienced some racial discrimination while attending Punahou, according to a report “contributed to” by the Associated Press.  If he was born in Hawaii, why did he experience discrimination in the fifth grade?

Cold Case Posse lead investigator Mike Zullo has reported that he can find no evidence that Obama was born or raised in Hawaii before the age of five.  Obama’s birthplace might or might not be germane to whether or not he qualifies under Article II, Section 1, clause 5 of the U.S. Constitution, but most Americans believe that birth on U.S. soil renders a person a “natural born Citizen.”  The Associated Press has confused “native born” with “natural born.”

Zullo also has doubts about Obama’s claimed birth date of August 4, 1961 and contends that public officials in Hawaii have made misleading statements about Obama’s background.

In a biography circulated prior to the publication of Obama’s first book, Dreams From My Father, his literary agent said that he had been born in Kenya and raised in Indonesia and Hawaii.  The account was not changed until 2007, shortly after Obama announced that he would seek the presidency.

The AP narrative has been widely distributed but does not contain any photos with uniformed service members.  Rather, the same photo with a smiling man in a red shirt is the only photo depicting Obama with anyone else.  The faces of service members seated at tables in Anderson Hall are not shown.

Obama will leave Hawaii on Wednesday evening to return to Washington in the event that a breakthrough agreement is achieved between Republicans and Democrats over the “fiscal cliff,” which, if not resolved by a new act of Congress, will usher in higher taxes as the Bush tax cuts expire.  An earlier version of the AP report stated that Obama would return to Washington late on Tuesday, then early on Wednesday.

Obama’s media supporters have depicted his return to Washington as having “canceled” his vacation while his wife and daughters remain in Hawaii.  The Obamas’ Hawaii vacation is estimated as costing U.S. taxpayers about $4,000,000.

3 Responses to "How Glad Were Marines in Hawaii to See Their Putative Commander-in-Chief?"

  1. Loggia   Friday, December 28, 2012 at 8:55 AM

    This reminds one of the current “FEDEX” email hoax.

    An email comes saying that FEDEX could not deliver a package and to go to the nearest Post office to pick it up. Before you do, they ask you to click a button to download a Delivery Receipt.

    The same with Soebarkah…he came packaged as an eligible candidate; he isn’t. He cannot be delivered as the Constitution does not recognize him, but we as Americans are asked to “click the button” of our “acceptance” for which we will be very very sorry if we do.

    Perhaps, the “go to the nearest Post Office” could read “to regard your president, go to the White House.”

    However, just as there are NO FEDEX packages at the Post Office, there is NO ELIGIBLE PRESIDENT in the WHITE HOUSE…they are BOTH SCHEMES, noxious, and unworthy of good citizens.

  2. OPOVV   Thursday, December 27, 2012 at 1:16 PM

    Okay, you Jarheads, listen up! Thank your lucky stars I’m not your Commandant because I expect initiative from my troops, and you guys failed me.
    You had the usurper in the palm of you hands and you just let him walk out.
    There’s only two things we actually know about Obama: his real name is Barry Soetoro and that he is a Muslim. EVERYTHING else is pure speculation, although there’s a mountain of circumstantial evidence that this Soetoro character was born in Kenya to a father who was a British subject at the time of his birth.
    Your so-called Obama is NOT Constitutionally qualified to be president, let alone a vetted candidate.
    Yes, I’m disappointed in all of you, because anyone of you could’ve, should’ve, stood tall and arrested the bum and given him a one-way ticket to Gitmo.
    And before I dismiss you, remember this: you took your Oath to the Constitution, not me or this Obama fraud, so you better live up to your Oath.
    Remember this day and these words: keep your Oath, keep your faith and your devotion to the Constitution and you’ll never be wrong.
    Semper Fidelis.

  3. John Sutherland   Thursday, December 27, 2012 at 11:06 AM

    Because of all of the fraud being perpetrated on the American people, and because honest people just do not think like criminals and fraudsters, it has been my opinion and belief that all thinking Americans should take one or more fraud examination courses. The training is invaluable.

    Having said that, law enforcement, because of their own experience, can often recognize frauds immediately, and so that begs the question of why no one in law enforcement (except one lone sheriff from Arizona) is pursuing the blatant fraud being imposed on the American people by the two corrupt political parties and by outlaw members of the state and federal government.

    The mainstream media, owned and controlled by the elites, is obviously keeping the unlawful federal government actions under wraps, simply because they are part of the elite’s ongoing and determined efforts to destroy the USA and force its people under control of the one world government.

    Coach Dave Daubenmire has an article today that suggests we all turn off the conservative media because it just isn’t doing its job of investigative reporting of matters and issues that are of great importance to the American people. I agree. I think this helps explain why The Post & Email is so important to us all – it’s actually doing the right job for us all.

    The fact that America is under attack by purely evil forces should no longer be challenged. The attacks are real. The damage is almost completed. We live, sadly, in interesting times.

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