Never Let a Good Crisis Pass


by Bob Pappas, USMC (Ret.), ©2012, blogging at Gulf1

(Dec. 20, 2012) — The scene of the remains of innocent children covered in blood, lying in contorted positions as they were shot some multiple times, is seared into the consciousness of all right thinking people. The heart crushing agony suffered by parents who sent their children to school fully expecting to see them later in the day, to abruptly learn that they would never again see them dancing, twirling, playing and laughing, except in their memories…on the doorstep of Christmas is unfathomable to those who have not experienced a similar event in their own lives.  Unfortunately, isolated and rare though it is, too many have suffered similar events…on any given day in Chicago…five to fifteen die a violent death. Similar statistics elsewhere are a blight on the country and the associated heartache is repeated again and again.

Parents and politicians scream for answers, to which hoards of psychiatrists, psychologists, and sociologists flock to meetings, grief counselors meet with the bereaved, the little ones are buried, memorials are established and in a few weeks the sounds subside…until the next, almost inevitable event.  Why? Why did God let this happen? Or worse, “God told me to do it.” And, religious leaders sit on their proverbial hands; oh, they don’t hold back on demanding “gun control,” but they tremble at the thought of suggesting that there “might be” no, is a spiritual component to the tragedy.

The most frequent contemporary choice instrument of violence is a semi-automatic high-powered rifle or handgun; convenient, available and deadly. Such weapons impart disproportionate power in the wrong hands; but who determines: “wrong hands?” So, the classic Democrat solution is to remove such weapons from the hands of everyone.  Let’s see…there are approximately 310 million Americans, in addition there are likely 15 million illegal inhabitants in the nation. So, of the 325 million people who live here, a single, mentally-disturbed person acquires a weapon and ammunition and proceeds to kill innocent children and anyone else who happens to be in the way and thereby paralyzes the nation. For the mentally twisted it’s so much like a video game, except it’s real life where scores are not kept for entertainment purposes.  And because of one sicko with an illegally acquired weapon…and a relative handful of others, all 324,999,9xx remaining U.S. residents should be denied their rights under the 2nd Article of Amendment of the Constitution?! I don’t think so.

But, assume that all firearms are confiscated…would it follow with certitude that violence would decline in direct proportion…or at all? It is doubtful that it would make much difference, because if an evil person was determined to commit a violent act, that person would find an effective means to do so. Crossbows, bow and arrows, knives, homemade explosive devices, and black market guns, to name just a small number, would abound. Those who argue that violence is caused by guns are naive beyond belief and simply ignore the underlying reasons for people versus people violence.  If anyone believes that the weapons in Adam Lanza’s hands would have fired on their own is likewise simply out of touch with reality and bear watching. And, anyone who believes that Adam Lanza would not have sought an alternative means of accomplishing his evil objective absent the assault weapon is part of the problem, not the solution.

The cause of the disaster was not his gun… it was Adam Lanza’s mental and spiritual state that prompted him to commit deadly violence upon innocent women and children.   Unless and until politicians and religious leaders are willing to confront the reality of individual behavior and responsibility, and seek spiritual as well as social ways to ameliorate the violence, U.S. society will make pathetic little progress and the horrific pain will repeat.

In the meantime, liberals, Democrats and other likeminded people will do everything possible to deprive the vast, and  I do mean vast majority of Americans their right to own and bear arms. And why do they want to do that? Is it to avoid another school massacre, or to prevent the ongoing carnage in Chicago; or, is it because they fear the people? The latter is the self-evident answer, because by disarming the people, politicians can more easily impose their will on the unwilling. Watch them like a hawk!

Semper Fidelis and Peace
Bob Pappas

Sharon Rondeau has operated The Post & Email since April 2010, focusing on the Obama birth certificate investigation and other government corruption news.  She has reported prolifically on constitutional violations within Tennessee’s prison and judicial systems.

One Response to "Never Let a Good Crisis Pass"

  1. OPOVV   Friday, December 21, 2012 at 4:23 PM

    Dear Bob,
    Excellent editorial.
    The country is at the crossroads of what we want our future to be.
    The first mistake would be to expect any politician to act in any way whatsoever that would be contrary to getting votes for the next election.
    The second mistake would be to “limit” or “ban” guns. If all guns were banned only outlaws would have guns, and who would left to protect your family? And if any of you answered “the police”, we’re talking reality here, and if you can’t, or unable, to think as an adult, keep your thoughts to yourself.
    The only way to stop a determined crazed killer is to identify them in the first place.
    Let’s see now, Muslims are killing non-believers all over the world, flew planes into the Twin Towers, and thousands have died, are dying, and will die because we’re “Infidels” and yet we have allowed MILLIONS of these savages within our borders and within our military, notwithstanding in every government department, including our very own FBI.
    Let’s keep our eye on the ball, People.
    You’re 100% correct, Bob, they fear us Patriots, as they should.
    Semper Fidelis,

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