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by Sharon Rondeau

No one has declared that the image representing Obama’s purported long-form birth certificate is genuine, but numerous experts maintain that it is a poor forgery

(Dec. 20, 2012) — In a conversation with Atty. Orly Taitz earlier today, Taitz reported that her case, Grinols et al v. Electoral College, was showing on the court schedule today, although she had not been notified that a hearing had been scheduled at that time.  She had been told that court is in session on Thursdays.  “The deputy told me that she is going to call me and let me know,” Taitz said.

Later today, Taitz posted an update on her website announcing that her “TRO Motion Enjoining Congress From Certifying Obama’s Votes Will be Heard on January 3, 2012 [sic] by Chief Judge of the Eastern District of CA, Judge Morrison C. England.”  Taitz also asked her readers to “contact each and every congressman and senator” in regard to “the evidence” against Obama.  The reference to “TRO” stands for “Temporary Restraining Order” as reported by The Post & Email on Wednesday.

Judge England was nominated by President George W. Bush in March 2002 and confirmed by the Senate in August of that year.  He has worked as a partner in a law firm, as a member of the JAG Corps in the Army Reserve, and as a judge in the Superior Court of California.

The lawsuit names several presidential electors and candidates as plaintiffs and seeks an “Extraordinary Writ of Mandamus/Stay of Certification of votes for Presidential Candidate Obama due to elections fraud and his use of invalid/forged/fraudulently obtained IDs.”

Taitz has cited Obama for using a fraudulent Social Security number, presenting fraudulent birth certificates to the public, using aliases and having Indonesian citizenship.  A law enforcement investigation declared Obama’s long-form birth certificate and Selective Service registration card “computer-generated forgeries” on March 1 but was not reported on network television or cable stations.

Taitz is asking that concerned citizens print out her complaint and send it by certified mail to their congressman and senators prior to January 3, 2013.  The certification of the Electoral votes is scheduled to take place on January 6, 2013, in a joint session of Congress.

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  1. The political criminals are counting on the expense of mailing and notices to reduce the amount of complaints plus layers of screeners just like most corporations to hold off the sea of complaints so they can continue to live it up with benefits and lifestyles all at cost the the imprisoned taxpayers. A massive redo and overhaul of the entire system is required to allow. America to exist. The system was under attack in the sixties but waned in the late 70’s and through the 80’s fell into non-existense. Now we have criminal beancounters running out of control,it couldn’t be much worse.