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by Nicholas Purpura, ©2012, blogging at TPATH

(Dec. 21, 2012) — The prayers of all good Americans go out to the innocent victims and their families that had to deal with the horror perpetrated by an act of a deranged person in Newtown, Ct. Sadly, these and other acts of violence are taking place every day. And gun control will not stop them.

Gun Control v. Knife Control

Most Americans are unaware that on the same day as the horrific attack in Newtown, another deranged lunatic in China attacked 33 primary school children, wounding 22 and two adults. With a knife. And that was not an isolated incident. China experienced a wave of knife and hatchet attacks in 2010. Thereafter they mandated all citizens register with national ID cards when purchasing large knives. Does that in anyway ease the pain or excuse the acts? God forbid! But it does show that all the legislation in the world will never stops the insane and the evil.

We are rightfully outraged by the recent events in Newtown. But where’s the outcry over the 3000 babies in the United States that are torn apart in pieces by butchers in “slaughter houses” known as abortion (clinics) mills every single day? Oh, I guess that’s acceptable population control. The unnecessary taking of any life is a blot on our society. Abortion has become acceptable. Euthanasia has become acceptable, and our legislators have forgotten that the most fundamental responsibility of government is to protect life. Certain lives in this country, as well as others, are no longer of any importance. Government has established that in certain situations we have the right to choose which life is important and which isn’t.

The youth of today have become desensitized. This is partly due to Hollywood that produces the most violent movies. Add the electronic industry that puts out games that glorify violence and carnage. Our so-called “Media” has come under the control of the progressive Marxists, and unconscionable politicians and judges who will sell their souls for thirty pieces of silver.

I also blame the clergy that have remained silent, tickling the ears of their congregations not to make waves. Well, it’s time for a tsunami to be stirred up in every pulpit, at every political club meeting. It’s time for strict laws that punish the criminal, with hard labor for using a weapon in the commission of a crime. It’s time again, for an eye for an eye, and not meaningless legislation that only affects the honest and law abiding citizen.

Americans must become aware of a larger issue and consider the consequences, before rushing to rash conclusions on gun control that will result in the loss of our freedom. Yes, I said “freedom.” The progressive will use this despicable act that could precipitate in the loss of our freedoms. Not just the right to “keep and bear arms” that assures all other freedoms and especially the God given right to protect ourselves and our families but most importantly every other freedom granted by our Constitution that we have enjoyed for over two hundred years.

Exploiting Tragedy

The tragedy of Newtown has now become an incident to further the agenda of the Marxist left. Remember the words of a past Democrat Chief of Staff “You never want a serious crisis go to waste.” So once again, the progressive Democrat Marxists are exploiting this tragedy to meet their goal to disarm the American people.

Even before this tragedy it is important to note that reports surfaced that Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D) had laid the groundwork for a draconian ban on all so-called “assault weapons.” At the same time the State Department reopened discussions on the UN’s Arms Trade Treaty. And, let’s not dismiss the self-hating Jewish Billionaire madman, Michael Bloomberg, who stepped up his crusade to ban all firearms. In short, do away with the Second Amendment. Why should he worry? He’s surround by heavily armed body guards, if fact, he publicly suggested that the 50,000 man NYC police force was his army. One has to wonder whether this moronic demigod has any recollection of the Holocaust, especially in a world today that has become more anti-Semitic.

Do the Words “Change” and “Forward” Ring a Bell?

Do the words of Obama’s slogans in 2008: “Change” and in this 2012: “Forward” sound familiar? They should. Every low life Communist/socialist dictator used these same slogans. After coming to power, the first thing they did was disarm their people. So what are some of the results of disarming the people, genocide?

Every government that has confiscated the firearms of their people has gone on to the systematic slaughter of their people, followed by the takeover by sick demented leaders. Russia: estimated genocide of 60,000,000 plus; China: 36,000,000; Nazi-Germany: 21,000,000; Cambodia: 6,000,000; not to mention Armenia, Serbia, Bosnia, Uganda, Congo, Sudan, Katanga. A genocide is taking place as I write this article in South Africa of white farmers that mirrors what took place in Rhodesia. I could go on, but you’ve got the picture.

And please, all you bleeding heart liberals, don’t try and tell me we live in America in a free society and things like that could never take place here. No, all one has to do is look at the dismantling of the United States Constitution over the last 40 years – especially under the lawless dictatorship of the Obama Administration that has stripped away at the Constitution and legislate through executive orders and a health-care bill that has nothing to do with health-care. If fact, included in that illegal “Act,” Obama has the right to create his own army, and he is given free rein to ignore the Posse Comitatus Act.

I pray the reader will question, why did the criminal Obama Administration Department of Justice illegally sell automatic weapons including machine guns to the Mexican Drug Cartels that resulted in thousands of deaths including an American. Yet, there was no outcry by the media stooges or Congress of any significance. Why does this progressive regime refuse to adhere to the laws and statutes of the United States and repeatedly usurp the Constitution through Executive orders? Why does this Administration repeatedly release Islamic terrorists and supply weapons to violent despotic radical Islamic groups?

All the legislation created or to be put forth will not deter psychopaths from carrying out their demonic schemes. What it will do is strip good people of their ability to protect themselves and their families leaving them at the mercy of gangs, lunatics, and most assuredly the tyrannical sociopath occupying the oval office who would be the Dictator Supreme. The only safeguard to our freedom and liberty is for all Americans to have weapons. James Madison reminds us:

The advantage of being armed, which the Americans possess over the people of almost every other nation.

Lest we forget!

How Actually to Solve the Problem

The only meaningful legislation would be for every state to allow all Americans without a criminal record the right to carry concealed weapons, which is a right set forth by the Second Amendment. Allow those teachers and/or principals to carry while on duty on request. It may be the only sure-fire way to protect those under their charge. If the principal or even one teacher were armed many of those children may be alive today to enjoy Christmas or Hanukkah.

The anti-gun wackos want us to believe with more gun control there will be less crime. All the statistics prove that more firearms in the hands of the people results in less crime. But their allies in the progressive Marxist press will never tell you that over 2,000,000 plus crimes are stopped each year by armed citizens.

Since when did any criminal obey any gun legislation? One just has look at what is taking place in cities with the strictest gun laws: Washington, D.C., Chicago, Trenton, Camden, Philadelphia, LA, and New York. Where evil prevails, the miscreant’s will be with us always. Why would any honest, freedom loving American politician aid and abet the criminal element of our society by disarming those who believe in the laws, morals and virtue? In short, they’re sacrificing the lives of the sheep on the alters of rabid wolves.

The sociopath in the White House and his minions in the Democrat Marxist Party would have you believe that the Second Amendment does not mean what it says:

… the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.

I remind all those that would infringe on our rights, the Second Amendment is positive law!

Before you trample on our rights, you will first have to amend the Constitution, and before you do that, be sure you think very hard, you may be kindling the flames of a second revolution that you cannot hope to win. The English attempted to confiscate the arms and powder at Lexington, they did not succeed and neither will you despite your purchasing of millions of rounds of ammunition and arming every bureaucracy in Washington. And your young twerps you’re training as part of AmeriCorps to be attached to the DHS have never seen the wrath of people when pushed into a corner.

Right will always prevail over might, so do what you will at your own peril. This is the greatest nation on the face of the earth and we won’t let you destroy the hope of the civilized world. Nor will we ever let you deny our God, regardless of any legislation or ruling from some Hoodlums in Black Robes. That being said, Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukkah.

God Bless America
The Eagle

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