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by OPOVV, ©2012

The Sermon on the Mount contains The Lord’s Prayer, the Beatitudes and foundational principles of Christianity

(Dec. 21, 2012) — It took me a while, a number of decades for sure, until I finally understood, at least I think so, what Jesus/Christianity was all about.

I got the manger scene well enough, and the Sermon on the Mount, and the Judas bit, but what I didn’t quite understand was that Jesus could have laid waste to all his enemies had he a mind to, because that’s what I would have done, but He didn’t.

I would have crucified Herod Antipas and turned the Romans’ wine into something else. I would have done unto others what they had in store for me, and none of it would have been good.

But then, when I thought about it, I would have ended up as “more of the same,” like every despot and two-bit psycho ruler since time began, just another wacko wasting his time and effort for a wasted cause.

History is rampant with the results of collective insanity, and the death toll is rising with each passing century. But in order for a monster to exercise despicable control, he must have followers. These followers need not believe as their leader, or even respect him.  As a matter of fact, they may despise their ruler as much as anyone, perhaps more so, because they see first-hand what a spoiled, underdeveloped, shallow person the leader really is, an egomaniac, but they go along for the rewards of power, money and an irrational sense of safety from attacks of the person they answer to.

Jesus, as I believe, could have done “more of the same” the day he was arrested and beaten in Jerusalem. The fact that he could have, but didn’t, is the message, certainly one of them, of what being a Christian is all about, I believe.

Of course I’m not Jesus, and I’m not going to let a bunch of wayward souls who believe and practice insanity kill me, but I get the point, and the point is this: just because they can create mayhem doesn’t mean they have to, and who wants to anyway?

The Top Dog is judged by a multitude of criteria, but the most telling, and perhaps the most important, is the quality, or lack thereof, of the people around him: his advisers, his cabinet. Results speak volumes: the Attorney General failing to prosecute the New Black Panthers, Homeland Security’s inability to deport illegal immigrants and deny entrance to Muslims, and the State Department failing to protect their employees, as with Ambassador Stevens in Benghazi.

Look at Obama and his minions if you need an example; Chairman Mao and the people holding the Red Book in the air; Pol Pot and the Khmer Rouge; Mohammed and the Muslims.

Obama has no respect because he deserves no respect. Each and every previous president could have surrounded himself with thugs, goons, and the lower echelons of American society. They certainly could have, but didn’t.

I wish each and every one of you a Merry Christmas and hope you get the message given to mankind two millenniums ago: restraint and reason trumps irrational bullying.


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