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by OPOVV, ©2012

The Lakota, Arapaho and Northern Cheyenne Indian tribes defeated Gen. George Custer and the U.S. 7th Cavalry at the Battle of Little Bighorn in late June 1876

(Dec. 26, 2012) — The Battle of Little Big Horn could have been avoided had government employees done their job in the first place by arresting those who trespassed on land that was promised the Indians to live and hunt in.  The one common denominator of all the so-called “treaties” between the American government and the American Indians is that they were all broken by the very people who wrote them, Washington bureaucrats who never visited the peoples they were supposedly dealing with.

Fast-forward to the present, and all we see is more of the same: little greedy people running roughshod over others for no other excuse than that they can. Overwhelmingly, Americans want, and deserve, an honest playing field where hard work, honesty, and thrift are rewarded by an rise in the standard of living. Alas, we give illegal immigrants and “misunderstood” people more rights, privileges, grants, and cash than we offer Constitutionally qualified citizens.

Three strikes and you’re out: if you’re white, speak English and have a high school diploma. Additional strikes putting you at odds with the government are if you are in the military or a veteran, if you went to college or a trade school, if you have a valid driver’s license, if you are not a felon, have never been convicted of a DUI, if you have a library card, a voter registration card, and if you are a registered gun owner.

Meanwhile, unlawful Executive Orders are spewing out of the White House as if the Devil, or a Muslim, is vomiting hatred, hardship and hurt on the good, hardworking, honest citizens of this country (sorry, but 99% of the last statement exempts union members, okay?).

All reasonable people realize that we live in an imperfect world, that we each have to bend a little in order to survive without strife and out-and-out bloodshed. Notice I said “reasonable people” because we have quite a few million unreasonable people living within our borders as you read this.

There are immigrants who are fleeing corruption and deportation and come to America to be free yet break our laws, don’t learn the language, demand “entitlements” and inexorably support the very same corruption and deportation that they were avoiding:  welcome to yet another Third World country ruled by a tin-horn, two-bit, mentally-challenged dictator who has so many aliases that nobody knows his real name because NOBODY HAS SEEN HIS BIRTH CERTIFICATE .

“Third World” means lack of morals, lack of purpose, wandering through the day to live to wander through tomorrows: the Joint Chiefs of Staff lost, Admirals saluting an imposter as he exits Air Force One in Hawaii, the Constitution trashed as citizens are prevented from articulating a defense to charges that were manufactured by bureaucrats on behalf of a mistaken fantasy that they’ll be spared from whatever chamber of horrors each of us is destined.

Arise and Awake! Our borders have been breached with the assistance of traitorous fools. Think not of yourself, but rather of those who have given their lives so that you can offer yours for the generations to follow to taste the sweet sense of Freedom. They will not leave except under escort of armed Patriots. If nothing else, remember that.


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    The Rats will follow the Music all the way to the river!!
    THEN~when the Awakening occurs, they will say: GEE~