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by Dr. Laurie Roth, ©2012

Do we want this type of protection over our country, or responsible, armed individuals in keeping with the Second Amendment?

(Dec. 17, 2012) — Our putative President and the agenda of the Progressive leftists are ‘predictable wind-up clocks’ that cause all who tell time by them to violently vomit up chunks.  The vomiting comes right before the worshipers and believing masses are shot dead.  This is after they have obediently given up their guns.

Wind-up clock – Obama approached the Connecticut shooting in Saul Alinsky style.  He talked about America needing to change regarding guns:  We were at fault for the shooting, you know, because we have too much freedom and own too many guns.  That must change dramatically according to Obama and his worshipful demolition squad.

There is NO grieving and NO empathy of any consequence by Obama or other ‘no-gun-zone’ leftists.  There is only ‘opportunity’ and celebration that they have another bold tool to swoop in against 2nd amendment rights and right to carry guns to actually protect children and public places.  The speeches are getting boldly ‘drama queen’ and ‘Hitlerian’ regarding the push for gun control.

America was the cause of the shooting because we have guns.  ‘Hitler’s Enabling Act…here we come.’  We will see  — unconstitutional executive orders, push for U.N. treaties on gun control, voting an evil bill into law and persecution of gun owners and rights.  The water has been turned on strong now and is flooding over the edge of the tub.  WAKE UP, AMERICA!!!

Must I say the obvious again?

Violence and evil in the world has NOTHING to do with ownership of guns and ammo.  IT NEVER HAS!  It has to do with people committed and rehearsed in evil.  You can’t get bored with evil, either, because there is a bold and colorful ‘crayon box’ of evil colors to choose from.  With this latest 20-year-old nightmare shooter, the left and media morons are talking about endless mental illness — some sort of psychosis.

Only the day before the Connecticut massacre, another evil man in China stabbed 22 children with a knife outside an elementary school.  Should they outlaw all kitchen knives and silverware now?

The anti-gun and control crowd can never acknowledge that mass murderers, tyrants, jihadists and school shooters are motivated by their commitment to Evil – Satan, drugs, occult, Islamic Jihad’s call, control and lust.  Instead, these days, all committed evil and premeditated behavior is a ‘taken-out-of-context’ mental illness, which is defined as practically every slight manifestation of behavior, insecurity or thought you can imagine!!!  All designed to classify you and take away your guns and rights.

Remember the shameful passage of gun restrictions against our returning VETS with PTSD or any substance abuse-related concern.  The Senate passed S. 2162, a Veterans ‘mental health care bill.’  Although this was positioned as providing mental health services for Vets, it also took away their gun rights when there was no criminal behavior involved, only classic mental and emotional adjustment and healing while coming back from a war zone.

Our country has survived many wars from World War I onward without returning Vets being turned into serial killers and abusers at home.  Once again, the left is hiding behind and redefining mental illness for their gun control purposes.

Americans must never give up their guns, 2nd amendment rights, ammo and right to carry into public places.  Real stats show in every state that where people are allowed to own and carry guns, the crime rate has lowered dramatically.  Cities where strict gun control laws exist show crime out of control.  This is as obvious as the sky is blue.  Criminals get guns illegally. They could care less about gun restrictions or gun laws.  They only want there to be more restrictions and gun laws so they can rob, rape and murder more easily.  It is a much better day when an evil shooter can go into a school, church or mall knowing that the laws protect the killer and not the citizens and children.

Now, we see our wanna-be ‘4th person of the Trinity’ in the White House planning to take gun right controls to the next level…if we give it to him.  To completely take over, he must use ploys and excuses to get our guns – shamefully, even disasters.

Obama’s Health care bill controlled by his SS–IRS will make sure gun rights are challenged and taken away due to contrived non-compliance.  This will include not paying your forced health insurance premiums, not getting your RFID chips inserted in your body, having anything Obama can find in your health records implying emotional pain, mental illness, loss or previous drug or alcohol abuse.  The bottom line is he and this health care bill will dig to China to find a reason to violate your gun rights!

After this last shooting and Obama and the gun control fanatics’ ‘clockwork’ response, I call on the leadership in Gun Owners of America, the leadership of the NRA, 2nd Amendment Foundation and other Constitutional and gun rights groups to rise up to a new level and draw a huge line in the sand.  Demand from leadership in the House and Senate that they stand for America’s gun rights and 2nd amendment rights.

We must draw lines in the sand against all U.N. schemes, unconstitutional executive orders, contrived bills and martial law games Obama might have in motion — NO, NO and NO.

America will be over quickly and the battle finished if we submissively buy the sound bites from Obama and gun control people.  They only want control and total power – guns are in the way.  That means us ‘bitter clingers’ who cling to our guns and Bibles have to be subdued.  My Bible is open and my gun is loaded; how about yours?  I have NO INTENTION of giving either up.

Work with the gun rights groups I mentioned above and join a Tea Party group or start one.  Defend your Constitutional rights or lose them all.

Join me as we continue to battle for our country. Listen to my national radio show each day from 7-10pm PAC at www.therothshow.com.

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